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The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations

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The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations


Part 5

If anybody still has even a remote doubt that the entire menace of communism was created by the masterminds of the great conspiracy right in our own city of New York, I will cite the following historical fact: All records show that when Lenin and Trotsky engineered the capture of Russia, they operated as heads of the Bolsheviki party. Now, Bolshevism is a purely Russian word.

The masterminds realized that Bolshevism could never be sold as an ideology to any but the Russian people. So in April 1918, Jacob Schiff dispatched Colonel House to Moscow with orders to Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, to change the name of their regime to the Communist Party and to adopt the Karl Marx Manifesto as the constitution of the Communist Party. Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin obeyed, and that year of 1918 was when the Communist party and the menace of communism came into being. All this is confirmed in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Fifth Edition.

In short, communism was created by the capitalists. Thus, until November 11, 1918, the entire fiendish plan of the conspirators worked perfectly. All the great nations, including the United States, were war-weary, devastated, and mourning their dead. Peace was the great universal desire. Thus when it was proposed by Wilson to set up a League of Nations to ensure peace, all the great nations, with no Russian Czar to stand in their way, jumped on that bandwagon without even stopping to read the fine print in that insurance policy.

That is, all but one-- the United States-- the very one that Schiff and his co-conspirators least expected would balk. And that was their one fatal mistake in that early plot. You see, when Schiff planted Woodrow Wilson in the White House, the conspirators assumed that they had the United States in the proverbial bag. Wilson had been perfectly built up as a great humanitarian. He supposedly became established as a god-man with the American people. There was every reason for the conspirators to have believed that he would easily hornswoggle Congress into buying the League of Nations, 'sight unseen', exactly as the Congress of 1945 bought the United Nations, 'sight unseen'.

But there was one man in the Senate in 1918 who saw through that scheme just as the Russian Czar did in 1814. He was a man of great political stature, almost as great as that of Teddy Roosevelt, and fully as astute. He was highly respected and trusted by all members of both houses of Congress and by the American people. The name of that great and patriotic American was Henry Cabot Lodge, (not the phony of today who called himself Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., until he was exposed).

Lodge completely unmasked Wilson and kept the United States out of the League of Nations. Here it becomes of great interest to know the real reason for the Wilson League of Nations flop. As I previously stated, Schiff was sent to the United States to carry out four specific assignments:

1. And most important, was to acquire complete control of the US money system.

2. As outlined in the original Weishaupt Illuminati blueprint, he was to find the right kind of men to serve as stooges for the great conspiracy and promote them into the highest offices in our federal government, our Congress, our US Supreme Court, and all federal agencies, such as the State Department, the Pentagon, the Treasury Department, etc.

3. Destroy the unity of the American people by creating minority group strife throughout the nation-- especially between the whites and blacks, as outlined in Israel Cohen's book.

4. Create a movement to destroy religion of the United States with Christianity to be the chief target or victim.

In addition, he was strongly reminded of the imperative directive in the Illuminati blueprint to achieve full control of all mass communications media to be used to brainwash the people into believing and accepting all of the maneuverings of the great conspiracy. Schiff was warned that only control of the press, at that time our only mass communications media, would enable him to destroy the unity of the American people.

Now then, Schiff and his co-conspirators did set up the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of the Colored People) in 1909 and in 1913 he set up the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith. Both were to create the necessary strife, but in the early years, the ADL operated very timidly. Perhaps for fear of a pogrom-like action by an aroused and enraged American people and the NAACP was practically dormant because its white leadership didn't realize that they would have to develop fire-brand Negro leaders, such as Martin 'Lucifer' King for one, to spark the then completely satisfied, contented mass of Negroes.

In addition, he, Schiff, was busy developing and infiltrating the stooges to serve in all high places in our Washington government and in the job of acquiring control of our money system and the creation of the 16th Amendment. He also was very busy with the organizing of the plot for the takeover of Russia. In short, he was kept so busy with all those jobs that he completely overlooked the supreme job of acquiring complete control of our mass communications media. That oversight was a direct cause for Wilson's failure to lure the United States into the League of Nations because when Wilson decided to go to the people to overcome the opposition of the Lodge-controlled Senate, despite his established, but phony reputation as a great humanitarian, he found himself faced by a solidly united people and by a loyal press whose only ideology was Americanism and the American way of life.

