NEWS DIGEST: Turkey Arrests Journalists Who Exposed Erdogan's Weapons Smuggling to ISIS

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WHY? Turkey Openly Refuses to Fight ISIL; Quits US Military Coalition?
By Joe Contrarian

Hard to say but Erdogan opened a Pandora box he can never lock again even if he wanted and Turkish people regrettably will pay for it soon unless they remove this jihadist hidden in Armani suit from power, especially since Erdogan was no favorite of Washington neocons in the first place and just two years ago, himself was a target of US illegal removal as deficient courtier of insane neocons’ rule.

Beautiful Imperial dreams of Sultan of Ankara are turning into horrible nightmare. and drugs he is on won’t help either except for facilitating his psychotic rants and persecuting and arresting those Turkish journalists or politicians who see him naked in a feat of desperation and total isolation from East and the West.--------------------------‘–


Did Washington Just Tell Erdogan to 'Man Up'?
By Finian Cunningham

Erdogan, for all his tough talk, is really nothing more than a pathetic, sniveling little message boy for his boss in Washington. -

Obama names Turkey's Erdogan among top five international friends:

US president Barack Obama has listed Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan among the five world leaders who he has the closest personal ties with.


Again I strongly dispute the fact that ERDOGAN and his midget sidekick Davituglu are Muslims, believing them to be secret Jews aligned with Israel and the House of Yahoud/Saud. The rest of the article I found as typical French RACISM, spreading fear etc. The West should know all about Islamic Fundamentalism/Jihad/Caliphate as they gave birth to them in this modern era. It is a WESTERN  JUDEO ZIONIST ‘Caliphate, Jihad, Fundamentalism, just like their creations Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS/IL/IS Boko Haram etc……

NONE are truly Islamic in concept, faith, practice; NONE encompass the true righteous Belief systems/principles of Islam as taught to us by  Almighty God and His Prophet. There is nothing wrong with the fundamentals of any religion as long as it is not taken to Extremes or distorted or demonically abused which is what has happened to the Judeo Christian West’s version/creation of Islam- it is not  just the French who need to understand that ISIL is simply a tool in the grand scheme of geopolitics.- WESTERN GEOPOITICS which includes the Hypocrite-Colonialist France

So I really don’t think HYPOCRITE FRANCE is in any position to talk about the Middle East in this way with its infamous Colonialist history, having HOLOCAUSTED so many Arabs and Africans in its violent history, just like the British [and Spain] and today’s America/Israel.

The only thing I agree with is that arrogant Erdogan sees himself as some kind of Ottoman Sultan which he is not with his fancy expensive Palace and his tyrannical rule over The People of Turkey, passing all kinds of Bills/proclamations to increase his dominant rule. He is a Zionist Dictator in ‘Islamic’ Clothing.

Forget ISIL, Turkey is Now The New Islamic Caliphate Says French Journalist

Turkey refuses to hand materials on attack on Su-24M over to Russia

As a result of concentrated Russian airstrikes against militants, the Syrian governmental troops acquired full control over the mountainous areas in the northern part of the Latakia province. This completely blocked the cross-border deliveries of armaments, ammunition and materiel to the terrorists in this area. Moreover, the Russian aviation controls all main routes, which had been used for supplying the ISIS terrorist groups with weapons, ammunition and materiel in other regions in the north of Syria. Yesterday the Russian military attaché in Turkey visited the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces to receive recordings of the alleged radio talks between the crew of the Turkish F-16 fighter and the pilots of the Russian Su-24 bomber on November 23. The Russian military representative was informed that there was no possibility to hand over the materials concerning the attack of the Turkish F-16 fighter on the Russian aircraft on November 23.


