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NEWS DIGEST: Gaza under renewed attacks!

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NEWS DIGEST: Gaza under renewed attacks!

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Maisoon  ميسون                                               

Imam survives bombardment only to be stripped naked in front of family, humiliated and used as human shield
KHUZA'A, southern Gaza Strip - Khalil al-Najjar sat in his brother's home with his mother, siblings, in-laws, and children - 15 family members in all. They were under constant Israeli-artillery fire all night, not knowing what would happen with each passing second, apart from bombs raining around them.
"A tank shell hit, and there was heavy black smoke in the building, so we ran under the staircase to hide and rest for a few minutes," Najjar said.
As the bombing continued, automatic gunfire was heard outside. "We shouted out that we were civilians. But more bullets were fired after we declared ourselves as civilians," said Najjar who, at 55-years-old, is a well-known and highly respected imam in his community.
A few minutes later, a military dog rushed into the home, terrifying the children - the imam shouted out in Hebrew to the soldiers behind a wall riddled with bullet-holes: "We are civilians, we have children and babies with no medicine or milk."
The soldiers shouted back, in Hebrew, ordering him and the family to: "Get out, one by one".
Outside, the soldiers ordered everyone to get down on the ground - women and children on one side, men on the other - as more neighborhood women were brought to the street corner.
"In front of all these women, I was forced to undress until I was naked, at gunpoint," recalls the imam, while walking through the destruction in his neighbourhood.
"Making a well-respected man stand, completely naked, in front of everyone, was the most humiliating thing of my life,” he added as tears began to swell in his normally proud, dark eyes. 
The situation would have been embarrassing for any man, but for a deeply religious and conservative Muslim, who is seen as a pillar of the community, the act was particularly shameful. 
Adding to the humiliation, Najjar said that him and the other men were ordered to stand naked with their arms stretched up, until their arms hurt. When he could take no more Najjar told one soldier in Hebrew, "my arms hurt" at which point he was ordered to sit. "This was the only time they listened to me as they brought a chair to sit on," he added.
The imam and his family had already been denied sleep by the pandemonium of Israel's attacks, but that fateful morning was the fiercest attack they saw. Najjar now calls it "the Black Tuesday of 22 July".
While still naked, he was told to "take the women and children somewhere else". The only option he could think of was brother's home, two streets away, which he hoped would be safer.
"The bombs and bulldozers left massive holes in the streets, so I carried my elderly mother on my shoulders, to my brother's home," he said.
But when the family arrived there, there they found that the house was filled with Israeli soldiers, lying on their backs, some asleep on mattresses and beds belonging to the family.
"These soldiers were angry that someone had allowed us to come," Najjar said, as if there was a lack of communication and coordination between the different Israeli units in Khuza'a.
The men were then rounded up while the Israelis decided who would be arrested and who they would let go. 
Najjar, however, was singled out and marched to the Kuuza Mosque, which had been badly damaged and defaced by Israeli soldier. Its here that he was interrogated by the Israeli officer in charge of the men inside his brother's home and repeatedly asked about particular individuals from the Abu Rida family, a very large extended family which is well known in Gaza. 
"Yes, I know him from the mosque where Abu Rida gives Friday prayers," the imam said.  
Still held at gunpoint, he was then questioned further about "where the rockets come from". The imam replied that the "only rockets I know of are the Israeli missiles from the F16s and drones." But this did not save him. 
The officer soon became angry with Najjar, demanding to know about the "tunnels" which Israel had used as a pretext for expanding its military campaign in Gaza. 
Najjar stayed firm. "You are Israeli intelligence with all your technology, drones, F16s, and you don't know where the tunnels are," he said. "Do you think those building tunnels are going to come and tell me where they are?" 
This continued for a while but eventually one of Najjar's brothers was brought to the mosque. He caught a soldier looking at some of the wall-graffiti citing Islamic Jihad's term for Operation Protective Edge, "al-Bunian al-Marsoos" - a Quranic term known as Hard-packed structure - and asked the soldier if it needed erasing. But the soldier dismissed Najjar's brother, simply stating that he would "deal with that".  Soon after, a bulldozer came to demolish the whole mosque wall that had born the graffiti.
In retrospect, the bulldozers should have acted as a warning sign that Najjar's troubles were far from over. 
The imam was soon ordered to dress and was ushered outside at gunpoint along with his brother. Najjar was then told to walk ahead of the soldiers down the center of the street, while calling on all young residents to come outside and surrender.
The Israeli troops seem to have selected a well-respected resident, the imam, knowing that the local residents would trust his words and be more confident about their safety although they also harboured deadlier intentions if this plan failed. 
The imam's brother heard the officer tell his soldiers behind them in Hebrew that "if people didn't come out, my brother and I were to be shot".
