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A Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations

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The Truth About 9/11

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A Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations

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With all that we see happening with the London bombings, I think it is wise for us to consider the following. History could be repeating itself. British and American targets have been bombed before, and the evidence seemed to point to a specific perpetrator. But the evidence was faked.


Numerous writers, scientists, investigators and even political figures have pointed out Israel’s involvement with 9/11. There is a huge pile of evidence that is being ignored, shoved under the carpet and being labeled as “urban legend” and "conspiracy theory" regarding Israel’s involvement in 9/11. We should know that Jews have a consistent history of fraudulent actions resulting in the loss of lives of millions of human beings to accomplish their purpose.


False flag operations are not new for Jews. As I will show in the list below, false flag operations -- the act of committing terrorist actions and having others blamed for them -- is a technique that they have employed in numerous situations for hundreds even thousands of years. Not only have they done false flag operations to blame Muslims, they have done these actions to have others blamed like, the Czarist government in Russia, other Jews, Germany, enemy organizations and states, etc. I also find it interesting that they have been caught red handed in numerous false flag operations.  Not once, but several times.  As regards today’s terrorists actions, it is interesting to note that Israelis have been caught in false flag operations attempting to have Muslims blamed, but yet there is not one false flag operation where Muslims were caught attempting to blame Jews. We should really think about this and ask the reasonable question of, “I wonder why that is?”


Here is a brief look at some past Jewish actions showing their treachery, deception and fraud in having innocents take the blame for their horrible actions. I have summarized this and provided links to most of the facts listed below. Doing a Google search on any of the facts presented will yield even more information:


1. According to our Bible, it was Jews who were responsible for falsely accusing Jesus (pbuh), deceiving the masses about his true mission and causing him to be crucified by the Romans. It is also true that in the Bible Jesus called Jews murderers, children of the devil, vipers, liars and other vile things. Jesus did not pull any punches in describing them. I guess in today’s world he would have been arrested for Antisemitism. He realized the truth and exposed them for what they really were. You Christian Zionists and far right Christians should go study your Bible. You may either learn something or come back denouncing Jesus as an anti-Semite. 

2. According to many respected WW1 historians it was Jews who tricked Britain into agreeing to give them Palestine in exchange for getting the U.S. into WW1. Benjamin Freedman, a friend of some of the major leaders in our time and who is also a Jew, admitted this during a major speech given to patriots in 1961. The Neturei Karta, a devoutly Jewish religious group also admits the same. There are numerous scholars, historians and Jews who describe in detail how WW1 was started and fought with one of the main goals being securing Palestine for Jews. Here is a link to more information about that:

A Jewish Defector Warns America

3. It was Jews who caused the pogroms of their own people in Russia around the 1890s, so that the world will hate the regime of the Czar and cause millions of Jews to flee to the U.S. for political gain. Under the orders of Jacob Schiff in New York and the Rothschilds, they massacred hundreds of fellow Jews to have Russians blamed for this act and cause the immigration of thousands of other Jews to the US. Among other things, this resulted in world opinion turned against the Czar and his government and set up the bloody overthrow of his regime by the Bolsheviks.

The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations

4. As admitted to by many historians and even by the ultra Israeli religious group, the Neturei Karta, WW2 was engineered by Jews and the leadership of the Jews made an alliance with Hitler causing thousands of German Jews to be killed so that others will flee en mass to Israel. They also forced the U.S. president Roosevelt to get into WW2 by embargoing Japanese oil causing them to attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt went along with this plan, all the while knowing ahead of time about the Japanese attack and the murder of thousands of Americans. See the following for more:

Stranger Than Fiction

5. The Iraqi Jew Naeem Giladi wrote a book detailing how Israelis performed terrorist actions and caused the deaths of many Jewish Iraqis during the 1950s so that Arab Iraqis can be blamed for it. The purpose of these terrorist actions was to cause Jews to migrate to Israel from Iraq. All but 6,000 of the 125,000 Jews in Iraq fled to Israel.

