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NEWS DIGEST: Trump Edges for War in N. Korea and Destabilizes Venezuela

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Hundreds protest G7’s Syria policy in Italy

G7 Rejects Boris Johnson’s Call For More Anti-Russian Sanctions Over Syria

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s mission to introduce fresh sanctions against Russia over Syria looks dead in the water after the G7 group of nations blocked the idea.

EU urges diplomacy in Syria as ex-weapons inspector says US acted without proof: 
EU politicians and a former weapons chief have urged for an investigation into a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria following a US missile strike.

 The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen


Episode #179: ‘War and Peace’ with guests F. William Engdahl...

. William Engdahl, to discuss his recent article about the new US-Israeli oil wars in the Golan Heights in Syria and how this is connected to the West’s hidden agenda to create “Safe Zones” in Syria.


British plans to overthrow the Syrian government, 1956-7
'Governments [in Syria] are unstable; the army is deeply engaged in politics and increasingly under the influence of the extreme left; and there is much communist penetration."


Nigel Farage on why we shouldn't go to war with Syria

UK: Jeremy Corbyn warns of Syrian 'proxy war' : 
Jeremy Corbyn has savaged Boris Johnson's strategy for reviving political negotiations to end the conflict in Syria, as he accused the Foreign Secretary of "encouraging further bombing". 
Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam:

Britain's contribution to the rise of the terrorist threat goes well beyond the impacts its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have had on some individuals

UK Pressing G7 Nations To Impose Tough New Sanctions On Russia

The UK is in talks with international partners to collectively impose new sanctions on Russia if it does not withdraw support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a government spokesman said.


Bank Of England Implicated In Interest Rate-Rigging Scandal, New Recording Shows

The Bank of England (BoE) has been implicated in the Libor rigging scandal, according to a BBC Panorama investigation.

The London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) is the interest rate at which banks lend between each other. It consequently sets the benchmark for average clients’ loans and mortgages.


From Dick

Akemy Ben Mandy writes:

The UK is the most corrupt country on earth, using Gibraltar, Jersey and other territories to funnel dirty cash.

That’s the view of anti-mafia journalist Roberto Saviano who claims the financial services industry in London facilitates worldwide criminal capitalism.


The UK Is The Most Corrupt Country In The World, Says Award Winning Investigative Journalist

Transparency groups have shown this with irrefutable data. The UK is already the most, without doubt, the most corrupt country in the world, not in terms of politics or police, but in terms of money laundering’‘ Saviano told Euronews.

He added, ‘‘What do I mean by corruption? I mean that there is no control of the flow of money – not necessarily into London, but into Gibraltar, Malta and Jersey – these are all the doors through which Great Britain brings money in without any control. Panama used to be the money laundering capital – now it’s London. Panama got its revenge with the Panama Papers.
Panama Papers are clearly a revenge. They released the names to get revenge from a competitor: London.”


European Lawmakers Say Independent Scotland Can Join EU

A group of 50 European lawmakers have signed a letter to express their support for Scotland joining the European Union if the Scottish people vote for independence from the UK, in the wake of Britain’s exit from the bloc.

Ukraine’s Joan of Arc: ‘Jewish yoke must be fought against’


GOOD OLD AUSSI,  having Israel’s blessings to provide ZIONIST HINDU INDIA with Uranium for its Nuclear build up to counter Muslim Pakistan. India is an ISRAELI Asian Military COLONY where the Military and the Police are TRAINED by ISRAEL. India shares ISRAEL’s HATRED for ISLAM

'Australia ready to supply uranium to India'

Ex-MI6 Chief Fears Trump Will Launch Catastrophic War On North Korea

US President Donald Trump could lead the world into a catastrophic war with North Korea because of his inexperience and temperament, former British spy boss Sir John Sawers has warned.


Ex-MI6 Chief Fears Trump Will Launch Catastrophic War On North Korea

US President Donald Trump could lead the world into a catastrophic war with North Korea because of his inexperience and temperament, former British spy boss Sir John Sawers has warned.


