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NEWS DIGEST: Yemen Stands Alone

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NEWS DIGEST: Yemen Stands Alone

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Maisoon  ميسون

US Ally Saudi Arabia Just Sentenced a Man to Death for Writing Poetry

Here’s something that won’t be reported widely in the American mainstream media. Interesting isn’t it?

How Obama claims that Syria’s Assad must step down for crimes against his people and humanity, but when American ally Saudi Arabia murders people for the same intolerance Obama keeps telling the American people we shouldn’t have against anyone for any reason, it’s just A-okay! When stories like this one surface, it becomes blatantly obvious once again that nothing we’re being told about why our government is in the Middle East (and Syria in particular) is true.


Adam Coogle, of Human Rights Watch, said Fayadh’s death sentence showed Saudi Arabia’s “complete intolerance of anyone who may not share government-mandated religious, political and social views.”

Coogle is correct, Fayadh is not alone in his persecution. The Saudi regime is a violent and merciless group of killers. To this date, they have far surpassed ISIS in removing the heads of people who oppose them.

A young Saudi Arabian man arrested as a teenager, Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, was also sentenced to be decapitated and then crucified, after his death penalty appeal was denied.

Ali was arrested for taking part in an ‘anti-government’ protest in 2012, when he was only 17 years old. He was allegedly tortured and forced to sign a confession, and was sentenced to death in May 2014, according to anti-death penalty charity Reprieve.

The authoritarian Saudi regime in the midst of a bloody crackdown, in the wake of the Arab Spring, came down upon Ali with swift brutality. Ali objected to the use of his forced confession being used to sentence him at trial, but no investigation was ever undertaken into the matter.

As the US claims to be the police of the world, ‘liberating’ the citizens of totalitarian regimes by invading their countries and bombing their hospitals, they remain conveniently oblivious to the crimes of their best friends in Saudi Arabia.

Not only does the US continue to ignore the Saudi’s crimes against humanity, but they encourage and support them.

As the Free Thought Project reported this week, the US State Department approved a deal to sell the government of Saudi Arabia a shipment of “smart bombs” that is worth over $1.29 billion. The shipment will include a total of 22,000 bombs, which are intended to kill countless innocents in both Syria and Yemen.

In a statement released by the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency, it was blatantly admitted that the US government’s relationship with Saudi Arabia was heavily tied to oil reserves in the middle east.

“This acquisition will help sustain strong military-to-military relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia, improve [the ability of Saudi forces to work] with the United States, and enable Saudi Arabia to meet regional threats and safeguard the world’s largest oil reserves,” the statement said.

If you still believe that the United States’ intentions in the Middle East are noble, you would do well to pull your head from the sand.

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Life in ruins: Syrians survive in Aleppo amid city destruction

Terrorists have been losing ground after government forces fought back both Islamic State and al-Nusra extremists in the Aleppo region.


Reports: IAF jets strike in Syria, Gaza

Local reports in Syria indicated late Monday night that Israeli jets had struck several targets affiliated with Hezbollah and the Syrian Army not far from the country's border with Israel.

Just minutes before the strikes in Syria, the IDF confirmed that Israel had also attacked targets affiliated with Hamas in the center of the Gaza Strip.


Hundreds Of ISIS Fighters Killed In Last Three Days As Russia, Syrian Forces Intensify Attacks:

Russia has sent a new round of fighter jets and bombers to conduct attacks against ISIS in Syria. "A bunker-busting BETAB-500 air bomb dropped from a Sukhoi Su-34 bomber near Raqqa has eliminated the command post of one of the terror groups, together with an underground storage facility


Assad: Syria troops advancing thanks to Russia strikes:

Syrian government troops are advancing on "nearly every front" thanks to Russian air strikes that began in September, President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview released Sunday.


