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Saudis to Israel: “Help, Cousins!” In War Against Yemen!

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[Ariadna: You can’t make this stuff up… Let me see if I get it straight: the Saudis and UAE, aided by Israel and with green light from the US are conducting an aggressive, destructive war against Yemen, which fits Israel’s expansionist agenda. The Saudi pilots are not doing very well– it’s the Russians! — and the Saudi Foreign Minister is crying for more direct help from Israel because…. he admires the Israelis (whom he considers “cousins”) for their proficiency in fighting the Lebanese and the Palestinians, who — I guess — are definitely not their “cousins.” He expects the world to admire the “comradeship” and amicable co-existence between Saudi Arabia and Israel…]

Saudi foreign minister: we are in dire need of Israeli military assistance to defeat Yemeni rebels; after all we are historically cousins.

According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Adel al-Jubeir, the newly appointed foreign minister tacitly recognized his country’s failure to rout Single-handedly Yemen’s anti-Saudi rebels and called on regional allies, namely Qatar and UAE, to help Saudi Arabia to end the protracted war on Yemen.


Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Foreign Minister

“I personally discussed the Yemeni issue with His Royal Highness the King and to find a feasible solution to terminate this dilemma, I suggested Israeli help as our only hope to end the status quo , as they [Israelis] are highly skilled and indeed proficient in this kind of warfare through decades in their confrontations with Lebanese and Palestinian militias and to my delight, His Highness King Salman put this proposal forward for further consideration,” Qatari News Agency (QNA) quoted Mr. Al-Jubeir as saying on Friday during his recent regional tour to Arab Gulf States.

To the detriment of our inexperienced pilots, added Mr. Al-Jubeir, the Yemeni revolutionaries have in their possession the Russian lethal shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and we lost a sum of 28 of F-15 fighters, thus in this crucial times , we are in dire need of Tel Aviv’s military prowess to curb Iran’s slow but gradual encroachment in Yemen, so I hope one day this futile Israeli hesitation to intervene in Yemen would end and the entire world will witness the comradeship and amicable co-existence between kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Israel, after all we are historically cousins.



[just who is this lying Jubeir kidding- as Israeli pilots have already been assisting the Saudis to BOMB Yemenis which is why so many Civilian areas have been targeted just as the Israeli have done against  Palestinians in GAZA] SINCE WHEN have Palestinians ever threatened the SAUDIS??  JUBEIR is the NEW ‘BANDAR’ for the Jewish House of SEWERS, whose father I believe is a BIG SHOT Businessman in the UK!! Insidious and corrupt to the core. All Shameful  ARABS, TRAITORS one and all, SCUM of the ISLAMIC world]






#1 You guys are sadMaryam 2015-09-26 12:58
It is sad that you guys believe this propaganda.
#2 Propaganda?Nashid 2015-09-27 04:03
Propaganda? Maryam are you saying this is not a true news story? Please enlighten us. Thanks!
#3 Saudis craing help from Israelmaisoon 2015-10-04 15:57
What is so sad and actually quite disgusting is how Maryam comsiders all this propaganda and has the GALL to call enlightened people sad!! She is the sad one, blind to the truth, blind to what is actually unfolding throughout the Middle East and it is actually unenlightened people like her who are allowing the suffering to continue as she appears to support the Evil Saudi Tribe.
Time you woke up Maryam. What is there not to believe when this is STRAIGHT from the horse's mouth. This Jubeir is a disgusting Western Puppet whose family's wealth no doubt was acquired through illicit wheeling and dealings with the Jews/West!!
This Horse Manure came out of Jubeir openly making a statement requesting Israelis whom he considers his cousins, for military help to MURDER more Yemenis because Israel had the prowess and "are highly skilled and indeed proficient in this kind of warfare through decades in their confrontations with Lebanese and Palestinian militias"
Pray do tell Maryam, what harm did Palestinians and Lebanese ever do to the Saudis??
You really are a disgrace to the Arab world. and thanks to people like you, more Muslims and Arabs will continue to suffer as the dumb Arabs stay silent, under the stranglehold of evil corrupt and self serving JEWISH ARABS ruling the Arab Nation
It is YOU who is SAD. We KNOW who threatens our Ummah, our People, Our Religion, destroying our culture and history.

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