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NEWS DIGEST: ISIS - Obama's False Pretext For War With Syria!

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NEWS DIGEST: ISIS - Obama's False Pretext For War With Syria!

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Maisoon  ميسون



The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human" - Aldous Huxley                                                                       



More Syrians have died in 3 years of war than Americans in every war since WW2: A rigorous new study by the United Nations Office of Human Rights has confirmed 191,369 deaths from the Syrian civil war since it began in 2011


A rigorous new study by the United Nations Office of Human Rights has confirmed 191,369 deaths from the Syrian civil war since it began in 2011, of which about 100,000 have been killed in the last 14 months alone.


It's a staggering number, even for those who have been following the war closely. It's more shocking still for the fact that it surely undercounts the actual toll — these are just the 191,369 confirmed deaths out of the 318,910 reported, and surely many went unreported. And this does not even attempt to count indirect causes such as starvation and lack of medical care, both of which the Assad regime has deliberately used against civilians.


It can be difficult to comprehend the scale of even those 191,369 lives wiped out, in such a small area over such a short period, especially for those of us trying to wrap our minds around it from thousands of miles away. Here, then, to help put that number in context, are several conflicts or other incidents of similar scale.


To be clear, a conflict's severity and its harm are measured beyond simple death toll. But this is to help grasp at least that figure. So far, after barely more than three years of fighting, the Syrian civil war's minimum death toll is roughly equivalent to: 


Again, this is all based on just the 191,369 confirmed deaths, though the actual death toll is likely far higher. And the point is not to argue that one conflict or disaster is worse than another, but to put the Syrian war's staggering, mind-warping death toll in perspective.


The comparison with the United States is especially striking: though the US has 15 times as many people as Syria, the number of Syrians who have died in their three-year civil war is about double the number of Americans who have died in every war since World War Two. That includes American combat as well as non-combat deaths, over 70 years and four major wars. Double.


The most alarming thing about the Syrian war's death toll, however, isn't just its size: it's the fact that its accelerating. About 100,000 of those deaths are just from the last 14 months of the three-year conflict. And the war is getting worse by the day, which means that number will only go higher.


Read More:


[ This Jewish Writer is wrong-NO, this is NOT A CIVIL WAR but A PROXY WAR ON BEHALF OF AND FOR ERETZ ISRAEL. How can it be a civil war when you have over 56 Foreign countries involved in their Mercenary Terrorism that has brought Hell to the ancient and sovereign nation of Syria


Obama Administration (Re-)Starts Marketing Campaign For Bombing Syria


It is September 2014 and we are past the summer and past Labor Day. Time to roll out the (old) new product:


NY Times: Syria May Have Hidden Chemical Arms, U.S. Says

ABC News: US: Terrorist Could Get Syria Chemical Weapons

HuffPo: US Warns Terrorist Could Get Hold Of Syria's Chemical Weapons


United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power says the United States is concerned that the most dangerous terrorist groups could get a hold of chemical weapons if Syria is hiding any stockpiles.


We know of course that Syria has disposed of all its chemical weapons and that these were destroyed under the eyes of the OPCW. But Iraq had also disposed of all its WMD and that it has none left was in fact one reason why it could be and was easily attacked.


So is Obama is doubling down (again) on Syria? Hoping that the mystical "Free Syrian Army" (Jihadis in disguise) heavily supports by the U.S. will fight the Islamic State and the Syrian government? Webmaster's Commentary: 


This is NOT about our safety and security; a new war in the Middle East is NOT about protecting our "freedoms" (such paltry ones as we may have left, after the passage of the Homeland Security Act; the Patriot Act; and the NDAA).


We have had the chance to observe just how "wonderfully" the American interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya have gone; one would imagine that with that kind of a dreadful track record, the US government would be not inclined to try this again.


But here they are, desperate for yet another war, courtesy of a rapidly declining dollar and the wish to misdirect the American people from the true reasons for their economic misery.


Americans must join together, peacefully, and say, one massive NO to this rush for another war in the Middle East.


I am, frankly, very concerned about some kind of hideous false flag, courtesy, of this government on the anniversary of 9/11, to attempt to get the American people behind this coming war.


But I would strongly caution this government that the American people are hesitant in the extreme to believe anything this government tells them, because if a proven pattern of governmental lies, which has destroyed its credibility completely.