At that time, due to the ineptness and ineffectiveness of the ADL and the NAACP, there were no organized minority groups, no Negro problems, no so-called anti-Semitic problems to sway the people's thinking. There were no lefts, there were no rights, no prejudices for crafty exploitations. Thus Wilson's League of Nations appeal fell on deaf ears. That was the end of Woodrow Wilson, the conspirators great humanitarian. He quickly abandoned his crusade and returned to Washington where he shortly died an imbecile brought on by syphilis and that was the end of the League of Nations as a corridor into one-world government.

Of course that debacle was a terrible disappointment to the masterminds of the Illuminati conspiracy, but they were not discouraged. As I have previously stressed, this enemy never quits. They simply decided to reorganize and try from scratch again. By this time Schiff was very old and slow. He knew it. He knew that the conspiracy needed a new younger and more active generalship.

So on his orders, Colonel House and Bernard Barouk organized and set up what they called the Council on Foreign Relations, the new name under which the Illuminati would continue to function in the United States. The hierarchy, officers and directors of the CFR, is composed principally of descendants of the original Illuminati, many of whom who had abandoned their old family name and acquired new Americanized names.

For one example, we have Dillon, who was Secretary of Treasury of the United States, whose original name was Laposky. Another example is Pauley, head of the CBS TV channel, whose true name is Palinsky. The membership of the CFR is approximately 1,000 in number and contains the heads of virtually every industrial empire in America such as Blough, president of the US Steel Corporation, Rockefeller, king of the oil industry, Henry Ford, II, and so on. And of course, all the international bankers. Also, the heads of the tax-free foundations are officers and/or active CFR members. In short, all the men who provide the money and the influence to elect the CFR-chosen Presidents of the United States, the Congressmen, the Senators, and who decide the appointments of our various Secretaries of State, of the Treasury, of every important federal agency, are members of the CFR and they are very obedient members indeed.

Now just to cement that fact, I will mention the names of the United States Presidents who were members of the CFR: Franklin Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jack Kennedy. Others who were considered for the presidency are Thomas E. Dewey, Adlai Stevenson, Nixon, and vice-president of a CFR subsidiary, Barry Goldwater. Among the important cabinet members of the various administrations we have John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, Cordell Hull, John J. McCloy, Robert Morganthau, Clarence Dillon, Rusk, McNamara, and just to emphasize the red color of the CFR we have as members such men as Alger Hiss, Ralph Bunche, Pasvolsky, Harry Dexter White (real name Weiss), Owen Lattimore, Phillip Jaffey, etc. etc. Simultaneously, they were flooding thousands of homosexuals and other blackmailable characters into all the federal agencies from the White House down. Remember Johnson's great friends, Jenkins and Bobby Baker?

Now there were many jobs the new CFR had to accomplish. They required much help. So their first job was to set up various subsidiaries to whom they assigned special objectives. I can't name all the subsidiaries in this recording, but the following are a few: the Foreign Policy Association (FPA), the World Affairs Council (WAC), the Business Advisory Council (BAC), the notorious ADA (Americans for Democratic Action virtually headed by Walter Ruther), the notorious '13-13' in Chicago, Barry Goldwater was, and no doubt still is, a vice-president of one of the CFR subsidiaries. In addition, the CFR set up special committees in every state in the Union to whom they assigned the various local state operations.

Simultaneously, the Rothschilds set up similar CFR-like control groups in England, France, Germany, and other Nations, to control world conditions and cooperate with the CFR to bring about another world war. But the CFR's first and foremost job was to get complete control of our mass communications media.

The control of the press was assigned to Rockefeller. Thus, Henry Luce, who recently died, was financed to set up a number of national magazines, among them Life, Time, Fortune, and others, which publish "USS.R. in America". The Rockefellers also directly or indirectly financed the Cowles Brothers' "Look" magazine and a chain of newspapers. They also financed a man named Sam Newhouse to buy up and build a chain of newspapers all over the country. And the late Eugene Myer, one of the founders of CFR, bought the Washington Post, Newsweek, the Weekly Magazine, and other publications.

At the same time, the CFR began to develop and nurture a new breed of scurrilous columnists and editorials writers such as Walter Lippman, Drew Pearson, the Alsops, Herbert Matthews, Erwin Canham, and others of that ilk who called themselves Liberals who proclaimed that Americanism is isolationism, that isolationism is war mongerism, that anti-communism, is anti-Semitism and racism.

