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LOL! How about that? Donald J. Trump is the new president of the United Snakes of IsraHELL. Kudos to the big-mouth, narcissistic, horrifically spray-tanned billionaire for somehow prevailing over the greatest media demonization campaign in American political history and defeating the most satanic candidate, i.e. Zio-Killary Clinton, to come along in recent memory. Before we get to the analysis of how this massive upset happened and why, not to mention what the future holds, particularly for The Donald himself as he has made a whole host of enemies from every sector of the US power spectrum you can think of, a word for the liberals: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Watching you putrid pansies shed literal monsoons of weakling tears over the loss of your war criminal witch-queen-from-hell has been nothing short of the greatest glory imaginable apart from vanquishing ‘Israel’ and liberating Al-Quds. Okay, so that’s assuredly stretching it just a tad but yo! Seeing all y’all Clinton worshipers squirm like the worms you are is too grand not to have a laugh or ten! 


Not a word from you precious snowflakes, you delicate dandelions, you charming cupcakes, you feeble lil’ fairies on how much ruin that Zio-Killary has wreaked upon the world, from America’s ghettos to Yugoslavia, Sudan to Haiti, Iraq to Honduras, Palestine to Lebanon, Ukraine to Syria, Afghanistan to Pakistan to the grand disaster of them all, Libya. Not a word from you soft-as-muffin-mix flunkies about the Zionist Jews who own and use her ass like the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island owned transport ships to use for the kidnapping and sale of Black humans during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Not a word on just how devilish this corrupt creature is. Instead y’all took cues from Jewish talking heads and delusionally said Trump was Hitler 2.0, with the only way to stop the rise of a spooky new (read: nonexistent) fascism being the “election” of Zio-Killary, a certified psychopath, warmonger and Washington cog with the blood of millions of Black, Brown and Eurasian people on her demonically gnarled hands.

Only reason you’re out in front of these cameras crying your eyes out now is because this time, the Zionist-controlled mainstream press, the banks and the Clinton Machine couldn’t brainwash and/or silence millions of people–and not just poor “redneck” White folks as the narrative goes, but Blacks, Latinos and yes, believe it or not, Muslims too–who were (and are) sick to death of corruption, wars and, let’s call it what is, Jewish Globalism. They saw Trump as a break from this cycle of death, his arrogance and bigotry–which was probably more of a publicity stunt to get votes than actual bigotry–aside. And speaking of racism, a special laugh (and a middle finger too) goes out to the House Arabs and House Muslims who threw their weight behind Zio-Killary in spite of her murderous track record, or rather, BECAUSE of her murderous track record, as they were starry-eyed in support of her and Obama’s wars on Libya and Syria and were oh-so-looking-forward to the Wicked Wench of Zion ratcheting up the sanguinary pressure on Damascus, Tehran, Hizbullah and Putin’s Russia. “Love Trumps Hate” you servile maggots said, right? And now Trump “trumped” you all. How does it feel you two-faced hypocrites?

Now to the meat and potatoes of the matter at hand. The usual gangs of “experts”, “commentators” and “analysts” have said that comparing Trump’s victory to Brexit is an over-simplification of things but their contrarianism is thoroughly off-the-mark. Brexit had the entirety of the British establishment, not to mention the American ZOG itself and numerous king-makers of International Jewry, opposing it from the jump. MI5 and Mossad even orchestrated the false-flag killing of Jo Cox to push the defeat of Brexit through smoothly and all the polls manufactured by the mainstream British media reflected this as a surefire inevitability. But the assassination of the foul anti-Assad British MP flopped, the polls were wrong and Brexit prevailed. Trump’s situation is just about identical.

This is a man who poured in about $30 million of his own dough to do battle with Clinton who had a $3 billion war chest from the likes of Jewish-Zionist “royals” like Haim Saban, George Soros, the Pritzkers, the Crowns, Laurence Fink, Donald Sussman, Daniel Abraham, Robert Iger, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and more. The heavy hitters on Wall Street, from banks to hedge funds, all stood against him, including an entire brigade of venture (read: vulture) capitalists led by Jew bigwig and anti-Argentina “regime changer” Paul Singer. The neocons declared war on him. And the Zionist media, namely CNN, MSNBC and the NYT, unleashed pure hell on his person, his family and served as nothing more than the High-Heeled Hellhound’s mouthpieces. Pollsters had Clinton ahead. Those pesky “experts” said she’d win in a landslide. But then, as the numbers started to trickle in… BANG! It was as clear as Chabad Lubavitch rabbis are unwashed and stank as stank can be. Even with all the allegations of voter fraud–with millions of “illegal” immigrants and even dead people “voting” for Secretary of State Succubus–Trump had beaten Clinton in 30 of 50 states. The election was rigged for the She-Demon but the people had spoken: To hell with the establishment “elites”, we’re rocking with something else. Just like Brexit.

Zio-Killary campaigned for war, especially with Syria and Russia. Trump campaigned for classical isolationism, especially towards Moscow and Damascus, and routinely lambasted the “regime change” aggressions of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years. Zio-Killary campaigned for unholy, unnatural identity politics and falsely portrayed herself as a friend of People of Color. Trump campaigned for traditionalism and spoke the truth that the Democrats had abandoned People of Color, mainly African-Americans, long ago. Zio-Killary, whose top donors were all Jewish (as documented by Haaretz), campaigned on the behalf of every reprehensible entity you can think of, from Big Pharma to Big Oil, Jewish-controlled Wall Street to Jewish-controlled Hollywood, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to cancerous ‘Israel’, the arms industry to the private prison industry and more. Trump stood before the Republican Jewish Coalition, the most powerful financial bloc of the Republican party and the de facto controllers of everything right-wing in the US, and told them straight up, “I don’t want your money” because he’s not going to be “totally controlled” like Jeb Bush.