The soldiers behind them had warned: "You are being observed, our guns are pointed at your heads, so watch out. If you move from the centre of the street, you will be shot."
While walking ahead of the soldiers, people saw the imam. Another brother shouted from a window: "Brother Khalil, brother Khalil". The imam told his brother and everyone around him to come outside and that they would be safe.
The young people came out, seeing the imam, but not the troops which stayed out of sight until the majority of the residents walked outside. It’s only then that the soldiers appeared and shouted at them to put their arms above their heads. 
Some of the people, however, stayed inside. One soldier told the imam that "there are over 1,000 people still in their homes".  The Israelis then marched him back to the mosque, where an officer raised his gun and ordered Najjar to start the electricity generator to the mosque and use the loudspeaker to call all young people out of their homes, insisting that they would be safe.  
"I was having problems giving the call to prayer anyway from exhaustion and fasting, my voice was dry, but the soldier put his gun to my head and ordered me to tell everyone to come out," he said.
When the imam finished his message, he was led outside the mosque, to see more people arrive, trusting his words that they would be safe.
The soldier then ordered him to: "Take your mother and go. If I hear any of these women speak, I'll bomb your home immediately."
All the young men who surrendered were arrested, leaving just the women, children and elderly behind. The imam was allowed to carry his mother home, finding a way between numerous Israeli tanks parked around the area.
When he reached his brother's house, the same soldiers were still lying around on the floor and furniture. The soldiers locked the family in one room while they kept the rest of the house for themselves.
"I heard an Israeli soldier discussing on a mobile with someone else, what they had done in Gaza. The soldier responded that they had 'turned Gaza upside down'", said the imam.
Najjar now mourns the nearly 2,000 lives lost and the hundreds of thousands who have been made homeless, but the damage and the brutality have not necessarily hurt him the most. Instead it is his shame that Najjar insists will stay with him the longest. 
"I will never live this down. I will never forget," he said.
Just who are we fooling here, talking about a fall out between Western Leaders and Israel. If anyone believes this, then greater the fools they are.
Does anyone seriously believe that Western countries give a damn about the Human Life lost in Gaza, about the Human Rights of a Palestinian child, of their women, their citizenry occupied and victimised daily in their own homeland by a Foreign occupying Force that is alien to the Middle East, whose political and phoney religious values are not compatible with the values of the indigenous Muslim and Christian Arabs and Ethnic Minorities
The West's Governments/Leaders are all members of the Bilderberger/New World Order Gang which in turn is dominated, owned and controlled by World Zionist Jewry and all these Leaders, without exception, are answerable to the Zionists. Their words of outrage expressed in their Parliaments, or through other diplomatic channels, is hot air, meaningless, lacking sincerity, compassion and honesty.  Their souls have been taken away from them, bought for a handsome sum or ambition. Many of these ‘Leaders’s have been bought I believe with Blackmail material, material that is so damning to them as individuals, that exposing their serious ‘indiscretions’ would mean an end to their political careers- after all Jews are very good at character Assassinations of anyone who dares voice an independent view that does not tow the dominant Jewish Line. What just because one or two here and there ‘speak out’ to make them look good and ‘balanced’, does not mean there has been ‘unprecedented fall out from any of the European/Western leaders who are staunchly Zionist and Israeli Firsters- who put Israel above their own soul, their own political careers.
Actions speak louder than words but then I guess we have to wait decades before we actually see true justice from all these political whores, Pimps and media Presstitutes who are watching the bloodbath unfold and remain motionless, just allowing their lips to utter a few words here and there that have no value, no substance, no honesty or integrity.
Palestine is the epicentre of how the world is going to be re modelled according to the Israeli Wetdream of their Eretz Military and political/financial Empire , their New World Order domination,with its power of operations centred in Jerusalem/Tel Aviv where their anticipated Sanhedrin Pagan  Cult Temple will be resurrected
The Zionist New World Order is coming and these so called ‘unprecedented political fall outs’ cannot be seen to be opposed to it. Their mild outspoken critique of Israel is calculated- hot air rather than any real condemnation just to placate their voters and not through any real deep concerns for the Holocaust being carried out against Palestinians in Gaza and the rest of occupied Palestine, Syria, Iraq, with Lebanon next to be cleared of Resistance to Jewish domination. I reiterate, Actions speak much louder than just words, but somehow, Israel will continue, unhindered, with absolute impunity from the bought Western international Community whose real silence, inaction remains criminal at best, and in Collusion at its worst.
If Israel is not held to account for all its war crimes and criminality, then it will continue with its psychopathic tendencies against more nations- a bottomless pit that gets deeper and deeper with no end.


