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Quotes from "Khomeini - Life of the Ayatollah"

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“The secret of praying is in essence the journey to God, the journey in God and the journey from God.” (From his book, The Prayer of the Mystics)


“The foreigners will not let Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Turkey become united. But the duty of Muslim leaders is, while preserving their borders, to unite their thoughts. Had they been united, who would have dreamt it possible for a bunch of Jewish thieves to take Palestine while the Islamic countries slept? How could the British have reached India to take our beloved Kashmir?”


“If music edifies believers and enhances their revolutionary and Islamic feelings, then it is not forbidden.”


“The friend who, being raised sublime upon the gallows,
Glorified the tree that slew him for his crime,
This was the sin for which he died,
That, having secrets in his charge,
He told them to the world at large.” (About martyred Sufi Mansour al-Hallaj)


“Even while I have shunned love of myself
Now truth is none but me
I will see the gallows also
As did Mansour see.” (About martyred Sufi Mansour al-Hallaj)


“I beseech God to forgive me and take me away from this world so that I no longer have to experience the bitter taste of my friends’ treachery.”


“It is the duty of every Muslim to disavow the pagan regimes of the Soviet Union, the USA and Israel, as well as their servants in the Islamic world, the Arab kings.”


“Muslims should curse and fight tyrants, including and especially the Saudi royal family, these traitors to God’s great Shrine, may God’s curse and that of His prophets and angels be upon them. King Fahd spreads a large part of the people’s wealth every year on the anti-Qur’anic, totally baseless and superstitious faith of Wahhabism. He abuses Islam and the dear Qur’an. Curse this traitor to God.” (From his last will and testament)


“This old father of yours has suffered more from stupid reactionary mullahs than anyone else. When theology meant no interference in politics, stupidity became a virtue. If a cleric was able, and aware of what was going on in the world around him, they searched for a plot behind it. You were considered more pious if you walked in a clumsy way. Learning foreign languages was blasphemy, philosophy and mysticism were considered to be sins and infidelities. In the Feiziyeh my young son Mostafa drank water from a jar. Since I was teaching philosophy, my son was considered to be religiously impure, so they washed the jar to purify it afterwards. Had this trend continued, I have no doubt the clerics and seminaries would have trodden the same path as the Christian Church did in the Middle Ages.”


“We live in a time when criminals are supported and praised rather than punished. We live in a time when so-called human rights organizations support the illegitimate interests of the superpowers, provide legitimacy for their crimes and try to destroy Islam. Amnesty International should be called Travesty International.”




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