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While several Russian media outlets have been engaging in heavy counter-psy-ops in an attempt to keep up morale and downplay the damage done by the US ZOG’s assault, and the White House has ridiculously claimed that Trump’s rash and cowardly action wiped out more than 20% of Syria’s working fleet, the REAL target is being covered up: The lone air defense system at Shayrat Airbase that targets invading ‘Israeli’ warplanes and drones. Moreover, Shayrat is also used specifically by the Syrian Arab Air Force to target the usurping Zionist entity’s proxies in Homs and also to fly sorties against the Takfiri terrorist scourge targeting the Syrian Christians just north in Hama’s Mhardeh, whom ‘Israel’ has been seeking to eliminate via its proxies for several years now. Syria’s defenders have been routinely shooting down ‘Israeli’ aircraft since last September and after the most recent incursion of the Jewish supremacist enemy this past March, which saw both a warplane and a drone being blasted out of the sky (by the SAA and Hizbullah respectively), the maniacal wingnut ‘Israeli’ Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to destroy ALL of Syria’s air defense systems. This however did not sit well with the Russian Federation, and as confirmed by both Syrian UN Ambassador Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari and Moscow, such a maneuver was not acceptable and general ‘Israeli’ violations of Syrian sovereignty for that matter were no longer going to be tolerated either.

Fear and panic began spreading across the artificial Jewish entity’s military-intelligence establishment. And to make matters worse for the ‘Israeli’ occupiers, Iraqi Islamic Resistance group Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba announced the formation of the Golan Liberation Brigade, sending shockwaves throughout “Tel Aviv”. This was the culmination of strategic Mouqawamist designs that had been in the making for over a decade, the godfather of which being none other than martyred Hizbullah Commander Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) ‘Israel’ has been assassinating Hizbullah officials (like Samir Quntar, Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine and Hatem Hamada) and Syrian military leaders (like Republican Guard Commander Alaa Tayseer Nassif) ever since the Zio-Imperialist-manufactured “revolution” was unleashed but these aggression did not stop the front in Al-Jaulan from being opened up. ‘Israeli’ media outlets, think tank wonks and Knesset members were howling, day and night, like lycans at peak transformation at the onset of a full moon that something needed to be done. But with Vladimir Putin standing with his Syrian ally and shunning Netanyahu, and the Syrian Arab Army gung-ho to shoot down invasive enemy aircraft, Zion needed to go back to basics to upset the liberationist applecart that had defiantly strolled into its Talmudic-Halakhic wheelhouse.

About two weeks prior to the chemical weapons false flag attack in Idleb’s Khan Sheikhoun on April 4th, 2017, IOF Chief of Staff, Dahiyeh Doctrine architect and scumbagel war criminal Gadi Eizenkot set the stage for this event but NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION. He reiterated that Hizbullah is the ‘Israeli’ regime’s number one enemy and then bizarrely attempted to link the usurping Zionist entity’s routine attacks on Syria to an ongoing intelligence regime set up by IOF in which it monitors–GET THIS–ongoing chemical weapons usage in Syria by “both sides” of “the conflict”–despite the fact that Syria has given up its chemical arsenal and the OPCW as well as the US State Department confirmed it. Eizenkot called it “the regular use of tactical chemical weapons in the fighting in Syria.” And then, just two days before the staged incident that triggered global outrage, ‘Israeli’ Channel 2 and Channel 10 broadcasted numerous hysterical reports, quoting “retired” IOF personnel, about Hizbullah–at Iran’s behest, with Iraq’s help and with Syrian oversight–building up a “terrorist infrastructure” so large in the Golan Heights that the Resistance could retake the whole region. How was this “imminent threat” to the Zionist serpent’s “right to exist” going to be dealt with, the generals openly and deviously wondered. Cue the international deception-maker and death squad known as Mossad, whose motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt wage war”, and its Turkish ally MIT.

