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NEWS DIGEST: 'Arab Gov’ts Bystanders to Gaza Carnage'!

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NEWS DIGEST: 'Arab Gov’ts Bystanders to Gaza Carnage'!

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Maisoon ميسون

“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight back), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right, (for no cause) except that they say, our Lord is God”. (22:39-40)
Ceasefire is over and Israel is attacking Gaza once again
OVER  2000HOLOCAUSTED Gazans and still counting- remember there are still bodies that have not been recovered from the destruction of buildings/homes, many unaccounted for.
Around 500 children that is  about 40% of dead victims
More than 250 are women, 374 elderly
 Over 68 Entire Families murdered
OVER 10000 Injured, MAIMED, Loss of Limbs
6200 homes destroyed
300,000 displaced
Refugee camps Targeted, Schools destroyed- 60 mosques targeted, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Rehab Centres,Courthouses, Fire Stations, Farmland, Sewage treatment plants, Water treatment Plants, Power Plants,134 Factories adding further 30,000 to the unemployed

'It's simple: either condemn Israel's actions or embrace your identity as someone who's okay with the wholesale slaughter of children.’
'Only Israel can murder around 300 children in the span of a few weeks and insist that it is the victim.'
'It's quite simple, really: don't support any ideology whose practice results in dead children.' [ethical Professor Steven Salaita who lost his job because of his comments on Israel’s attack on Gaza-no job is worth SUCKING UP TO JEWISH PRESSURE and intimidation
By Hasan Afif El-Hasan
The more than 1.7 million Palestinians of Gaza Strip including 1.3 million refugees have been living in overpopulated shanty towns and refugee camps under tight blockade by Israel and Egypt that restricted the imports, exports, people movements, and ocean fishing.

To add insult to injury, they have been victims of daily attacks by Israel for years. These conditions have resulted in the impoverishment and de-development of the population in the Strip where most of them hardly survive on the UNRWA hand-outs. This has deepened and strengthened their feeling of being dispossessed of their homeland and deprived of their right to have normal life.

