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The Malhama and Dajjals Day like a week - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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#1 Malhama and SyriaMaisoon 2015-05-27 17:10
I must confess it fills me with dread as well as deep sadness at the total destruction of Syria and that the blood shed will continue until the coming of Al Mahdi and Christ. I feel that will offer no comfort or solace to the Syrian people. I sometimes wish the Shaikh could offer us greater hope
One Shia brother I spoke to does not believe in Islamic prophesy at all. Is it something all Shi'ii do not believe in?? Surely if they believe in Prophet Mohammad,, pbuh then they must believe in his Sunnah and his prophesies that appear in hadiths??
Whatever, what is unfolding n our world is tragic and will get a lot worse I feel and the Shaikh's lectures all seem to talk about the downfall of the Arab Nation and yet it is TO the Arab Nation that both Al Mahdi and Christ will come to us for Humanity's salvation. After all God could have chosen another country other than Syria. I notice also he doe snot mention the fact about the Dajjal coming from Iran, accompanied by the 70,000 Iranian dressed Jews along with some Bedouin followers and I believe women- something I recall a Shaikh on Peace TV mentioned when discussing End times and all the signs leading up to it. To be told that we as Humanity will be facing a Nuclear war is truly frightening, disturbing, leaving one bereft of hope in our own transitory lifetime
#2 Malhama and SyriaNashid 2015-05-29 19:04

Most Shias believe in the end times predictions of the prophet (saaw). That one Shia does not represent all Shias.

Don't blame the Sheikh for explaining the prophesy of the prophet (saaw) to help us understand what is happening in the end times so that we can have insight. I am very grateful for that regardless to how gloomy the present and near future may seem. It is best that we know what is going on than not. In the end, truth will triumph over falsehood and righteousness will prevail.

Don't say the Sheikh have not spoken about this or that until you do a thorough study of all his lectures. That is only fair. It so happens that he has spoken about the 70,000 Jews many times. One reference is in the following link:

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