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The Truth About 9/11

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Blame the Muslims!

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This Kay Griggs interview is direct confirmation to the following statement:

"We read and hear daily reports about suicide bombings in Iraq as if that is endemic to Islam. But at the same time we have already seen reports coming out stabbing holes in the “theory” that they were really Muslim suicides. Numerous reports detailing how bombs were planted by the occupational forces in car vehicles, soldiers enticing Iraqi children with candy and then immediately rushing out of the area after setting off bombs, trucks used by Iraqis to carry fruits and vegetables stopped at check points only to have bombs stuck in their barrels by soldiers, Mossad agents carrying out fake suicide bombings, the widely circulated story about Israelis wiring a retarded Palestinian boy for remote detonation to be labeled a suicide bombing, etc. If these incidents were not found to be false flag operations to blame Muslims, our too compliant media would have reported them as Islamic suicide killings. If the Muslim suicide bomber is so true, why would the Israelis and their allies go through so much trouble to commit false flag operations so that Muslims can be blamed for suicide bombings?"

The politics of Suicide in the Muslim World 

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