]this is not all about money and oil. This is about destroying Syria for the sake of Israel, to put an end to ARAB Resistance and Nationalism which is seen as a threat to the Israeli Empire- controlling the Resources is just a tiny factor. Killing as many Syrian Arabs as possible is all part of the Israeli Course- using proxies to do it and what better way than to exploit an opposition to Assad, turning them all into a Jewish created Terrorist Gang of hired Killers. USA/Israel and NATO will undoubtedly USE DRONES to attack Syria which will inflict a lot of damage and will target Syrian troops rather than the alleged ZIONIST ISIS Thugs who are in effect the USSRAELIS ‘ boots on the ground committing  unspeakable war crimes’ in a beautiful country that has already lost over 191,000 of its brothers and Sisters, men, women, young and old- deaths that neither the ZIONIST UN nor the WEST cares a shit about and frankly I don’t give a damn about the loss of lives of American/Western Soldiers who have NO BUSINESS being there and violating, in every which demonic way, the sovereignty of Syria- there is such a thing as Conscientious Objection- if they agree to fight for USSRAEL/NATO, then face the consequences and do what Nazi Soldiers did under Hitler, blindly and ardently supporting his twisted foreign policies and psychopathic ideologies]


Syrian Troops Recapture Town Near Damascus:


Syrian troops have recaptured a town in the eastern countryside of the capital Damascus, as part of the Syrian forces' wide-scale offensive to dislodge the rebels from the eastern rim of the capital, according to the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV.


Israel preparing for ‘very violent’ war against Hezbollah, TV report says

Army details dangers of conflict with Iran-backed guerrilla army in Lebanon, warns of 100,000 rockets, 5,000 long-range missiles, tunnels




well there is no legitimacy in shitty Cameron’s election as he like so many before him, was pre selected and chosen in order to become the compliant puppet of the Zionist Rothschild dynasty that control and own the UK, just as thy do the USA/EU etc. the British Voting system is neither free nor fair and certainly is no truly democratic though they like us all to believe it is.


Cameron is a typical Judeo ‘Christian’ Zionist whose mouth is opened and shut for him by his Jewish Handlers.

UK doesn't need Assad's permission to launch airstrikes in Syria - Cameron:

Speaking at the start of the NATO summit in Wales on Thursday, Cameron said he did not recognize Assad as a legitimate leader, labeling him as "part of the problem."


a typical Zionist indoctrinated Zombie carrying out his obedient Rothschild duties

Cameron seems to be considering breaking International law, not once but twice.

First he is considering arming the Kurds in Iraq without the permission from the Iraqi Government. Perhaps he thinks there really is a Kurdistan.


ISIS, ISIL or IS is armed, funded and trained by the USA. Their objective in Iraq is to totally destabalise the nation and weakening it by splitting it into three, part Kurd, part Iraqi and the remainder an Islamic Caliphate.


Secondly he’s openly suggesting that the UK should bomb parts of Syria without the permission of the Syrian Government , not any different in the slightest with Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq. Cameron declares the Assad Government to be illegitimate.


That being the case in his mind, means that not a country in the world is safe from invasion or attack, Cameron can simply declare the Government to be illegitimate.


UK, US and Israel spy on Middle-East from Cyprus

Telecommunications in Turkey and the entire Middle-East are being monitored from listening stations based on the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, a senior Turkish Cypriot lawyer has claimed.


Former Union of Bars head for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) capital Lefkosa (Nicosia) and writer, Baris Mamali, warned that the island of Cyprus could be dragged into the wars in the Middle-East due to it being a listening post for a number of Western intelligence agencies including the CIA, the NSA, Mossad and MI6.


In his column published on Thursday by OdaTV, Mamali claimed that the British military air base in Akrotiri was not only hosting four fleets of war planes but also a large electronic intelligence facility in addition to specially designated areas for the storage of nuclear weapons. Mamali further claimed that a second British base in Dhekelia contains two intelligence stations in which intercepted information is deciphered and analyzed by a team of experts.




The Covert Origins of ISIS?



 Evidence exposing who put ISIS in power, and how it was done. 


The Atlantic Alliance’s “Holy War” against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terrorists

While NATO leaders in Newport Wales debate the Atlantic Alliance’s role “in containing a mounting militant threat in the Middle East”, it is worth recalling that in 2011 at the outset of the war in Syria, NATO became actively involved in the recruitment of Islamic fighters.