No, Turkey is just good enough to be Israel’s and NATO’s Military Proxy so that only Turkey can get blamed for everything whist Israel/NATO/US can hide in  the shadows
German MP to Ankara: Exit NATO and Forget About EU MembershipGerman MP to Ankara: Exit NATO and Forget About EU Membership

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What bloody Hypocrisy and deceit from these fools- just who are they trying to kid here!! Israel and the USA ORDERED the downing of the Russian plane. Davitoglu receives his orders from his Bilderberger Masters as does Erdogan. This General is being utterly disingenuous here, knowing full well that his own country/Government gives Turkey its orders- see how it all works- they get the stupid ‘Muslims’ to do their dirty work, and then they USE them as their convenient Scapegoats!

Turkey must be removed from NATO: US Army general

Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane over Syria has proven that the country is a liability to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and must be “ousted” from the Western military alliance, says a retired US Army General.

The former US Army commander further described Turkey as an internal threat to NATO, who “will only cooperate when they have to and they will get as much out of NATO as they can” in terms of weapons and tactics.

Vallely said Turkey is poised to take more provocative measures in near future.

Turkey Arrests Journalists Who Exposed Erdogan's Weapons Smuggling To Extremist Syrian Rebels

Banana Republic 101: when the despotic president of a corrupt regime is faced with facts exposing his illegal activity, what does he do? He arrests and journalists who discovered said facts, and demands they spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Welcome to Turkey.

Disgusting- EXPLOITING THE DEATH OF A BABY which is exactly what the father of this Kurdish boy has done as he was INVOLVED in the HumanTrafiicking as are many KURDS whoa re PART of ISIS/IL and not actually fighting against them but with them  against Syria and Iraq [with a few exceptions within Kurdish Tribes who have stayed loyal to Assad]

Family of drowned Kurdish toddler to be admitted to Canada:

Some surviving relatives of drowned Kurdish toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose beached corpse became a global symbol of the Syrian refugee crisis, will be admitted to Canada, broadcaster CBC reported on Friday.

 Hundreds protest jailing of 2 journalists in Turkey:

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Istanbul office of an opposition newspaper Friday, accusing the government of silencing critics and attempting to cover-up a scandal after two journalists were jailed on terror and espionage charges for their reports on alleged Turkish arms smuggling to Syria.



A prominent lawyer and human rights defender, who faced a criminal charge for supporting Kurdish rebels, was killed Saturday in an attack in southeast Turkey in which a police officer also died, officials said.

Tahir Elci was shot while he and other lawyers were making a press statement. Two policemen and a journalist were also injured.

[undoubtedly an assassination ordered by Erdogan’s Government]


Arrest of Turkish journalists over Syria trucks news sparks outrage

Looks like the Turkish people have had it with Erdogan. Coup or Civil war ahead...... or worse.

Domestic and international press institutions and political figures have condemned the Nov. 26 arrest of daily Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief Can Dündar and Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gül for their news report on Syria-bound intelligence trucks.

Turkey’s left-wing opposition has strongly condemned the arrest of two prominent journalists on charges of assisting terrorists, with the leaders of both the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) arguing the “unlawful” decision was personally imposed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Turkey has 60-70 confirmed nuclear warheads! - List of states with nuclear weapons.


One of Turkish president Recep Erdogan's key contentions in the ongoing diplomatic spat with Russia is that everything that Russia has accused Turkey of doing, from funding the Islamic State's oil purchases, to providing weapons for Syrian "rebels" intent on eradicating the Assad regime, is unfounded slander without a shred of evidence.

Here is the problem: evidence does exist, as we showed two days ago, when we presented the role Erdogan's son Bilal has played in ISIS oil transit, and not only that but also proof that Turkey has been smuggling weapons to Syria as the editor and a reporter from Turkey's Cumhuriyet newspaper showed some time ago.

And in order to eradicate the evidence against him, yesterday Erdogan did what every dictator does when feeling threatened: he had the editor and his reported detained, jailed and accused of espionage precisely over the controversial story about an alleged arms shipment from Turkish intelligence to Syrian rebels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Recep Edrogan: punishing the messengers is absolutely , completely uncool, sir; in the immortal words of my late grandmother: "The horse is already out of the barn!"

Now, what you have to deal with are the consequences, both domestically, and internationally, of the truth coming out, which are going to be deeply embarrassing.

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