Manufacturing a phony “caliphate”

By: My Catbird Seat
"This thing is largely smoke and mirrors: manufacturing a phony “caliphate” out of nothing but a misfit band of thugs collected from many disparate countries—all wearing matching black outfits and masks (so that you can’t identify ethnicity), driving identical shiny Toyota trucks by the hundreds, flying identical mass-produced flags and sporting slick logos—supplied by whom?"

"When has a genuine grassroots rebellion ever looked like this? These guys are well-funded by sophisticated backers. And those backers are no friends of the Muslim world.


Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorstep

By Ulson Gunnar

The problem with America’s “anti-ISIS coalition” is not a matter of poor planning or a lack of resources. It is not a matter of lacking leadership or military might. The problem with America’s “anti-ISIS coalition” is that it never existed in the first place. There is no US-led war on ISIS, and what’s worse, it appears that the US, through all of its allies, from across the Persian Gulf to Eastern Europe and even within Washington itself, are involved in feeding ISIS, not fighting it...


Obama Says "We Train ISIL"               


Truth emerges: The U.S. created ISIS!


Western Gov'ts Create 'Perfect Climate' for Terror by Funding Extremists

By funding radical organizations – from the Afghan Mujahideen to the Islamic State – Western governments "have created the perfect climate" for terror attacks in their homeland and used the terror threat as a pretext for implementing Orwellian-style policies, Scottish geopolitical analyst Steven MacMillan writes.


Jihadist Networks: Western Countries Where ISIL Recruits Fighters

The wars in Syria and Iraq have proven deadly for Western militants. Almost two-fifths of Western fighters in New America’s dataset have been reported as dead in Syria or Iraq. Almost half of the male foreign fighters and six percent of female militants have been killed. The majority of Western fighters have joined ISIL. Only one-tenth have joined Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, and only 6 percent have joined other smaller groups, the report said. The most popular route to Syria is through Turkey. Forty-two percent of the Western foreign fighters made their way to Syria or Iraq via Turkey. Western European countries face a greater threat than the United States because militants can draw upon more established jihadist networks that can give rise to more sophisticated and deadly attacks. The likeliest threat to the US comes from ISIL-inspired violence. ISIL recruiters have been most successful in Belgium, France, and Britain.


Spokesman? Defense Minister? CNN brands ISIS terrorists as ‘officials’

CNN has come out with a new definition of Islamic State leaders. Kalashnikov-wielding militants who cut off captives' heads, trade slaves and whose hate speeches promise jihad against the whole world are now called “officials”, according to the network.

“US intensifies search for ISIS officials,” says an on-screen title of the report by CNN's Barbara Starr released on Monday. The first shot in the report shows us Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) leader who has recently ordered attacks on the anti-IS coalition. He is apparently the main IS official, according to CNN.

However, al-Baghdadi is not the only IS terrorist who has been granted “official” status. CNN managed to find “six other senior IS officials” among the extremists.


Why Do Some Turks Approve of ISIS Terrorism?

Simple. It's the logical consequence of 13 years of Erdogan's islamist transformation... On Nov. 17 at a friendly soccer match between Turkey and Greece, a group of Turkish spectators interrupted a minute of silence honoring the victims of the Nov. 13 Islamic State (IS) attacks in Paris, whistling, chanting slogans and shouting “Allahu Akbar.” There are three important reasons why this incident, at Istanbul’s Basaksehir Stadium, cannot be dismissed as an ordinary act of hooliganism. First, the protest illustrates that a segment of Turkish society clearly approves of IS terrorism. Second, it reflects an alarming sense of estrangement from the victims and the communities to which they belong. This lack of empathy could well stem from the callousness of excluding “the other” (and possibly lead to one’s own sense of exclusion being transformed into radical hostility expressed in violent action).


Syrian Army Advances On Turkish Border After Ankara Warns Moscow To End Airstrikes Operation:

The Syrian army has taken control of the Zahia Heights, a strategically important mountainous area about a mile from the Turkish border, Russia state news media reported Sunday. The Syrian troops also moved toward Jisr al-Shughur, about 7 miles away from the Turkish border.