But this is not one of Donald Trump’s reality shows, nor is it some crude Hollywood b-movie about a bloodsucking capitalist who’s actually an underdog (the “blue collar billionaire” references are just atrocious, aren’t they?) This is real life and there are very real, very evil forces at work who control all the levers of power in the American regime. And just as pro-Brexit voters needed a staunch (and ominous) warning about these very forces working to overturn and/or undermine their true democratic victory, those who backed Trump need the exact same caution, only in a far more gargantuan dosage.

Trump’s presidency could very well be The Monsters using the “right-wing populist” and his antiwar stance as a means of getting out of the humiliating defeat they have on their hands in Syria–thanks to the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah, Iran, the Iraqi Resistance and Putin’s Russia–and going back to the drawing board since their Takfiri tools aren’t getting the job done. The Monsters could also be looking to capitalize on the growing anti-globalism worldwide. They assuredly want to take control of these increasing sentiments from the inside out, hence the infiltration of Jewish-founded, Jewish-controlled Breitbart into Trump’s campaign, so they could shore up their interests while simultaneously containing the popular anger of “the Goyim” before it becomes something really revolutionary and thus, really threatening. Both scenarios are plausible and even likely in one degree or another.

There is another angle to look at regarding Trump’s win however that is of the utmost importance. We may have another JFK-type development on our hands, in which Trump, unchained like Jack Kennedy before him, made a deal with the Yahoudling devils to get into office by exchanging something they desire greatly for the presidency. Perhaps The Monsters will allow Trump to implement his ***proposed*** American nationalist agenda and even let Trump play peacemaker in Syria. Then in return, he stays clear of the affairs of the usurping Zionist entity and lets the greater groundwork for the inevitability of WW3, including the next 9/11-style false flag attack designed to usher in the New World Order and the emergence of the false Jewish “Messiah”, be implemented. Or maybe, since we’re working with this JFK framework, the exchange is Syria and the US for Latin America.

Just as Kennedy went after the Cuban Revolution, perhaps Trump targets the Bolivarian Revolution and its allies. Whatever the case is, this is where it gets dangerous. If Trump backs down from whatever it is he may have promised the Jewish Globe Holders, like JFK did with the ‘Israeli’ entity’s nuclear program, or if he attempts to make ‘Israel’ pay back its loans as he said he would or even cuts off the military aid to the tumor like George H.W. Bush did, the Zionists just may play the false flag card anyway and attempt to force the Donald’s hand. Or, they will forego such a move and opt for outright putting his head on a six-pointed-star-encrusted silver platter. Again, just like JFK. And considering his independence and strong will up until this moment, it seems highly unlikely that he will back down in a dogfight, chiefly with his life on the line. But Mossad, which killed JFK, spied on every president after him and took a shot at the aforementioned Bush Sr. in Madrid, doesn’t play fair or clean. And the alternative who could take Trump’s place, Vice President and “Christian” Zionist stalwart Mike Pence–who has called for air strikes on the Syrian government–like Lyndon B. Johnson and his genocidal aggression against Vietnam, is frightening. Tremendously frightening. Trump has spoken openly of being potentially assassinated. He’s going to need some exceedingly loyal Secret Service men around him ASAP, as their vigilance is required now more than ever.

To conclude, Donald Trump is no savior, nor is he a revolutionary. He’s not Father Charles Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, Ezra Pound, Michael Collins Piper and he damn sure isn’t a WASP version of Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. He’s not America’s Vladimir Putin either. What he is, simply, is an incredibly wealthy person whose wealth and savvy enabled him to buck a corrupt system, as well as someone who seems to genuinely want to push the US of A and the world for that matter off the ledge that could lead to an immediate global nuclear conflict and end life on Earth as we know it. It’s not a coincidence that Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Iraqis and other peoples of our region overwhelmingly prefer Trump to the maniacal matriarch of the Clinton Crime Family. So if Trump merely delivers on his promises to lock up Zio-Killary, cooperate more closely with Russia, scale back NATO, kill the plans for “regime change” in Syria and rein in the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey so the funding of ISIS dries up, then you know what? Alhamdulillah. His presidency would be a roaring success.

For there’s not much more you can ask for from a man occupying the office of Imperialist-In-Chief and navigating through the Judaic shark-filled waters of Washington. There really, really isn’t. Here’s to four or even eight years of peace and some semblance of calm. Here’s to a new era of US isolationism, a decline in US power and a break for our brethren in the homelands. And if Trump turns out to be an even bigger PSYOP than Obama–which, despite the insistence by some counter-hegemonic activists, seems incredibly farfetched at this stage of the game–well… Then here’s to four or even eight years of what we’re going to continue to do regardless of who’s sitting in the Oval Office: Resist, resist and resist some more until the whole Talmudic-Dajjalic system comes crashing down into oblivion. In the mean time though, salute once more Mr. Trump! And Zio-Killary? Cannot wait for the day we see you in an orange jump suit!

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