The failure to resolve their suffering and the grave injustice inflected on them, which is the root of the ongoing conflict, was waiting for an incident to explode. Failure of the US Secretary of State John Kerry to stop even Israel’s accelerated settlement construction in the occupied lands rendered the United States unable or unwilling to pressure Israel preserve even the facade of a negotiated peace that may meet the minimum legitimate needs of the Palestinians.
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu was furious when Fatah initiated a unity pact with Hamas and formed a unified Palestinian government. He suspended contacts with the Palestinian Authority (PA) government, and soon after that, three settler youths were found murdered in the West Bank. Israel arbitrarily accused Hamas for the killings, arrested hundreds of Hamas supporters in the West Bank, and killed three of their leaders even when Hamas denied the accusation. Ramzy Baroud calls the accusation that Hamas killed the teenagers to justify the barbaric attacks on Gaza “the WMD [false US excuse to invade Iraq] of Gaza onslaught.”
Launching attacks on the Palestinians in Gaza Strip has been an Israeli ritual every time there is a pressure on its leaders. The residents of Gaza have nowhere to hide in their large concentration camp that is besieged from all directions. Gaza Palestinians are captive prisoners, Israel military intelligence knows where every Palestinian lives in Gaza, and it is easy for Israel to kill Palestinians at will and inflict pain and suffering among them. Israel has a long history of assassinating Palestinians everywhere, in Lebanon, Tunisia, Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Gulf States. The founders of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was assassinated in Gaza by an Israeli missile from a helicopter while in wheel-chair in March 2004, Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi was assassinated also in Gaza by a hellfire missile from Israeli Apache helicopter at his car in April 2004.
Netanyahu does not seem to understand that Israel’s own routine systematic violence and the subjugation of the Palestinians will inevitably lead to counter-violence. Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza including Hamas had to respond to the Israeli attacks by pounding Israel’s cities with rockets that do not carry explosive loads. On July 8, Israel increased the targets of its savage military attacks on Gaza towns’ civilian infrastructure and residential areas using its unlimited offensive resources, the big guns, the boat guns, and the air strikes. Israel’s destruction of Gaza towns and the mounting civilian casualties including hundreds of children and even infants amounts to a war crime according to many observers. After eleven days of its indiscriminate bombing, the Israeli tanks crossed the Strip’s border and the Palestinian paramilitary groups had to engage the invaders.
Hamas armed group which controls the besieged Gaza is no match to Israel’s military power that ranks among the top eight in the world which has the reputation of “the invincible” following its performance in the wars against the Arab armies. Israel claims its Special Forces, superior intelligence apparatus, and air force fleet are second to none. But its reputation was tarnished when Hezbollah fighters repulsed its invasion of South Lebanon in 2006.
Israel invaded Gaza to inflict more suffering on the Palestinians and bring the conflict to a decisive conclusion on its own terms, but the resistance had unpleasant surprises for the invaders. Hamas and other groups responded with non-conventional guerrilla counter-attacks and despite the mismatch, they inflicted painful reality and reasserted themselves as the champions of Palestinian resistance, but this came at a terrible cost to the Palestinian civilian population. After three weeks of the fighting, fourteen hundred Palestinians died, more than eight thousand are injured and more than hundred thousands have been displaced.
When the temporary 12-hour ceasefire came into force in Gaza after eighteen days of bombing and uncounted number of massacres, thousands of Palestinian survivors who had lost love ones and friends took to the ruined streets to survey the damage to their homes as they try to salvage something from their shattered lives. “Nothing left” is the phrase heard throughout the day according to AP reporters. “Areas that were once inhabited have been reduced to a landscape of earth and dust and broken shapes.” By mid-afternoon the Red Crescent had recovered more than 100 bodies including families, many of them partially decomposed, buried under the rubble of damaged neighborhoods. The town of Beit Hanoun in the north and Shujai’iya, an eastern neighborhood of Gaza had been largely destroyed after being shelled and bombed heavily for two weeks. Medical officials said that the death toll among Palestinians has passed 1,400 and growing. The indiscriminate violence unleashed by Israel’s military in the civilian residential areas and the destruction is an act of genocide.
As for the Arab regimes, aside from Qatar, many are involved in sinister actions against the Palestinians in Gaza, away from their people’s eyes; some are indifferent or disengaged while Israel carries out its genocide war against the Palestinians; others use their media to blame the victims for provoking the aggression; and Egypt is openly a co- participant with Israel in the tight blockade imposed on the Strip even while Israel is committing massacres against the Palestinians. Instead of being isolated as in earlier attacks on the Palestinians, this time, Israel feels its crimes in Gaza are effectively supported by a coalition of Arab states led by the military regime of Egypt and include Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Arab leaders of the conservative order, who do not seem to differentiate between political Islam and the Palestinian struggle, are now practically allies with Israel. They are determined not to allow Hamas emerge as the most powerful Palestinian player even if the last Palestinian died of starvation due to the siege or murdered by an Israeli thousand-pound bomb. Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington, and previously worked in the US State Department on Arab-Israeli issues under many administrations said : “I have never seen a situation like it, where you have so many Arab states acquiescing in the death and destruction in Gaza and the pummeling of Hamas…The silence is deafening.”
Hamas stated goal is to end the Israeli-Egyptian blockade, and the Palestinians believe it is worth fighting for it. To the disappointment of the Arab states that are banking on Israel to defeat the Palestinian resistance, the Israeli actions of no clear achievable strategic outcome suggest a sense of futility to break the will of the Palestinian people who suffered so much and fight to be free or die in dignity.

- Hasan Afif El-Hasan, Ph.D. is a political analyst. He contributed this article to
Representative of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in Iran has criticized Arab governments for acting as “bystanders” to the Israeli regime’s slaughter of Palestinian children.
On Wednesday, Khaled al-Qaddumi expressed regret over the Arab governments’ muted stances on the Israeli war on Gaza, noting that their positions do not befit the Palestinian resistance’s performance and its achievements.
The Arab governments are today witnessing the killing of Palestinian children but they are bystanders and doing nothing,” he said.
Qaddumi, however, appreciated as “very progressive” the stances adopted by Arab and Islamic nations in the face of the Israeli atrocities against Gazans, including the children in the densely-populated enclave.
The Hamas official said children account for 40 percent of the Palestinians killed in Tel Aviv’s recent military assault on the besieged Gaza Strip.
The remarks came a week after the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned that about 373,000 Gaza kids were in urgent need of psychological and social support to overcome the trauma they have experienced during Israel’s deadly offensive against the blockaded enclave.
"Israel’s Ongoing Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza," Chuck Carlson, WHTT:

