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NEWS DIGEST: Saudi War Crimes on Yemenis mount

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"O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly, the most honoured of you in God’s sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing, All- aware  [49:13


“And those who harm believing men and women undeservedly, bear on themselves the crime of slander and plain sin.” (Al-Ahzab: 58)


"There is no greater disservice and there is no greater abandonment of your religion than servicing the enemies of your religion!"

============================================================ some excellent articles [Arabic] kevin-barrett-show                                                

always keep in mind Israel's ODED YINON Plan for the whole of the Middle East

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Translated and edited by Israel Shahak

To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.



Mass Exodus: Almost 100,000 Displaced In West Mosul In 19 Days

Almost 100,000 people have been displaced from the Western part of the Iraqi city of Mosul in the last 19 days, over which the fighting has intensified, according to the UN refugee agency.


Heartbreaking photos: Iraqi children killed by air strikes as battle against Isis in Mosul intensifies: 
Families trudge through rain and mud as they flee, many desperately hungry and traumatised by living under Isis rule.


Video: Iraq 360°: Qaraqosh Turned Into Ghost Town After Military Ops Against ISIS

The destruction of Qaraqosh near Mosul (also known as Bakhdida or Al-Hamdaniya), caused by the ongoing fighting against the self-proclaimed Islamic State.


Airstrike Hits Refugee Boat In Saudi-Controlled Waters Near Yemen, Killing 31: 
The boat was carrying registered refugees from Somali who were travelling from Yemen to Sudan. At least 80 survivors were taken to hospital.





Aid Worker Decries U.S.-Backed “Relentless War” In Yemen Causing Widespread Threat Of Starvation

The United Nations has warned that the world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War.


Saudi war crimes mount, Alkhalifa wage all-out war on Bahrainis


Saudi General: Trump Promises Increased Support Against Iran

Saudi Brig. Gen. Ahmed al-Asiri today told a group of US reporters that the Trump Administration has made promises to “significantly” increase US intelligence and military support for the kingdom against Iran, with a particular eye of fighting against the “Iran-backed” Shi’ites in Yemen.

Asiri presented the move as a necessary US commitment to “restore” US-Saudi ties after Saudi resentment that built up during President Obama’s time in office. Though he did not elaborate, Saudi Arabia’s main source of anger at Obama was going along with the nuclear deal with Iran.

Saudi Arabia has long presented its invasion of Yemen as being about the Shi’ites there being an “Iranian proxy,” though evidence suggests no real Iranian support for the Houthi movement before the invasion, and very limited support, mostly to spite the Saudis, afterwards.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A reminder to President Trump,

Iran has not started a war of aggression in over 300 years.

The IAEA says that Iran has been complying will all facets of the P5+1 Agreement.

If the US and Saudi Arabia start a war against Iran, Russia will definitely come to its defense militarily.

And right now, the US military does not have the troop strength; the money; the weaponry; or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia.

And finally, Mr. President, I would like to politely point out to you that it is not Iran which is slaughtering children, women, and non-combatants in Yemen, or starving them to death; it is your good pal, Saudi Arabia, in whose war crimes in Yemen you have decided that the US government will continue to be complicit.


The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran

The British-US plan to weaken Iran via the proxy war on Syria has spectacularly backfired. Now they are more desperate than ever to bring Iran to its knees.


The Five Blinding Myths About Iran

President Trump lines up with the Washington Establishment on at least one point: that Iran is the chief source of terrorism. The only problem is it’s not true, just one of the “Iran myths,” Ted Snider explains.


Iran's 'exemplary' refugee resettlement efforts praised by UN

Iran has sheltered approximately three million Afghans for almost four decades, a success story international officials say is ‘not told enough’


I seriously suspect that this is all part of Israel’s plan to set off a clash of civilisation between the JUDEO Christian Europe/West and Islam. Crypto DONMEH JEW ERDOGAN, the Lunatic is being used as Israel’s proxy to stir up even more hatred against Muslims, even if they are Turks, not Arabs, as well as incite further violence. THIS IS ISRAEL at play here and Erdogan is acting out his Zionist role. His arrogance and hunger for more power is indicative of the psychopathy he shares with his Israeli Tribesmen. Turkey does not have the right to demand electioneering outside its own country. It is up to the Turkish  Ex Pats to keep up with the election process of Turkey if they want to cast their vote. At the same time, the Dutch are showing their characteristic venomous  and vitriolic RACISM against Turks because of their religion. Of course the Kurds will get some sympathy form the Dutch due to their long time collaboration with Israel. Irony here is that both Erdogan and the KURDS are working for Israel.

Erdogan Urges Turks in EU to Have More Children to Become 'Future of Europe'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Turkish nationals living in European countries to have five children, to enrol children in better schools, to open businesses in order to become "the future of Europe."


Turkey brands Germany ‘HYPOCRITES’ for allowing huge anti-Erdogan PROTEST in Frankfurt

THE Turkish government has accused Germany of hypocrisy after it allowed tens of thousands of Turkish Kurds to hold a protest in Frankfurt against Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s presidency.


IS this WHAT ISRAEL and ZIONISTS actually wanted to happen knowing about Erdogan’s volatility and political ambitions. The Despot versus the racists

Turkish Foreign Minister: Religious War In Europe's Future

I can’t help but wonder – is this a forecast, or a threat?




Erdogan and EU Go Off Rails - a Plague on Both Their Houses
By Finian Cunningham

"SCF" - The extraordinary war of words erupting between Turkey and the European Union is pushing already strained relations to breaking point. Ankara has banned all Dutch diplomats from its territory after the Netherlands banished Turkish ministers from holding political rallies, while deploying heavy-handed policing to break up the rallies.

Now with the rest of the EU expressing solidarity with the Netherlands and Ankara threatening more sanctions, or even walking away from a controversial refugee-holding deal with the bloc, the political schism seems set to become an irreparable chasm. For sure, the long-delayed talks over Turkey’s accession to the EU bloc can be said to be finished. Forever……………………’


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