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NEWS DIGEST: News blackout prevents Americans from knowing what is happening in Yemen

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NEWS DIGEST: News blackout prevents Americans from knowing what is happening in Yemen

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"Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing,"  Walid Moualim


'News blackout prevents Americans from knowing what is happening in Yemen'

Barack Obama was betting that whatever the Saudis did in Yemen would not backfire inside of the US, Said Sadek, political sociologist, told RT.


US personnel assisting the Saudi-led coalition in coordinating air strikes in Yemen have largely pulled out from Riyadh in an apparent effort to distance themselves from the mounting civilian death toll in the 17-month long conflict, Reuters has learned.

In addition to withdrawing air support personnel, Lieutenant Ian McConnaughey, a US Navy spokesman in Bahrain told Reuters that the Pentagon also “sharply reduced” its “Joint Combined Planning Cell” (JCPC) staff to under five people.


As Kerry Plans To Visit Saudi Arabia, Activists & NGOs Demand U.S. Stop Funding War Crimes In Yemen- VIDEO

Secretary of State John Kerry is heading to Saudi Arabia as the Obama administration is facing increasing pressure for its support of the Saudi-led war in Yemen.


The whole reason for being in Afghanistan is based on a HUGE LIE- the Taliban , like Al Qaeda were created by the West and their Saudi Wahabi Ally.. The Occupation of  the country is for STRATEGIC purposes and for Afghan’s RICH RESOURCES as well as the huge profits made from OPIUM which has increased under US CIA Watch.


Hypocritical of the NYT when no rebuke or criticism made of US support for ISRAELI Crimes against Palestinians, especially in Gaza but because the Jews want the Saudis to be their Fall guys [for 9/11 and their Mossad Terrorist Operatives- DAESH/ISIS etc], they are happy to rain down on the Saudis crimes in Yemen which ironically are carried out by Western Pilots form USA/UK/France, and ISRAEL but of course not a word about that. It is all about supplying the weaponry which financially the USSRAEL/UK/French Military benefit from.

Israel controls the USA and the so both, along with  the UK and France, should be taken to an INDEPENDENT WORLD Criminal Court for all their WAR CRIMES against Humanity.


Samuel Oakford just penned a powerful and important Op-Ed in the New York Times titled, Saudi Arabia Kills Civilians, the U.S. Looks the Other Way.

In the span of four days earlier this month, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen bombed a Doctors Without Borders-supported hospital, killing 19 people; a school, where 10 children, some as young as 8, died; and a vital bridge over which United Nations food supplies traveled, punishing millions.

In a war that has seen reports of human rights violations committed by every side, these three attacks stand out. But the Obama administration says these strikes, like previous ones that killed thousands of civilians since last March, will have no effect on the American support that is crucial for Saudi Arabia’s air war.

Webmaster's Commentary: I never thought, when I was much younger, that the United States of America would be both directly responsible, and complicit, in the committing of war crimes; yet here we are, enabling Saudi Arabia in the bombing of hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and the killings of innocent civilians.

And why?!? First, Because the US-sponsored Al-Hadi was thrown out of power by the Houthi rebels, and no US-sponsored thug should ever have that happen to them without grave repercussions (let's say, militarily enhanced slaughter, courtesy of the Saudi Military?!?)

The second reason has to do with geography, and potential revolution in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis figure if they can undo the Houthi revolution in Yemen, such revolution might not come to Saudi Arabia. But the Saudis need to remember a caveat, stated by the late President John Kennedy: "When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable."

Map of Yemen

At this point in this miserable war, President Obama should, legitimately, be gifted with banner in the Oval Office which reads:

"The United States of America: a proud partner in war crimes!"

With his enabling of Saudi Arabia against yemen, he has definitely earned this

I agree, I think all righteous Muslims must BOYCOTT House of Saud and not go on their pilgrimage which this ugly Tribe profits from at the expense of dead Muslims within Makkah/Medina and in Arab countries where the Wahabis are assisting Israel/West in Holocausting Arabs/Muslims. I am sure Allah swt would forgive Muslims for not performing hajj at this time- after all did not our Prophet leave Makkah until such time it was right for him to come back. The JEWISH  Tribal Cult- House of SAUD are deliberately DESTROYING Islamic History and heritage here and in Iraq and Syria. They FORFEITED the right of being the Custodians on the day they sold their souls to Israel and the West. This writer however is VERY WRONG in referring to this Tribal Cult as being ‘Muslims’- they are no Islamo Fascists- they are Judeo Zionist Fascists posing as Muslims, hijacking our religion and misappropriating the wealth of Arabia for their own interests/greed

I am a Muslim - but I will not go to Mecca and support a despotic Saudi state

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a cruel, corrupt, tyrannical, filthy-rich and ungodly clan.

They have even bulldozed precious historical and religious sites. I hope God will forgive me for my small rebellion against this evil empire. Many other Muslims are similarly revolted by the Saudi regime.