Gaza, A Culture of Children vs Israel, A Society of Death

Chuck Carlson
Israel’s "Solution to Gaza Problem" Exposed 
Photo-Palestinian children are being traumatized by Israel's"Operation Protective Edge."
It has become common among Israelis as well as their critics to speak of "genocide" in Gaza, but most writers use the term metaphorically. Genocide is a harsh choice of words, meaning Israel is killing lots of people with intent.  But most writers assume when it is over, Israel will retire to its side of the fence, and the survivors will go home to the rubble and rebuild...until the next time.
To the contrary, herein "genocide" is meant literally, as is "ethnic cleansing."  Israel is deliberately killing vast numbers of helpless women and children in UN shelters, hospitals, and dense neighborhoods, not, in most cases, to get at Hamas, but in order to traumatize survivors.  The Gazans are to know that they are never safe anywhere, and they can not look to help from anyone, especially not the USA. Genocide means Israel does not intend to stop, not this time.  Truces to Israel mean punctuation pauses in the slaughter to cool off sentiment against them, between waves. They will restart, so long as there is anyone left in Gaza…Israel's genocide will not stop unless they are forced to stop.
Israel will announce that Hamas fired more rockets "which never seem to hit anything," as one prominent Jewish observer wrote; or it will announce that someone entered their land through a tunnel; or it will use some other excuse that will never be investigated by our media or government.  If the UN investigates, they will be ignored, or their findings will be vetoed by the US delegate.  Whatever Israel announces will be duly reported as fact by the US and UK press.  This is the pattern already set in stone.
Until the world admits Israel's objective is ethnic cleansing, as spelled out all too clearly by influential members of Prime Minister Netanyahu's own Likud party, and popular leaders in the Knesset, there will be no end to it.  Moshe Feiglin wrote, and stands by his My Outline for a Solution for Gaza, which explains why Israel must kill everyone who will not leave even though it is impossible to leave.  To accomplish this, Israel is irreparably destroying the infrastructure needed for life; making Gaza even more unlivable.
Perhaps more shocking than Israel's "solution," is the fact that the majority of Israel's Jewish citizens seem to support the notion of ethnic cleansing.  How do we know this? Because political leaders who call for genocide continue to be elected and promoted to higher national office. These include, vice speaker of the Knesset Feiglin, popular member Ayelet Shaked,Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman,  and Prim Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is carrying out the program in front of our eyes.  The Israeli public accepts this policy genocide without a flinch.  Israel, however it may have begun in 1947, has become a culture of death.
Gaza by contrast, is a culture of children, Gazans act like they love life.  Anyone who goes there and stays long enough to meet native Philistines will surly fall in love with the Gazan children, as I did.  This is why Israelis will not allow you to go, making it difficult even 12 years ago, and now all but impossible.  The child culture and the death culture are separated by an impenetrable fence. It  can best be seen by the amazing difference in family size and structure of the two people.  Let us compare Tel Aviv to Gaza City, using Israel's demographic numbers for the former and United Nations numbers for Gaza.  The average Tel Aviv family has 1.2 children, the lowest number cited in Israel census; in other areas the number is slightly higher among Jewish families, about 1.5 children per Jewish home.
By contrast, fertility rate of Gaza women is an incredible 5.7 children per mother, almost four times the rate for Tel Aviv married females.  Because of the amazing rate of birth, the average age of Gazans is a little over 17 plus years old, which is why the population has swelled to over 1.8 million in an area of only 365
I met two construction workers on a job site in Gaza City when I visited there in 2002.  They made coffee for me on a Bunsen burner in their work shack while we talked about our families. The older man consoled me when he found how few children I had fathered, and assured me God would reward me in some other way.  He had eight children, and the younger man, perhaps mid 40s, had 23  from two wives.  I believed him because he proudly introduced me to a good number of his boys, a whole team of them, who hung out with him around the construction site playing soccer in the vacant grounds.
We discussed abortion in Gaza. Neither had ever heard of it there, an unknown and unsavory topic that horrified both.  As much as they feared the US bombs that Israelis were dropping frequently, my stories about US abortions seemed more shocking.  In Gaza the family is everything, the culture is life, each child a gift of God, not to be wasted.