Trump orders his generals 'give me options for taking out Kim's nukes' and tells military to prepare to 'remove North Korean threat'

President Trump has asked advisers to be ready with a list of 'options' to put an end to North Korea's nuclear threat.

Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster said on Sunday that the Commander in Chief has put his security team on notice as a U.S. carrier strike group heads for the region.

He did not say what options Trump will be presented with, though many believe pre-emptive strikes will be among them.


North Korea readies for war? Kim Jong-un orders evacuation of Pyongyang

Reportedly, Pyongyang's bomb shelters will not be able to accommodate the entire population of the North Korean capital. Therefore, 600,000 people - mostly individuals with criminal records - will have to leave Pyongyang to let others use bomb shelters.

It was also said that one modified Ohio type rocket carrier carrying 154 Tomahawk type missiles on board joined the US Navy deployed near the coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missile carrier is expected to arrive at the port of registration on April 18.


And why does not shitty America GIVE UP ITS NUKES, after all, it has used atomic bombs and other Vile inhuman WMDS on Nations with impunity

I hope N. Korea keeps it Nukes though I am against Nuclear weapons

America is just lie its Handler Israel, a callous arrogant Hypocrite

Before attacking North Korea, please try everything else

The US has spent the past 25 years trying to concoct a formula that will get North Korea to relinquish its nuclear weapons program, while hoping China would help bring Pyongyang to heel.

With Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent statement that years of negotiations with North Korea have failed, it seems an American military response is no longer unthinkable — and in some quarters is seen as inevitable.


And then what, will these same Seals if they do kill him, will they suffer the same fate as the other Seals who allegedly killed the FAKE Osama bin Laden. [OBL]The man they killed LOOKED NOTHING like OBL

Navy SEAL team responsible for killing [someone who looked sort of like] Osama bin Laden 'is training alongside troops in South Korea preparing to "incapacitate" Kim Jong-un

A US Navy unit which killed Osama Bin Laden will be taking part in drills simulating rem


Report: Seal Team 6 is training to take out North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

The U.S. Navy Seal team that reportedly killed Osama bin Laden is now training to take out North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un, according to a report that quotes South Korean media claims.


The US Navy Group Deployed near the Korean coast could include at least one Ohio-type submarine with 154 Tomahawk missiles.

The Ohio nuclear submarine joined the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group on April 9 in the waters off the Korean Peninsula, Russian source Lenta told a Russian security source familiar with the situation.

"We have our own data on the movements of US forces and submarine forces between them. At least one submersible is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean in an area that allows the launching of missiles against targets in the territory of Korea Of the North, "said the portal's interlocutor.


Israeli scum media

US intel chiefs said to tell Trump he might consider killing Kim Jong-un; 
In grappling with N. Korea, National Security Council also reportedly weighs deploying nuclear weapons in S. Korea, or sabotaging nuclear infrastructure 
Tillerson: Syria strike a message to others, including North Korea;
'If you violate international norms, if you violate international agreements, if you fail to live up to commitments, if you become a threat to others, at some point a response is likely to be undertaken.' 
North Korea says Syria airstrikes prove its nukes justified; 
The North called the airstrikes "absolutely unpardonable" and said they prove its nuclear weapons are justified to protect the country against Washington's "evermore reckless moves for a war."


North Korea Condemns America's "Unforgivable Acts Of Aggression"

In an ironic twist given that many consider Trump's actions a symbolic show of strength to China's Xi, Reuters reports that North Korea said on Saturday U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian airfield on Friday were "an unforgivable act of aggression" that showed its decision to develop nuclear weapons was "the right choice a million times over."

Webmaster's Commentary: For all those who said that the US strike in Syria would send the "right message" to North Korea: WRONG!!!! 


Stupid Japan just does what America tells her to do

Australia Beckons A War With China
By John Pilger

Australia is sleep-walking into a confrontation with China. Wars can happen suddenly in an atmosphere of mistrust and provocation,

especially if a minor power, like Australia, abandons its independence for an "alliance" with an unstable superpower.

