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NPR's Propaganda System Against Iran!

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"NPR is indeed blatantly biased in favor of Israel. Mr. Hoffman's analysis is spot on! And this is just one story on one day! NPR is supported by Monsanto Corp. which does things like sue farmers for not buying their seed when even a trace of their genetically modified roundup-resistant strain shows up in their crops. In this way Monsanto is forcing farmers to buy new seed stock each year. People at NPR have blood on their hands!" 
National Public Radio's pro-Israeli bias in downplaying a Nov. 29, 2010 terror bombing against Iranians and presenting Israeli agent Jeffrey Goldberg as an objective observer of Iranian and Arab affairs, is exposed by former Associated Press reporter Michael Hoffman.

Hoffman analyzes statements by Robert Siegel, Peter Kenyon and Mr. Goldberg, as heard on the "All Things Considered" broadcast of Nov. 29. Here is documentary confirmation of NPR's disinformation, betrayal of the public trust and complicity in the Zionist propaganda system.

Dec. 5, 2010 Update: NPR's national Sunday morning news casts reported on Iran, its yellowcake uranium and nuclear negotiations with Iran without once mentioning the terror attack on two Iranian nuclear scientists a mere six days ago. Peter Kenyon likewise failed to mention the assassination in his report. Note the propaganda pattern: NPR relentlessly emphasizes and commemorates attacks on Israelis and Americans, while minimizing and then quickly sending down the Memory Hole terror attacks against Iranians.

Dec. 10, 2010 Update: NY Times reporter David E. Sanger today omitted all mention of the terror attack on the scientists in his report for the Times. Michael Hoffman sent Mr. Sanger the following e-mail:

Dear Mr. Sanger

Why did you omit mention of the recent, Nov. 29 assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari in your Dec. 10 report on U.S. opposition to Iranian nuclear power?

You mentioned the Stuxnet "worm" whose provenance pre-dates the assassination, but the not the assassination itself, or the murder of another scientist's wife, Mrs. Fereydoon Abbasi, in the same attack. (End quote)

For Sanger's article, "U.S. and Allies Plan More Sanctions Against Iran" cf. NY Times, Dec. 10:

In that article, note how Sanger reports that Gary Samore, an Obama administration official, is pleased that covert attacks against Iran, such as the Stuxnet worm, are in place. By omitting reference to the recent assassination of the Iranian scientist, Sanger does not have to ask the administration any embarrassing questions about whether they are also pleased about that covert operation.

Furthermore, it seems that Mr. Sanger, along with most of the US media including NPR, intends to have us forget about the terror attack against Iran's scientists. By omission and distortion, the US propaganda system, in which Mr. Sanger is a prominent player, seeks to teach us that terror attacks worth remembering occur only against the Israelis and the West, not Muslims or Iranians.

Gary Samore represented the Obama adminstration at the conference of the noble-sounding "Foundation for the Defense of Democracies" (( which David Sanger fails to mention is actually a neocon front group whose "Leadership council" consists of Newt Gingrich, Sen. Joe Lieberman and William Kristol.  

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