All that took time of course, but today, our entire press, except for some local small town papers and weeklies, published by patriotic organizations, is completely controlled by CFR stooges and thus they finally succeeded in breaking us up into a nation of quarreling, wrangling, squabbling, hating factions. Now if you still wonder about this slanted news and outright lies you read in your paper, you now have the answer. To the Lehmans, Goldman-Sachs, Kuhn-Loebs, and the Warburgs, the CFR assigned the job of getting control of the motion picture industry (Hollywood), radio, and television, and believe you me, they succeeded.

If you still wonder about the strange propaganda broadcast by the Ed Morrows, Jeff Huntley, Howard K. Smith, Erick Severide, Drew Pearson and others of that ilk, you now have the answer. If you wonder about all the smut, sex, pornography, and mixed marriage films you see in your movie theater and on your TV set, all of which is demoralizing our youth, you have the answer.

The whole story of the CFR conspiracy take-over of our mass communications media is far to long to included in this recording but you can find it in the news bulletin #125 entitled "How to Get the 'Reds' Out of Communications Media". It was published and brought up to date by the Cinema Educational Guild. It tells in detail how the press, movies, the TV and Radio have been, and still are, used to brainwash the people and demoralize our youth and they have been and still are encouraging and creating sympathy for the rioting Negroes civil rights lawlessness. You can get a copy of this news bulletin by writing to the Cinema Educational Guild, PO Box 46205, Hollywood California.

Now to refresh your memory, let's go back for a moment. Wilson's flop had torpedoed all chances of transforming that League of Nations into the conspirators' hoped-for one-world government housing. So the Jacob Schiff plot had to be done all over again, and they organized the CFR to do it. We also know how successfully the CFR did that job of brainwashing and destroying the unity of the American people.

But, as was the case with the Schiff plot, the climax and the creation of a new housing for their one world government required another world war. A war that would be even more horrible and more devastating than the first world war in order to get the people of the world to again clamor for peace and a means to end all wars. But the CFR realized that the aftermath of World War II would have to be more carefully planned so that there would be no escape from the new one-world trap, another League of Nations, that would emerge from the new war; the trap we now know as the United Nations. And they hit upon a perfect strategy to ensure that no-one escaped. Here is how they did it.

In 1943, in the midst of the war, they prepared the framework for the United Nations and it was handed over to Roosevelt and our State Department to be given birth by Alger Hiss, Pasvolsky, Dalton Trumbull, and other American traitors, thus making the whole scheme a United States baby. Then to fix our parenthood, New York City was to become the nursery for the monstrosity. After that we could hardly walk out on our own baby now could we? Anyway, that's how the conspirators figured it would work, and so far it has. And the liberal Rockefeller donated the land for the United Nations building.

The United Nations' charter was written by Alger Hiss, Pasvolsky, Dalton Trumbull, and other CFR stooges. A phony, so-called, UN conference was set up in San Francisco in 1945. All the, so-called, representatives of 50-odd nations gathered there and promptly signed the Charter and the despicable traitor, Alger Hiss, flew to Washington with it, elatedly submitted it to our Senate, and the Senate (elected by our people to safeguard our security) signed the Charter without so much as reading it. The question is, how many of our Senators were even then traitorous stooges of the CFR? Anyway, it was thus that the people accepted the United Nations as a holy of holies, and enabled traitor Earl Warren to virtually destroy our constitution by basing all his traitorous decisions on the UN Charter, thus making that Charter virtually our law of the land.

However, for all the dirty work that had to be done to solidify the UN, the new housing of the one-world plot, they still required the aid of our leaders in Washington. So now I will emphasize the fiendish cleverness of the CFR masterminds. To the vast majority of the American people, our foreign policy for many years has been a complete enigma. Most of us simply can't understand why this great nation is seemingly floundering so helplessly in the art of diplomacy. We can't understand why our leaders are seemingly so confused and bewildered in all their dealings with Moscow, France, and other nations and with the UN. We always hear them proclaiming that in view of our overwhelming economic and military superiority we must always lead from strength. Yet, at all the summit meetings and conferences they cringe and stammer, and stutter, and so to speak come out with their tails between their hind legs. We can't understand the foreign aid to Tito an avowed enemy, to Poland an avowed enemy, to all the avowed Communists nations. We can't understand why the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars has failed to slow down, let alone stop, the march of commUNism. We are perplexed by the seeming ineptness of the state department, the defense department, the CIA, the USIA, of all our federal agencies.