Where do the U.S. and Israel want Hamas: as part of a transparent political system, or in underground tunnels?

'Ending the siege is not a Hamas demand - it is a Palestinian one'

How is this Gaza war different from all the others? Former New York Times correspondent to Gaza, Taghreed El-Khodary, speaks about her time covering the siege of the Strip, and why the international media is slowly coming around to the Palestinian story.
With the ceasefire being the centerpiece of “unity,” I posted these remarks in the Middle East Eye on August 8, 2014:
The sheer use of the word “ceasefire” is insulting. It depicts an artificial symmetry that the Palestinians have fell for, even though reality on the ground is totally contrary.
For a fragile, non-representative, Palestinian unity delegation to be engaged in “ceasefire” negotiations with their military occupier (it means little if done directly or through intermediaries) sets up Palestinians for an Oslo-like phase, where, no matter what is agreed, the Palestinian side will be signing away rights that have been stripped from them by Israel for decades.
These rights, first among them protection, should be secured by Third States under their obligations toward the Fourth Geneva Convention, without the need for “resistance” or “ceasefire” talks.
A “ceasefire” simply reinforces the false impression that there is some hint of symmetry between Palestine and Israel. There is not! Furthermore, to be conducting these “ceasefire” talks [in Cairo,] the capital of a country that participates in the siege of the Gaza Strip, should be an embarrassment to every member of the Palestinian negotiating team, first among them Hamas.
After all the dead are buried in Gaza and the mourning process comes to a close, politically we will be exactly where we were two months prior to this tragedy: living the illusion of unity in the absence of a legitimate political system. Meanwhile, the reality of military occupation keeps us physically and politically fragmented, led by unelected leaders, and sustained more than ever by foreign donors who have their own agendas. These are the ingredients for yet another round of violence.
·         Israel just brought hell on itself: Hamas
Truce breach opened gates of hell on Israel: Qassam Brigades
·         Bibi orders resumption of Gaza attacks
·         ====================================
·         ==================================
·        ========================================================  

Israel wants a truce that does not include a halt on assassinations

While Cairo is witnessing talks about a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and in light of an international effort to reach a long-term truce between Hamas and Israel, Israeli security officials have demanded that the policy of assassinations against the Palestinian leaders would not stop.
·         UK faces lawsuit over Israel arms sales
The British government is facing unprecedented legal action over its continued arms sale to Israel in the wake of the recent deadly Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.
British law firm, Leigh Day, representing the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), said Saturday that it has written to Business Secretary Vince Cable, calling for the immediate suspension of arms export licenses to Israel.
The law firm said the UK government’s failure to suspend the licenses is illegal, adding that it has been instructed to seek a High Court judicial review of the administration’s reluctance to halt the arms sales to Israel.
A recent report by the British parliamentary committee for arms export controls showed that Israel received around £8 billion in the form of 400 arms licenses from the UK in 2013.
Leigh Day further said there is a risk that British-made weapons may have been used by Israel during its recent onslaught on Gaza in breach of humanitarian and human rights law.
“If arms from the UK are being used to commit crimes against humanitarian law, and human rights law, then export licenses for these materials must be revoked immediately,” said Rosa Curling, representing the CAAT, adding, “If this is not done, the government’s current policy is unlawful and susceptible to legal challenge.”