If all these men were executed, how come there is no blood around their bodies or on their clothes. Secondly this ‘survivor’ had had his hands tied behind his back so how can he have smeared the blood of his comrade on his face.

Shiite soldier tells how he smeared comrade's blood across his face and played dead to survive massacre after executioner MISSED


Webmaster's Commentary: 


And just how did he smear blood across his face if his hands were tied behind his back?


 Praise Ye the Psychopaths here Below.


Irony alert; Joe Biden says that he will go to the gates of Hell with ISIS. I take it that what that actually means is that they will walk through the gates together, probably along with John McCain and a bunch of others. 550 million bucks they paid this US trained pack of ravening beasts to murder Syrian civilians under orders from Israel... under orders from Israel, whose bankers determine both foreign and domestic policy in the US, who control the judiciary with their Noahide Nazi Nimrods, who teach and control the local police and probably all of the police forces there. Cui bono! Follow the money!!!




Déjà Vu: The 2004 Video Execution of American Hostage Nick Berg. Was he Killed by US Intelligence?

The video of execution of American hostage Nick Berg in Iraq is threatening to develop into a major scandal. During a press conference the father of the beheaded American accused Bush and Rumsfeld of killing his son. There are more and more suspicions that Nick Berg was really executed not by Arab militants, but by the US intelligence services in order to divert the attention from the scandal about the tortures in Baghdad prison.


First there was a report that a video showing an execution of an American expert captured in Iraq was shown on a so-called ‘Islamic extremist’ website. It was reported that the execution was carried out by a group of guerillas tied to Al-Qaeda in order to take revenge for the tortures that the American soldiers did to Iraqi inmates.



Thoughtful Comment On The Looming Third Iraqi War



secure the Oilfields at Mosul and Kirkuk, divide Iraq and set up Israel’s proxy ‘Kurdistan’, assisting it with weaponry from the NATO western countries to help it fight off the Iraqis ;long last Israel will have extended its empire into Northern Iraq and once again, achieved its Agenda for a new Middle East, as it takes over Iraq’s Oilfields. Western nations helping Israel to achieve its Eretz Empire across the Arab world

Bombing Iraq for U.S. Oil Companies



The Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq: Protecting Oil or Minorities?


Flashback - Iraq's Missing Billions

The British and American coalition which had overthrown Saddam Hussein was given a very special responsibility by the United Nations. It was given trusteeship of more than 20 billion dollars that belonged to the people of Iraq. Over the next 40 months, it spent almost all of it. Yet, no one can account for where it all went. Literally billion of dollars have gone missing.


War profiteering at it's worst!




Up to 2,100 Photos of US Soldiers Abusing Prisoners May Soon Be Released:


Would the release of 10-year-old detainee abuse photographs, such as one depicting US soldiers pointing a broom handle at a hooded detainee's rectum, incite terrorist organizations and threaten national security?


That's a question government attorneys will have to answer next week when they explain to a federal court judge why as many as 2,100 unclassified photos of US soldiers abusing Iraqi and Afghan captives should continue to be concealed from the public. Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American taxpaying public deserves the right to know precisely what their money bought, and the governmental culture of evil which supported this torture so that it bloody never, ever is allowed to happen again in the US's military chain of command.


We have known since the time of the Catholic Inquisition that torture is simply about getting the tortured individual to confess to specific charges, just to get the torture to stop. It is rarely about actionable intelligence.


One of the best interrogators in World War II was a guy named Hanns Scharff. As reported at


Scharff was the friendliest interrogator of World War II. Fluent in English, Scharff grilled pilots who were shot down over Germany. Unlike the notorious Barbie, Scharff had a much more positive approach to interrogations. This Luftwaffe officer was a master of mind games. Before he quizzed a prisoner at the Dulag Luft camp, Scharff dug up as much background information on his subjects as possible. Even if he could only find basic info, he fooled prisoners into thinking he already knew all about their objectives. Since he was already aware of their activities, they might as well talk about them, right? Next, Scharff disarmed his prisoners by becoming their best bud. He often took them on trips to the local zoo, and he even let one prisoner take a ride in a German plane. After building a rapport with a POW, Scharff would take him on walks through the Oberursel forest. Together, the Nazi and the Allied pilot would stroll through the pine trees, observing the birds and chatting about America or England. The whole time, Scharff was listening for little slip-ups that would reveal information vital to the German war machine. Prisoners might inadvertently mention something about bomb sights or causally say something about operational plans. They might tell a story about their training or talk about the planes they used to fly. Scharff was such a smooth talker, such a friendly guy, that the prisoners had no idea they were being conned. They were just glad they weren’t being electrocuted. Many of them signed his guestbook before leaving the camp. In fact, after the war, he was invited to many POW reunions because he was such a gentleman.