Again and again and again we have been startled, shocked, bewildered, and horrified by their mistakes in Berlin, in Korea, in Laos, in Katanga, in Cuba, in Vietnam-- mistakes that always favored the enemy, never the United States. Under the law of averages, they should have made at least one or two mistakes in our favor, but they never did.

What's the answer? The answer is the CFR and the parts played by their subsidiaries and stooges in Washington. Thus we know that complete control of our foreign relation policy is the key to the success of the entire Illuminati one-world order plot. Here is the further proof:

Earlier I fully established that Schiff and his gang had financed the Lenin-Trotsky-Stalin takeover of Russia and fashioned its communist regime into becoming their chief instrument to keep the world in turmoil and to finally terrorize all of us into seeking peace in a UN one-world government. But the conspirators knew that the Moscow gang could not become such an instrument until, and unless, the whole world would accept the communist regime as the legitimate 'de jure' government of Russia.

Only one thing could accomplish that-- recognition by the United States. The conspirators figured that the whole world would follow our lead and that's and that's when the Wilson flop very nearly wrecked the entire plot. Throughout the following three Republican administrations the CFR pulled every trick in their bag to induce Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, to grant that recognition. But all three refused. As a result, in the late 1920's, the Stalin regime was in dire straits. Despite all purges and secret police controls, the Russian people were growing more and more resistive. It is a matter of record, admitted by Lipdenoff, that during 1931 and 1932, Stalin and his whole gang were always packed and ready for instant flight.

Then in November 1932, the conspirators achieved their greatest coup. They landed Franklin Roosevelt in the White House, crafty, unscrupulous, and utterly without conscience, that charlatan traitor turned the trick for them. Without even asking consent of Congress, he unlawfully proclaimed recognition for the Stalin regime. That did it. And exactly as the conspirators figured, the whole world did follow our lead. Automatically that squelched the previously growing resistance movement of the Russian people. That automatically launched the greatest menace the civilized world has ever known. The rest is too well known to need repeating.

We know how Roosevelt and his traitorous State Department kept building up the communist menace right here in our country and thus throughout the world. We know how he perpetuated that Pearl Harbor atrocity for his excuse to hurl us into World War II. We know all about his secret meetings with Stalin at Yalta. And how he, with Eisenhower's help, delivered the Balkans and Berlin to Moscow. And last, but by no means least, we know that that 20th century 'Benedict Arnold' not only dragged us into that new corridor, the United Nations, into the one-world government, but he actually schemed all the arrangements to plant it within our country. In short, the day that Roosevelt entered the White House, the CFR conspirators regained full control of our foreign relations machinery and firmly established the United Nations as the housing for the Illuminati one-world government.

I wish to stress one other very vital point. That Wilson's League of Nations flop brought Schiff and his gang to the realization that control of just the Democratic Party was not enough. True, they could create a crisis during the Republican administration as they did in 1929 with their Federal Reserve manufactured crash and depression which would bring another Democrat stooge back into the White House, but they realized that a four-year disruption in their control of our foreign relation policies could play havoc with the progress of their conspiracy. It could even break up their entire strategy as it almost did before Roosevelt saved it with his recognition of the Stalin regime.

Thereupon, after that Wilson debacle, they began to formulate plans to achieve control of both of our national parties. But that posed a problem for them. Manpower. Stooges in the Republican Party. Also added manpower for the Democratic Party, because control of just the man in the White House would not be enough. They would have to provide that man with trained stooges for his entire cabinet, men to head the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Pentagon, the CFR, the USIA, etc.

In short, every member of the various cabinets would have to be a chosen tool of the CFR, such as Rusk and McNamara, also all the under secretaries and assistant secretaries. That would give the conspirators absolute control of all our policies, both domestic and most important, foreign. That course of action would require a reserve pool of trained stooges, instantaneously ready for administrative changes and for all other exigencies.

All such stooges would of necessity have to be men of national reputation, high in the esteem of the people, but they would have to be men without honor, without scruple, without conscience-- men who would be vulnerable to blackmail. It is needless for me to stress how well the CFR succeeded. The immortal Joe McCarthy fully revealed that there are thousands of such security risks in all federal agencies.

Scott MacLeod unmasked thousands more, and you know the price Ortepta has had to pay, and is still paying, for his expositions before a Senate Committee of the traitors in the State Department. And you know that the men in the State Department, who delivered Cuba to Castro, have not only been shielded, but promoted.

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