The United States is at a critical moment. Having exported its all-powerful manufacturing base, run down its industry and reduced millions of its once-hopeful people to poverty, principal American power today is brute force. When Donald Trump launched his missile attack on Syria - following his bombing of a mosque and a school - he was having dinner in Florida with the President of China, Xi Jinping.

Trump's attack on Syria had little to do with chemical weapons. It was, above all, to show his detractors and doubters in Washington's war-making institutions - the Pentagon, the CIA, the Congress - how tough he was and prepared to risk a war with Russia. He had spilled blood in Syria, a Russian protectorate; he was surely now on the team. The attack was also meant to say directly to President Xi, his dinner guest: this is how we deal with those who challenge the top dog.

China has long received this message. In its rise as the world's biggest trader and manufacturer, China has been encircled by 400 US military bases - a provocation described by a former Pentagon strategist as "a perfect noose".

This is not Trump's doing. In 2011, President Barack Obama flew to Australia to declare, in an address to parliament, what became known as the "pivot to Asia": the biggest build-up of US air and naval forces in the Asia Pacific region since the Second World War. The target was China. America had a new and entirely unnecessary enemy. Today, low-draft US warships, missiles, bombers, drones operate on China's doorstep……………………………….’


As usual the JEWS stirring up trouble in Latin America and wishing to install their Jews into power- this guy allegedly raised a ‘Catholic’  [you know like  those Christian Jews-John Kerry, Sarkosy and Albright!!]

but is of Asheknazi Jewish roots- no coincidence just like the Jew they installed in Argentina and Brazil. Bes assured he IS A JEW

His maternal grandparents were Ashkenazi Jews who immigrated from Russia and Poland following World War II[5]Capriles’s paternal grandfather, Armando Capriles-Myerston, was a Sephardi Jew.[5] ]

Venezuela Opposition Continues 'Illegal,' Violent Protests; 
Right-wing opposition supporters took to the streets of Caracas and other cities in Venezuela on Saturday in ongoing violent protests against the government


 CIA HIRED MOBS as they did in Syria

Venezuelans called to flood streets in anti-Maduro protest


Exaggerated Dangers in Venezuela
By Luis Beaton

Exaggerating the dangers, to justify a foreign intervention that will allegedly save the country''s stability. -


Bolivia's Evo Morales Blames OAS' Luis Almagro for Violence in Venezuela: 
 Bolivian President Evo Morales blasted the head of the Organization of American States once again on Wednesday, accusing Luis Almagro of inciting violence and promoting intervention in Venezuela


Reading Solzhenitsyn 1974 & Lindbergh 1948 — faultless advice to the West we failed to heed-each give the same bitterly accurate prediction- video

Lacking the courage to oppose our morality against this soulless system, these very good and very wise men told us what would happen.
Aleksander Solzhenitsyn - A World Split Apart. (1974)

Charles A Lindbergh Jr. - Of Life and Flight (1948) (excerpted)

The whole of the official US & UK Foreign Policy narrative is a complete fabrication and lie. The politicians and the media have to tell major lies to keep the False Narrative going

You shouldn't take anything any politician says at face value. You should research what the actual evidence is.

ALL Western Establishment politicians have an unbridled track record of brazenly and outrageously lying, particularly over the last 25 years. See Iraq 2003 for an excellent example.



Mandatory Brainwashing / The Anne Frank Museum

The song that doesn't end takes us to The Netherlands -- the Anne Frank House Museum to be precise -- for a pitiful tale of the mental abuse of teenagers. No, not that of teenage diarist Anne Frank TM, who died of typhus years before her crooked money-grubbing father made his fortune forging much of her diaries (here). But rather, the mind-rape of hundreds of thousands of High School students from all across the western world who are forced to make pilgrimage to this museum of mendacity for a good dose of Bolshevik brainwashing.


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