Conversely, the exclusive Jewish state is everything, and its policy is death.  How did it get that way?  First lets look at attitude toward birth.  Anti-abortion organizations are present in Israel, and resist the government public policy.  Abortions are free for most, and paid legal abortion anytime for all.  Most Israeli girls must serve in the military,  and abortion is rarely discussed but is said to be an epidemic there, callousing the youth to death. No wonder every day acts by the military are so shocking, such as the young Israeli sniper who boasted  on his Facebook site a few days ago last that he killed 13 Gaza children in one day.  Jewish Israel is a culture trained and hardened in dehumanizing both their own unborn, and "Arab" children of any age.  Some of the bombings have been reported to kill as many as 9 children in one family.
Almost everyone has undergone military training, so It is little wonder that Israel's politicians find they can speak openly of genocide while retaining and  increasing their public popularity and prestige.  Israeli military veterans generally consider Arabs sub-human and many say so openly.  In English it's, "those animals."  To the Israeli, genocide of the Philistines means life for themselves and for their racist state.  Killing "Arabs" has been ground into them through three generations of conscription, murder, and occupation of their neighbors.  They are trained and steeled to hate and isolate themselves  from understanding family life in Gaza.  If they understood it, it would be impossible to hate, and, without hate, there would be no genocide.
The present raid on Gaza is much more than “collective punishment” against the rock throwers and rocket makers and shooters. It is a program to destroy the last vestige of infrastructure needed to sustain life in Philistine Gaza, so hunger, dehydration and disease will take their toll, and all who can't leave will face slow death.
Even official Israeli military sources must come clean once in a while and admit that Gazans are unarmed and have no 21st century means of defending themselves from attack, and they have even less offensive capability.  It is time our national media tells the truth at least as much as Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post. And, if American Christians do not oppose the extermination of the Philistines, why would we expect Israelis to rein in Netanyahu?
The Gaza Genocide will not be stopped by the US Congress nor the mainline media, both of which support the Israeli lobby.  The Military-Industrial-Banking Complex that profits from war, will hardly use its lobby to stop genocide, and the President will slip out of office without preventing it.
However, America’s 350,000 religious congregations have both the reason to care about the Philistines, and the ability to know the truth about Gaza through countless mission operations in the Middle East and the Holy Land.  Christ Followers have reason to know, or they can find out. The movement to save the Philistines is growing. Christ Followers say they are committed to opposing evil acts, and are commanded to love their brothers and to be peacemakers.  There are no exceptions in Jesus words.  Followers have no moral excuse not to act.  May they take their responsibility before God.
"My Outline for a Solution for Gaza," Moshe Feiglin, Manhigut Yehudit, 7/15/2014:  
"Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed:  Israeli MP"  [Ayelet Shaked], Occupied Palestine, 7/16/2014:
I want to give a message to Hamas, if you are truly a genuine force defending our people in the whiole of Occupied Palestine, then please break ALL ties with the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood. They are not a religious Islamic Brotherhood that we Palestinians should be associating ourselves with- they are BAD news for our Resistance Movements, bad news for Islam as they do not represent Islamic Values at all just like the infamous ISIL/ISIS- all TOOLS of Zionism
 Cut your ties and be the true leaders of a righteous Muslim Movement that respects  and values all the principles of the Quran and Sunnah and does not deviate into Masonic Practices and collusion with Zionism and the West who created them.
As for Meshaal, YOU are a disgrace to your Brothers in Gaza, allying yourself with that shitty Qatari Ruler who has been working with Israel for decades. What on earth were you thinking breaking your ties with Syria in exchange for the Devil’s helper Al Thani. What false promises did he influence you with that you turned against your Resistance Brothers in Syria!!!?Do you really think you are  safe with Al Thani?? Do you really believe he is honest and cares about Palestine which he sees as a Real Estate Enterprise and a future Gas Supplier because that is what he is really after.
He is deceitfully using Meshaal  and it is a great pity and shame that Meshaal has sold himself to this Zionist ruler who does not give a damn about Palestine’s Existence or struggle , especially in protecting Al Aqsa, something all true Muslim Rulers should be concerned about to defend… But all they care about is the petro dollars that passes through their blood stained hands. They care not for any of our Causes, - only  self interest and money talks
