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Surah Kahf and Dajjal, The Antichrist - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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#1 Dajjal ad Surah KahfMaisoon 2015-05-26 23:56
a very enlightening lecture especially as I read this Surah every Friday regularly and did not really understand its relevance. But the Shaikh has explained it. I always wondered what this Surah actually meant and why we are told to read this Surah which is supposed to protect us weekly.
It is very difficult to understand this Surah from a layperson's knowledge.. it is knowing just who Dajjal is, will we know it is him- The Hadith however mentions Dajjal coming from Iran with 70,000 Jewish followers
So the Shaikh is from the Sufi school of thought.
It would be good for us to remove ourselves from the bad influences of this world but it is not easy to do, no where really to go, especially if one does not have the financial means, means that are controlled by the Elite who control our 'wealth etc.. It would be a lovely righteous Utopia- if only.
But in reality, very few people are so deeply religious with spiritual insight.
It is very sad what he talks about Syria- does not fill one with hope in this present time.
#2 Dajjal ad Surah KahfMaisoon 2015-05-27 00:03
I would like to hear more on Surah Kahf for explanation on the section with Moses and Quairnain, then Yajuj and Majuj and the section about the two men with their respective gardens.
#3 70,000 Jews, Yajuj Majuj and Dul QarnainNashid 2015-05-29 08:03

This is where the Sheikh addresses the subjects you asked about:

1. 70,000 Jews

2. Moses & Dul Qarnain:

3. Juj wa Majuj:

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