Idleb, as is well-known, is occupied and controlled by Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria Jabhat al-Nusra and powerful Turkish-backed, Al-Qaeda-aligned Ahrar al-Sham. It has been shamelessly admitted in both the ‘Israeli’ press and Zionist think tanks that the usurping Jewish entity maintains an alliance with Nusra and this is reflected by the fact that the Takfiri terrorist gang has received weapons, money and logistics from Mossad as well as Aman and IOF, not to mention top-notch medical treatment in ‘Israeli’ military hospitals and routine aerial support from the ‘Israeli’ Occupation Air Force which bombs SAA positions to pave the way for Nusra’s advancement. Turkey’s relationship with Nusra along with Ahrar al-Sham is within the same vein. In other words: ‘Israel’ and Turkey run the show in Idleb. “Tel Aviv” and Ankara gave an order to their proxies to implement a chemical weapons protocol, as the latter have implemented all other destabilization conventions, including the chemical weapons false flag attack of ’13, and as it was said, then it was done.

Barely moments after the manipulated images of “gas victims” and accusations against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hit newspaper front pages and TV screens across the world, courtesy of the Jewish-Zionist mainstream media, ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister (and war criminal) Benjamin Netanyahu and ‘Israeli’ President (and war criminal) Reuven Rivlin took to Twitter to express “shock” and “outrage” and “horror”. It was all eerily reminiscent of ‘Israeli’ terrorist chieftain Ehud Barak appearing on BBC just a few minutes after the Twin Towers came down and demanding the liquidation of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Afghanistan. Further proof of the Zionist hand in this massive fraud surfaced with the presence of the ever-treacherous White Helmets. Not only are they funded by the US and UK ZOGs, they’re also bankrolled by George Soros, the billionaire “regime change” internationalist Jew and Rothschild lieutenant who donates tens of millions yearly to numerous Zionist institutions including (but not limited to) Chabad, J-Street and the United Jewish Appeal.

And the madness didn’t stop there. The aforementioned psychopath Avigdor Lieberman stated less than 24 hours after the (staged) carnage in Idleb that ‘Israel’ is “100% certain” of the Syrian government being behind the attack. Other influential ‘Israeli’ MoD stalwarts like Moshe Ya’alon and Amos Yadlin–who just several weeks earlier advocated in a YNet op-ed that ‘Israel’ should be manipulating both the US and Russia into keeping Iran out of the Golan Heights (and Syria as a whole)–also went on the record to falsely blame President Assad, spread lies that Syria had restocked its sarin gas arsenal and call for international military action to “punish the regime”. Then the American regime, as it is attached at the hip with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, followed Lieberman, Ya’alon and Yadlin’s lead and using their “intelligence”, launched some 50+ tomahawk cruise missiles at the already-discussed airbase in Homs, destroying the aforesaid Anti-Zionist air defense system and killing half a dozen Syrian soldiers, including high-ranking officers, as well as 9 civilians, among them children. Contrary to what many Trump apologists have said, Shayrat was NOT empty and the martyrs’ mutilated bodies put them to shame. And for the record, the comment about the US ZOG being attached at the hip with ‘Israel’ is not tongue-in-cheek but literal. The Zionist cancer was notified before the attack and immediately following its execution, Netanyahu used the occasion to call for further war on Syria, Iran and the DPRK.

Confirming that this act of ‘Israeli’-directed aggression was indeed ALL ABOUT THE OCCUPIED GOLAN HEIGHTS, not even 24 hours after Syria was hit, Netanyahu kept his mouth running and said in no uncertain terms that Syria’s “civil war” cannot be ended until ‘Israel’ gets the establishment of “buffer zones” on the Syrian border with occupied Palestine and Jordan–all to neutralize the Iranian, Iraqi and Hizbullahi presence in Al-Jaulan. Occupation media ramped up the hasbara too. Ben Caspit, arguably the usurping Zionist trash bucket’s most widely-read columnist and a well-known conduit for Mossad-Aman-IOF-Shin-Bet propaganda, published an absolutely bonkers story called “Following gas attack, ‘Israel’ reassesses Syrian threat”, which baselessly, dangerously and ridiculously suggests that Syria is transferring nerve gas projectiles to Hizbullah.

And just in case there was any doubt what the Syrian government thinks about this whole affair, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mouallem outright declared that the main beneficiary for the gas attack allegations is indeed the ‘Israeli’ enemy. So what REALLY happened in Khan Sheikhoun then? The Syrian Arab Air Force bombed a chlorine factory where Takfiri terrorists were producing chemical bombs and then shipping them to their brethren in Iraq via Turkey. Afterwards, the Zio-Qaeda White Helmets staged the scene and cleaned up the their dead terrorist friends to look like civilians–something they have done frequently and with extreme malice since they popped on the scene not too long ago. This is the true narrative, certified with evidence from both Syria and the Russian Ministry of Defense, unlike the fake, evidence-less narrative presented by Western ZOGs. Verily, everything else is Jewish-controlled mainstream media noise.