US-Backed Militias Tortured and Killed Hundreds in Iraq:
Shiite militias in Iraq have tortured and killed thousands of Sunni men and boys from Fallujah since the city was liberated from the Islamic State group in June, a Reuters investigation revealed Tuesday.


Iraq used torture to extract confessions from convicts, Amnesty says:
Amnesty International on Monday condemned the hanging in Iraq of 36 men convicted of a mass killing of soldiers, saying some of their confessions were extorted under threats and torture. 


Egypt: Three-year-old on trial for reckless driving, resisting arrest and robbery

Ziad Qanawi - who appeared in court on the arm of his lawyer - still has 14

Shenawy claims that his young client has been cleared of three cases but still has 14 outstanding, all on the same charges. The flamboyant lawyer, who appears on


In absurd scenes, he has gone from one court to the next throughout Cairo and its outskirts convincing judges that Qanawi did not commit the alleged crimes. His next court appearance is scheduled for late  September

high-ranking security official involved with the government-run quarry administration, according to Shenawy, has been issuing warrants that have been presented to the prosecution because of a dispute with Qanawi's father, a construction contractor. The officer, who has judicial arrest powers – an arcane part of a 1978 Egyptian law – alleges that the toddler Ziad stole building materials from construction sites around Cairo.

"You've destroyed his future, while the pacifier is still in his mouth".

Hassan Qanawi, his father, only found out about the charges when his son was placed on a no fly list for outstanding convictions and they were barred to travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj in July. Shenawy finds this ludicrous and a gross insult to his profession, but the case is one of the latest blunders from a highly-politicised judiciary.

"This is a tragi-comic farce situation and it keeps on getting more absurd by the day," he said........................................’

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi maintains that the judiciary is politically independent. However insulting the once reputable institution can land people in prison, as it is considered a crime.................

"You can't just oppress people like this with unchecked power," Shenawy said.


The New Turkey-Russia Alliance: A Turning Point in the Global Power Structure, Turkey’s NATO Exit:


Here’s How to Stop Turkey’s Anti-American Turn | Foreign Policy


The war on terror is another RUSE that gives the Americans/West an excuse to keep their Military presence and continue their infamous OCCUPATION of  Afghanistan – they get their Taliban GOONS to carry out ‘terrorist attacks’ that allow America/NATO to stay there and increase their troops


USSRAEL has successfully installed its selected WAR Lords as their  Puppet Leaders who are ALL CORRUPT to the core, having sold their country to the Devil. The Rothschilds benefit from this war as they have done other wars and also from the Opium DRUG TRADE but the World’s Sheeple continues to be lied as everyday Afghans lose their lives to Western deception

US to Send More Troops to South Afghanistan to Resist Taliban Gains

With gains in the Helmand Province mounting for Taliban forces, and the Afghan military struggling to defend both that and the other provinces around the country which the Taliban are advancing into, the Pentagon has announced an additional deployment of US ground troops into the Helmand capital of Lashkar Gah.

Officials are trying to present the deployment as primarily a “training” operation, in keeping with a policy of claiming that everything they do is “non-combat,” but the reality is that there are very limited Afghan forces in Lashkar Gah, and a deployment of around 100 troops by the US is almost certain to mean direct combat roles.

Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland insisted US forces were committed to not allow the loss of Lashkar Gah, and clearly they can’t do this with a little idle encouragement to Afghan forces who are increasingly out-numbered and have been beaten by the Taliban time and again in the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland -one of the classic definitions of insanity is doing the same thing in precisely the same way, over and over, yet expecting a different outcome.

How long have the US and NATO been in Afghanistan?!?

15 years.

How much has been spent by the US government on this war?!?

There are no real figures on this, but most probably into the billions, if not trillions of dollars.

Is there any military metric by which the US and NATO can claim "victory" in this war?!?


So, let me get this straight; the US military and NATO have been in Afghanistan for 15 years, spending billions, if not trillions, of dollars on a war that the US and NATO have not been able to win?

What's wrong with this picture?!?


And I have a modest proposal to float by President Obama; please send our troops,and NATO troops home as quickly as is safe for them, and I would remind our President that Afghanistan isn't called "the graveyard of empires" for no reason.

Let's cut our losses now, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul for the pipeline routes, the minerals (and the heroin, which is flowing like water, ever since the US/NATO occupation happened).

Of course, this solution is logical, but I think, at this point, the US government needs to start embracing logic, rather than the "magical thinking" which has governed the US foreign policy in Afghanistan for all these 15 years.

MORE ISRAELI TRAINED AND ARMED TERRORISTS causing death and violence, inciting fear and religious/Tribal  divisions on behalf of their Jewish Handlers. Mind controlled  SUBJECTS turned into unwitting SUICIDE bombers

AL Shabaab = ISRAEL’s Terrorists

Al Shabaab suicide bombers kill 20 people in Somalia:
More than 20 people were killed on Sunday when suicide bombers from the militant al Shabaab group detonated two car bombs at a local government headquarters in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region, witnesses and officials said.


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