The WEST wants a FINAL SOLUTION TO RID THE WORLD OF THE PALESTINIAN ISSUE and so are wholeheartedly assisting Israel in that aim of wiping out Palestinians once and for all.
Palestinian Health Minister Jawad Awad warned on Monday of a serious deterioration in the health and environmental situation in Gaza due to the Israeli aggression and destruction of medical centers.
Khaled Mishaal insisted that his movement's demands, particularly the lifting of the Gaza blockade, had to be met before a durable truce with Israel could be achieved.
Morocco’s Justice and Charity Movement said that “Palestinian resistance showed legendary steadfastness and gave a lesson to the regional and international community."
The Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has warned of the outbreak of a new confrontation in Gaza in case the Israeli siege on the enclave was not lifted
Israeli warships on Tuesday opened fire off Rafah shores southern Gaza Strip in total violation of the three-day humanitarian ceasefire
The Israeli occupation forces had deliberately destroyed the Palestinian economy in Gaza Strip by targeting factories and causing heavy losses to the commercial and agricultural sectors
The Palestinian ministry of prisoners' affairs said on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces abused and severally beat Palestinian civilians they had detained during the war on Gaza.
Member of the Palestinian negotiating team in Cairo Ezzet al-Resheq said that the Palestinian delegates have agreed to stay mum about progress of the ceasefire talks.
Member of Hamas political bureau, Muhammad Nazzal, vowed that Hamas will be withholding updates about the fate of the captured Israeli soldiers until Israel is made to pay a heavy price in return
Ms Pillay maybe genuine but her Boss Ban Ki Moon will do all that he can to suppress any Human Rights Abuses by Israel just as he secretly did back in 2008/9 as he is after all a lapdog Zionist Stooge put into the UN to do their bidding like all the other UN Secretary generals such as Kofi Annan who was married to a staunch pro Israeli Jewish family. The UN will never give Palestine justice because it helped bring Israel into being and Zionists hold all the member states to ransom. No matter how much evidence one can accumulate, it will never be acted upon as the UN, like the ICC, is Zionist controlled. What many of the Third World Member states should do is leave this Corrupt Organisation and set up their own world body that represents the interests of all the member states rather than the dominant Select chosen Few who are criminally allowed to wield too much power within the UN Body.
UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay raised alarm bells over the tragic state of affairs in Gaza, warning of an impending humanitarian crisis to rock the strip.
Hamas Movement has welcomed the formation of an international fact-finding committee to investigate Israel’s war crimes in Gaza
The Maltese government has pledged the shipment of some 400 thousand dollars of urgent medical aids to the besieged Gaza Strip
You can  take this gesture with a pinch of salt from America’s Lapdog Japan when its Company SONY contributed to Israel’s KILLING MACHINES. What is this donation, their blood money to ease their stinking Conscience!! As for  the D.E.C in Britain, I would not be surprised at all if the donations given to it disappear and never get to the Victims just as happened after the Tsunami in 2004 when millions of funds were re directed and disappeared!
The Disasters Emergency Committee in Britain said it has managed to gather some 4.5 million pounds of aid to Gaza in 24 hours’ time
UNRWA has received 4.5 million dollars of aid donated by the Japanese authorities to the people of Gaza.
The UK topped that figure- an estimated 150,000 came to protest last Saturday 9th August, the largest ever for Palestinians

An Open Letter to a Zionist Apologist at the BBC

Kieran Kelly blogs at On Genocide § Sabbah Report §

Mounting evidence of deliberate attacks on Gaza health workers by Israeli army - Amnesty International

German protestors dare to compare Israelis to Nazis
European guilt about the Holocaust is receding in the face of Israeli aggresssion – and there’s nothing anti-semitic about

The Gaza Bombardment – What You’re Not Being Told

So we have USA, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, JAPAN, ITALY, FRANCE as well as Israel itself with WMDS and State of the ART WAR MACHINES to carry out this Holocaust of Gaza in order to ‘defend’ this poor little shitty racist Nuclear Entity that lives on Stolen Land wich is being used as a Military Outpost for Western Zionist Talmudic Domination
Killer Drones: UK Complicity in Israel's Crimes against the Palestinian People
(This report was published in December 2013)
Warplane delivery makes Italy complicit in Israeli crimes

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