The icing on the cake is that the driving force in the Trump administration to bomb Syria, risk global nuclear conflict and break President Supercilious Orange’s promise to the American people to stay the hell out of anymore foreign wars is none other than his son-in-law, Zionist Jew Jared Kushner. Even among Trump’s most hardcore loyalists, Kushner has always been seen as problematic at best and a mole for World Jewry (the more accurate assessment) at worst. A “Fire Kushner” hashtag has picked up steam since the strike on Syria and Kushner’s hideous impromptu visit to Iraq, where he pranced around with American occupation commanders by day and plotted with Zionist-linked Kurdish political groups at night. Kushner, whose family is close to Netanyahu and funds every Jewish-Zionist charity under the sun, does not operate on behalf of the Oval Office, nor the people of the United States, nor in the interests of America (imperially speaking or otherwise); he works for Global Zionism. And this is the pattern now plaguing Trump. More and more for the warmongering “chosenites”. Less and less for war-weary Americans.

Even if Trump did not follow the path set in front of him by the likes of Kushner, Ya’alon, Yadlin, Lieberman, Netanyahu and various other malevolent vampires lurking around him with this particular action, he STILL has been bombing Raqqa just about everyday and murdering civilians in their dozens, not to mention obliterating vital Syrian infrastructure–just like his predecessor. And Trump’s STILL been vastly increasing heavy military support to Kurdish gangs in northern Syria as a means of moving forth with the Oded Yinon-originated balkanization agenda. Digging deeper, we have Sheldon Adelson, the ultra-Zionist globe-holder gazillionaire who Trump traded barbs with in the run-up to the election, giving the Donald a much-needed cash infusion of $25-$50 million towards the end of the campaign cycle and subsequently becoming a member of Trump’s inaugural team where even more mega-shekels were pumped into the new regime. Paul Singer, hedge fund billionaire Yahoudling and anti-Argentina “regime change” vulture-hawk, who once stood firmly against Trump (or so it appeared), poured a cool million bucks into Trump’s inauguration committee and the two are now on the same page. Even the Zionist Koch brothers are on board with Supercilious Orange now. As I quipped once before: Judaic wink-and-noddery at its finest.

As the neocons and neoliberals stomp their feet and scream for more interventionism, as Haley says removing Assad is a US priority, as monstrous oil-baron Rex Tillerson arrogantly goes to Russia and says that Moscow can either stand with Assad, whose “rule is coming to an end”, or stand with the US, and as the Mouqawamah Axis now has to delay operations to liberate the Golan Heights so WW3 isn’t provoked, the usurping Zionist bacteria is getting exactly what it wants and its toxic, criminal existence gets to carry on a little bit further. The proofs are here. The proofs are clear. Turn off Chabadnik Murdoch’s Fox News. Stay away from Zion’s Breitbart. Run and RUN FAR from Judaic disinformation hellhole InfoWars. Open up your eyes and bear witness to what’s right in front of you.

The Tangerine Terrorist bombed Syria for ‘Israel’. He’s slaughtering Iraqis for ‘Israel’. He’s sanctioning and trying to topple Venezuela for ‘Israel’. He’s also sanctioning Russia and Iran for ‘Israel’. He’s backing the KRG and the PYD/YPG for ‘Israel’. With the sign-off on Montenegro’s application, he’s expanding NATO for ‘Israel’. He’s rattling the saber at the DPRK for ‘Israel’. And he’s unconditionally backing Saudi Arabia’s genocide in Yemen for ‘Israel’. If the man didn’t start off as ZOG (he did), he damn sure is ZOG now (for sure). To use a typical quote from Supercilious Orange himself, “It’s bad. Very bad. It’s so bad, I just can’t even tell you how bad it is.” And it’s getting worse by the minute. Just like the Bush and Obama regimes were fought and exposed, it’s now time to do the same with the Trump regime. Save the excuses. Nothing less than mankind’s very future hinges upon such resistance.


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