But the instigators of this cultural climate condoning torture is that unholy trio of Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney. Instead of living comfortably, as though they had done nothing wrong by signing off of these practices, they should be cooling their heels at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, charged with war crimes for what they allowed to happen.


Unfortunately, that will not take place until pigs fly, because President Obama is highly complicit through his "looking forward, not looking back" stance on this moral nightmare into which the Bush administration plunged this nation.


In taking this stand, he demonstrated, clearly and unequivocally, that in terms of having any kind of morality whatsoever, he has none.


So yes, these pictures are necessary for the American public to see what price prisoners of war paid in pain, suffering, and death, in the medieval practice of extracting "confessions" their handlers wanted to hear.


In fact, because the American people believe themselves to be a moral people, they need to have their noses collectively rubbed in the immorality of these practices, and figure out how in heaven's name they elected a government so completely comfortable with inflicting horrific pain on POWS, many of whom were simply at the absolutely wrong place at the absolutely wrong time, or got "sold" into American captivity for a bounty.


This is the reason so many Gitmo prisoners of war, who have never been charged with any crimes, will never, ever be released; their bodies bear witness to the unbelievable physical abuse they have endured...frequently for nothing other than the pleasure derived by the people who tortured them.




Welcome to the new US/NATO Libya, free from Gaddafi and now democratic. Libya is exactly where the Jews wanted it to be- divided and messed up with pathetic Tribal rivalries and endless violence t all fronts, just as they have done in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, Sudan. This is USSRAEL’s NEW LIBYA, as part of its New Middle East

UN Report On Libya: Civilians Abducted, Tortured And Killed Indiscriminately:

A new United Nations report released Thursday said that armed groups in Libya have indulged in widespread human rights abuses, including attacks on civilian buildings; shelling of hospitals; and abduction, torture and unlawful killings of civilians.




GADDAFI/LYBIA TRUTH REVISITED: Murdered By Rothchilds Banking Mafia


Pakistan: Army chief holds off generals seeking PM's ouster: report:

Weeks of mounting anti-government protests in Pakistan was enough to convince five of the powerful army's 11 Corps Commanders that it was time for them to step in and force embattled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign, according to a Reuters report.


Ebola is a manmade, NWO laboratory created Virus to cull the Human Population in third world countries where the citizens are dispensable human fodder for the ruling Elite

These stupid Africans cannot see that they are all being used and exploited by Zionists who wish to control and own all the rich resources that Africa has, from Gold, diamonds to Oil and Water, as well as agricultural land. These Africans are as stupid and corrupt as the Arab Rulers and are as racist [anti Muslim] as the Judeo Christian Zionist, Hindus/Buddhists are


The Zionist Infestation Of Africa: Zimbabwe To Uganda, Congo To Somalia And Beyond


We are about to witness a human catastrophe that could destroy large portions of a continent



In Liberia, the rate of new infections has probably already moved from a linear to an exponential curve


Sierra Leone to impose four-day nationwide lockdown to contain Ebola spread:

From September 18 to 21, everyone in the country will be confined to their homes, the government said.


Ebola Out Of Gabon-Congo WasSmuggled Into West Africa


This essay, the sixth in a series on ebola and biowarfare, looks at the findings from a just-completed gene analysis of the ebola virus strain by an international team of microbiologists and medical doctors. Their conclusion is that the RNA structure of the ebola virus raging through West Africa is a direct derivative from the Gabon-Congo outbreaks in 2002 and 2003.


The lineage provides important clues as to how Zaire ebola (ZEBOV-Gabon/Congo) was transferred to West Africa over a distance of 4,000 kilometers and a lapse of 10 years without being detected along the way. Zaire ebola is neither native to West Africa nor could it have arrived via any natural or accidental means without triggering intermediate outbreaks.



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