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NEWS DIGEST: Al Aqsa no longer yours says Israel;US-UN Turn Blind Eye To Israeli War Crimes

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Maisoon  ميسون                


Israel Tells Palestinians: “Al-Aqsa Is No Longer Yours”

Palestinian leaders have denounced new construction projects they say will further tighten Israel’s grip on occupied East Jerusalem and its holy places, including the incendiary site of Al-Aqsa mosque.


On 50th Anniversary Of Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Opinions Largely Ignored

This week marks the 50th anniversary of what’s called in Israel and the United States the Six-Day War, and an-Naksah (“The Setback”) in Palestine—a conflict that lasted from June 4 to June 10, 1967, and marked the beginning of a decades-long occupation of Gaza and the West Bank by the Israeli military. In their respective opinion pieces analyzing the conflict and its subsequent effect on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, major US media have favored Israeli and pro-Israel American voices at the expense of Palestinians by a wide margin.

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NEWS DIGEST: Palestinians to Sue Israel for War Crimes

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Maisoon  ميسون
Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is a message, just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out & resonate in every word & every deed. Yes, become who you are. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse"  -   Leonard Peletier

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Sisi-Blair: ‘A match made in Hell’

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Tony Blair’s job would include advising the US-backed military regime in Cairo how to spend $20 billion aid from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait in developing the pro-Israel so-called “Sunni Block” to fight the country’s popular Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood and punish Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas for having links with Iran and Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah.

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Ukraine's Anti Russian Stance Is a Zionist Masterplan - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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Check out this link for more lectures, interviews and works by Sheikh Imran Hosein on this site.

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