US to Israel’s rescue as usual. No matter how many Human Beings Israehaile exterminates,  committing Crimes against Humanity and Holocausts, obedient subservient USA will come to its rescue, intimidating, blackmailing, bribing, puttiing untold pressure on anyone that threatens Israel and the Jews in anyway, even if it means re writing Laws. I wonder what tactics are being used with their little lapdog puppet Abbas this time around, what promises will they give him not to take Israel to the ICC. Abbas is not even the legal President of the Palestinians as his tenure expired in 2009.


US Pressuring PA Not to Sue Israel for 'War Crimes'

A report on Monday reveals that America and other Western countries are pressuring the Palestinian Authority (PA) not to carry out its threat of suing Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for "war crimes."
PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki last Saturday threatened "we will go to the ICC, and put our signature on it. Very soon we will be a (sovereign) state. That is enough for the court to start an investigation."
However, citing inside sources in the ICC and among the PA's lawyers, The Guardian reports strong US and Israeli pressure on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas not to take such actions, or else risk cutting his own purse-strings.
The ICC is a Zionist controlled court run by Masonic affiliates. And there is nothing to investigate on Hamas’s side as most of its missiles hardly did nay damage other than send scurrying Israelis like cowards to their shelters, though many of them could not have deemed them that dangerous if they were prepared to get theatre  tickets at to the tops of the Gaza Hills to watch Israel’s Military Blitz on an entire people who have no army, navy, or airforce.
Plus the vast majority of those Israelis that did die, died in combat, as soldiers, invading an occupied and besieged enclave and killed by fighters resisting these invaders, very much what the European fighters did in WW2 against the Germans. They RESISTED.
The international criminal courthas persistently avoided opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in Gazaas a result of US and other western pressure, former court officials and lawyers claim.

In recent days, a potential ICC investigation into the actions of both theIsraelDefence Forces andHamasin Gaza has become a fraught political battlefield and a key negotiating issue at ceasefire talks in Cairo. But the question of whether the ICC could or should mount an investigation has also divided the Hague-based court itself.

An ICC investigation could have a far-reaching impact. It would not just examine alleged war crimes by the Israeli military, Hamas and other Islamist militants in the course of recent fighting in Gaza that left about 2,000 people dead, including women and children. It could also address the issue of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, for which the Israeli leadership would be responsible.
·         ICC forced not to probe Israel crimes’
A Dear Jon (Voight) Letter About Gaza
This is so pathetic- the guy was selected by the Zionist pro Israel Canada to ‘lead’ the investigation. Schabas is already known for being a supporter of Israel, so why are the Jews trying to make out that they have to go against this guy, almost falsely implying that they are not going to get a fair hearing and judgement from Schabas!!

Israel and its advocates have a new target in sight: Head of UN inquiry William Schabas

A permanent cease fire with Palestinian fighters has yet to be signed, but Israel and its supporters have already begun to pivot to their next adversary: the United Nations Human Rights Council.
It’s Goldstone Redux and Israel’s supporters are coming out swinging. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has already issued the following ad going after William Schabas, a Canadian international law expert who is set to lead the investigation into Israel’s Operation Protective Edge:
Jewish website/original Israeli website


The United Nations released the Gaza Crisis Atlas on Sunday, showing the physical damage wrought on the Strip during IDF Operation Protective Edge using satellite imagery. The 108-page document will be used by a UN investigatory committee on the conflict.
The Atlas overlays a grid over Gaza, dividing it into smaller parcels – with each one receiving a detailed page noting the locations of schools, mosques, and public buildings on high-resolution satellite footage.
[The UN did nothing because it is totally controlled by Zionists who also control the |UN and most Western member states as well as owning Ban Ki Moon  who must never step the mark when it comes to Israel, just like the US always protects it unfairly with all its vetoes against any and all Resolutions [that other member states submit] which should be taken away from the US]

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