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Jewish Domination and Control of the American Media

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“With this level of control is there any wonder that news stories that are not seen in main stream media are not trusted and called kook, conspiracy theories and other names. When you know who have a lock on what Americans see, hear and believe then you will know why "the simple truth" looks so strange. You will also know why certain atrocities are never reported in the U.S. and wonder what it is that the rest of the world is mad at.”

“There are no important media outlets in the US that are not owned or controlled by Jews.” — Israel Shamir

"One is inevitably led to believe that the success of the Jews has not been a mere coincidence. It resulted from long and arduous years of planning, which preceded their cunning control of the world's media. In a speech delivered in Prague in 1869, the Jewish Rabbi Yeshurun expressed this Jewish interest in the media, when he said: 'If gold is our first means to control the world, then the press should be our second one.'

"The first [Zionist] Congress, held in Basle in 1897, marked an ominous turning point, because the participants expressed their [desire] to implement a criminal plot to set up the State of 'Israel'. They unanimously agreed that, unless complete control over the media, and the press in particular, is achieved, unless they fully subdue the press, so as to deny their enemies even one medium of _expression, and unless they themselves act as filters of information in society, such a state [Israel] would not reach fruition."

Who Controls The Media?

First of all, Sumner Redstone ( né Murray Rothstein) owns $8 billion dollars worth of Viacom, which gives him the controlling interest in CBS, Viacom, MTV Worldwide (Brian Graden, president), and most recently he bought Black Entertainment Television and proceeded immediately to cut down its public-affairs programming. The president of CBS is Leslie Moonves, the great nephew of David Ben-Gurion.

Michael Eisner is the major owner of Disney-Capitol Cities, which owns ABC. David Westin is the president of ABC News. Although it has lost viewers, Nightline host Ted Koppel is a strong supporter of Israel. Lloyd Braun is chair of ABC Entertainment. And there is the perennial Barbara Walters.

Neil Shapiro is the president of NBC News. Jeffrey Zucker is the head of NBC Entertainment and Jack Myers has some important post there, as well.

Although Rupert Murdoch of Fox is not Jewish, Mel Karamazin, the president of the corporation is, as is Peter Chernin, the second in command at Murdoch's News Corps.

Sandy Grushow is chairman of Fox Entertainment, and Gail Berman is president. Murtdoch has received numerous awards from various Jewish charities.

Jamie Kellner is chair and CEO of Turner Broadcasting.

Walter Issacson is the News Director of CNN which also has Wolf Blitzer, host of Late Edition, Larry King of Larry King Live, Paula Zahn, and Andrea Koppel, Ted's daughter.

Jordan Levin is chairman of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Howard Stringer is chair of Sony Corp. of America.

Robert Sillerman is the founder of Clear Channel Communications,

Ivan Seidenberg is chair of Verizon Communications

Terry Semel, former co-chair of Warners is CEO of Yahoo.

Barry Diller, former owner of Universal Entertainment, is the chair of USA Interactive.

Joel Klein is chair and CEO of Bertelsmann's American operations, the largest publishing conglomerate in the world.

Mort Zuckerman, the Chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, owns US News and World Report and the NY Daily News.

Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. publishes the NY Times, the Boston Globe and a host of other publications.

Marty Peretz publishes the New Republic, which is unabashedly pro-Israel, as is William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard.

Donald Graham, Jr. is the chair and CEO of Newsweek and the Washington Post.

Michael Ledeen, of Iran-Contra fame, edits National Review.

Ron Rosenthal is the Managing Editor of the SF Chronicle and Phil Bronstein is the Executive Editor.

David Schneiderman owns the Village Voice and a number of other "alternative" weeklies.

Columnist William Safire, Tom Freidman, Charles Krauthammer, Richard Cohen, Jeff Jacoby, are among the most widely syndicated columnists.

There are a number of widely syndicated talk show hosts such as Michael Savage (ABC) on more than 100 stations, Michael Medved, 124 stations, and Dennis Prager who has an Israeli flag on his website. Others include Ron Owens, Ben
Wattenberg, and former ZOA official Jon Rothman, all in San Francisco on ABC.

In Hollywood, which was founded by Jews, there is of course, Stephen Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Kranzberg of Dreamworks, Eisner of Disney, Amy Pascal, chair of Columbia, and many, many more.

For the intellectuals, we have NPR, with pundit Daniel Schorr and weekend hosts Scott Simon and Liane Hansen, Robert Segal, Susan Stanberg, Eric Weiner, Daniel Lev, Linda Gradstein (a well-known speaker at pro-Israel events) covering
Jerusalem, Mike Schuster (whose soft-ball interview with Ariel Sharon after Sabra and Shatila should have brought him before the court of Hamarabi). Brook Gladstein.

And that's just for starters. From the boss to the delivery it's an impressive list. While they certainly can't be put in the same box when it comes to Israel, they more or less guarantee that there will be limits to any criticism they may make of Israel".


syed saboor
#1 syed saboor 2010-07-22 04:51
Once again, we interview people who expose Jewish media control on the show is called "America in Focus." check out our shows, where I, Syed Saboor, have interviewed Mark Weber and Anthony J. Hilder, who have done much to expouse the lies of media and the establishment!
#2 Nashid 2010-07-22 07:46
Thanks! I know Mark Weber and appreciate his works. Please contact me when you can.
syed saboor
#3 syed saboor 2010-07-22 10:50
Yes, Mark and me are also very good friends; in fact, I will be interviewing him again for any other show. And yes, that is the show that Sister Anisa helped start. My future shows will be even more revealing as it will expouse the turncoats in our Islamic umma, who have sold out to the system.
syed saboor
#4 syed saboor 2010-07-22 10:51
I am presently working with Anthony J hilder on dvd documentaries and activist work. My email is ..
syed saboor
#5 syed saboor 2010-07-22 10:54
Check out my articles on the, the section dealing with India, webpage and also check out a webpage about progressive muslims friends of neoimperialism, that expouses the "real" radicals in Islam, no, not Osama bin Ladin, but the likes of Hamza Yusuf and others who have sold out to the system.
#6 Nashid 2010-07-23 18:13
Asif, I just came back from Bahrain. I will email you shortly. I agree wholeheartedly in calling a spade a spade. That is part of the reason for this website. I strongly believe that most Muslims fail to "Ascertain the truth" about events and are easily fooled by believing MSM blindly. I am very interested in what you have to share with me about Hamza Yusuf.
+1 #7 Hello 2011-03-21 20:48
Who Controls American Television

Who Controls Hollywood 2010
#9 30.06 2012-01-13 03:56
#10 Jewish Domination and Control of the American MediaBenedict 2014-06-20 14:30
Do you have any video oof that? I'd care to find outt some additional information.

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