Medecins Sans Frontieres hospital in Syria hit by airstrikes:

MSF said two people were killed and six injured when the makeshift facility was hit while several wounded were arriving for treatment. It is not yet clear whether the bombs came from the American-led coalition, Russia or some other group.


GREAT NEWS for  Rothschild Warmongers-ISRAEL, UK, France and USA [NTO GANG] will give them the legitimacy to hide behind jsuta s they did with Libya, to totally destroy Syria and remove Assad

UN Security Council Plans Declaration of War Against ISIS:

A U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing "all necessary measures" in Syria and Iraq is expected to be adopted in the next few days


This is rich considering JORDAN is complicit by providing training CAMPS for ISIS  and their USSRAELI/British Handlers. Hypocrites and Putin KNOWS Jordan has been assisting with the military camps

Jordan's King Abdullah to meet with Putin Tuesday over militants in Syria:

U.S. ally Jordan's King Abdullah will hold talks in Moscow Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin on how to tackle "terror groups" led by ISIS in Syria, an official source said.


Arakon: Turkey cannot condemn terror attacks beyond its borders while feeding ISIL:

"Turkey has a mistake -- thinking that the world does not see this hypocrisy is foolish. Turkey will have to choose its line regarding ISIL internally and externally. However, we have not seen such a will in that direction," said academic Maya Arakon whose work focuses on terrorism and violence


Canadian airstrike alleged to have killed 10 civilians in Iraq

Canada's military is facing fresh allegations its bombs may have killed civilians in northern Iraq, CBC News has learned.

According to local Iraqi media reports, 10 civilian workers were allegedly killed and as many as 20 others injured after an airstrike by Canadian warplanes last week in Mosul.


No Bombing Role for Canada in Mideast
By John Gleeson

Our role should be in peacemaking, or we should have no role at all in that region.


Yemen Stands Alone - attacked by Saudi Arabia since March

Yemen has been under relentless airstrike attacks by Saudi Arabia since March 26. Over 7,000 people having been killed in Yemen since the start of the vicious war on the poorest Arab country. The military aggression is supposedly meant to undermine the Ansarullah movement and bring fugitive former Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, back to power.


8 Yemeni fishermen killed in Saudi jets attacks:

At least eight Yemeni fishermen have lost their lives after Saudi Arabia's warplanes bombed their boasts in the Red Sea. asia/archive/2015/11/22/720960/story.html


Who Has Been Pushing Russia To Go “All In” Against Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

On November 19, 2015 Russia’s pro-Western radio station “Echo of Moscow” published an article on its website that was written by the former economic adviser to the Russian president on the economy Andrei Illarionov, who is now residing in the United States. The article was titled “The next step – a strike on Saudi Arabia?” and was packed with calls to launch air strikes against Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The author underlined the fact that after a series of terrorist attacks in Egypt and France, and the triumphant for Russia G-20 summit in Antalya, in the face of the paralysis of NATO’s forces, the time has come to execute the plans of launching massive strikes on military, infrastructure, energy facilities in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that were allegedly “cherished for years”.


13 Bahrainis stripped of citizenship


'Saudi forces open fire on people in Shia region'


Putin lifts export ban on uranium enrichment equipment to Iran


Now wait and see what USSRAEL will do to Indonesia for his move away from the Zionist Dollar. Will it be a plane crash, Regime Change or will they unleash their HAARPS technology and cause another Tsunami!! Never under estimate the Revenge of Jews

Indonesia, Russia look to do away with the dollar

In April 2015, Indonesia said it was ready to switch to trade settlements with Russia in the rouble and rupiah. Supporting a Russian proposal to use national currencies for trade, Sofyan Djalil, Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs said Jakarta would like to reduce its dependence on the U.S. dollar. The Russian and Indonesian national currencies have been constantly losing value vis-à-vis the U.S. dollar over the last twelve months. Bilateral trade between Russia and Indonesia, which amounted to $7 billion in 2014, is not dependent on natural resources...

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