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Judaism's Bugsy Siegel and Mayer Lansky Kills Innocent Children!


This is a satire based on Talmudic facts...

Las Vegas, Nevada - In an attempt to keep rival gangsters from taking over the huge casino business and entertainment revenues in Las Vegas, Judaism's holy boys, "Bugsy" Siegel and Mayer Lansky, rubbed out 10 known gangsters from rival gangs and in the process killed 11 innocent people. Among the dead were 4 children and a 2 month old baby.

When asked about the deaths of the children, Bugsy was heard to say -- "All gentile children are animals!" This is as controversial a statement from Bugsy as when asked, why his Casinos cheat the patrons. His answer was -- "It is O.K. to cheat non-Jews!"

Mayer, who was arrested two years ago in Conroe, Texas for robbing a bank, when asked why did he come to Conroe when he normally resides in N.Y. answered -- "If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there."

This uncanny behavior was also noticed in another one of Judaism holy boys, Dutch Schultz. When arrested for stealing Jewelry from a Manhattan Jewelry shop and shooting to kill the security guard, he pitched a voracious fit. He insisted that he should not be arrested and should be allowed to keep the Jewelry. The officers were very surprised about Mr. Schultz vehement opposition to being arrested for his crimes. When asked why he felt he should not be arrested, Mr. Schultz answered -- "when a Jew murders a gentile, he should not be punished. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep."

It is clear by the statements of these men that they are highly religious and strongly motivated by the religious teachings in their Talmud. After all, all of the statements these men uttered can be found in the Talmud. These men are examples of how Judaism is a corrupt religion and only motivates its followers to do wrong.

Now, don't go check the facts about these men's words and actions. You must trust ME, your honest main stream media Journalist. I won't lie to you and I don't have hidden motives. I give you nothing but the facts jack!!! Really I do!!!

Ridiculous you say? Rather than report a wrong done by a person in the Islamic world and blame the individual or individuals for their wrongs, our no agenda, truthful media reports Muslims, Islamists, etc to associate Islam with the crime. Even though the crime is strongly condemned in Islam and has no basis or justification from Islam. But because the average person does not know anything about Islam, they believe it. Now if only all of our news reporting were like this. Maybe Jews will experience what Muslims feel today from a biased Zionist media.