6. A few years after the end of World War II, the Zionist plan to establish the nation of Israel in Palestine was finally realized. But not before the British protectors of Palestine were chased out by acts of terror carried out by ungrateful Zionist terrorists. It was British troops who unwittingly sacrificed their lives in order to steal Palestine away from Arab control and allowed the Jews of Europe to immigrate there. But with Great Britain left weakened and in debt from World War II, the ungrateful Zionists saw their opportunity to now chase the British out of Palestine by committing acts of terrorism against them. The most notorious of the Zionist terror groups was the Irgun, whose leader Menachem Begin would one day go on to become the Prime Minister of Israel and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

On the morning of July 22, 1946, a group of 15-20 Irgun terrorists dressed as Arabs entered the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. They unloaded 225 kilograms of explosives hidden in milk churns. The King David Hotel housed the Secretariat of the Government of Palestine and Headquarters of the British Forces in Palestine. When a British officer became suspicious, a shootout took place and the Irgun lit the fuses and fled. The explosion destroyed part of the hotel and killed 91 people. Most of the victims were British but 15 innocent Jews also died. Menachem Begin was not merely suspected of being behind these murderous deeds. Begin admitted that the Irgun committed these acts and that they were necessary for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Stranger Than Fiction

7. In 1956, as reported by the Times Of London, during one of Israel's perpetual wars with its neighbors, the Israeli Mossad tried to trick the United States into siding with Israel against Egypt by blowing up a US facility in Cairo and blaming the Egyptians for it. The plot was wrecked when the operatives were caught and confessed, creating a huge scandal. This event was referred to as the Lavon Affair named after the Israeli Defense Minister, Pinhas Lavon,  at that time.

8. According to Victor Ostrovski, a defector from the Israeli Mossad, the US was tricked into bombing Libya when the Israeli Mossad planted a radio transmitter in Tripoli which sent out fake orders to “terrorists” which the US could intercept. The faked orders caused Libya to be blamed for a German disco bombing. As a result of this fake transmission, Reagan used it as evidence to bomb Libya killing 30 innocent people including Qaddhafi’s baby daughter.

9. On June 8, 1967 Israel used unmarked fighters and torpedo boats to launch an hour and one-half long attack on the American Navy ship the USS Liberty, costing 34 American sailors their lives and 171 wounded. The Israelis first attacked the Liberty's radio towers in an attempt to stop the Sixth Fleet from learning that the Israelis were the attackers. After unmarked Israeli fighters horrendously bombed and strafed the Liberty, Israel sent in torpedo boats to finish the job. They even machine gunned the deployed life rafts in an effort to ensure that there would be no survivors (witnesses) who could expose them. Just as in the Lavon Affair, Israel hoped to blame this act of war on their enemy, the Egyptians. This time, only the courage and resourcefulness of the Liberty's crew prevented a further compounding of the travesty.

9. It was Israelis who were armed with 9mm pistols, nine grenades, explosives, three detonators and 58 bullets and caught in Mexico in an attempt to blow the Mexican Congress up on October 10, 2001, one month after 9/11. Curiously these Israelis were found not with Israeli passports in their possession but with Pakistani passports. The Israelis were booked for conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive by the Mexican police. If they were successful in blowing up the Mexican Congress, then like 9/11, it would have been blamed on Muslim terrorists, especially if Pakistani passports were found at the scene of the crime. They got caught red-handed here and only God knows how many other incidents that innocent Muslims are being blamed for that was really done by Israelis. See the following link for more on this:


I could go on and on with more travesties committed by Jews. But I hope you are getting my point. The information above is all true about Jews and Israel. Yet we don’t learn from these lessons of the past when new terrorists’ actions are committed. I agree with Mark Glenn who wrote the following words:


“America's only ally in the Middle East, Israel, has been responsible for more acts of terror, sabotage, and murder of American citizens than the Muslims ever were. By her duplicity, she has put Americans in more danger than they have ever known or will know. She has bombed hotels, American government buildings, deliberately allowed hundreds of US Marines to be killed in their barracks in Lebanon, assaulted a US intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty (for the purposes of blaming the Arabs and thus drawing America into her war against them) stole and then sold America's most sensitive nuclear weapons technology to her enemies, (Russia and China) and by all indicators most certainly was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Whether it was the testimony given by the Israeli pilots who bombed and machine gunned the USS Liberty (killing 34 American sailors and wounding almost 200 more) or whether it was the Israeli intelligence officers who were arrested on 9/11 (while videotaping the destruction and cheering for a job well done) so much evidence exists which leaves no doubt as to who America's real enemy is, and yet short of one individual's conviction and prison sentence, Jonathon Pollard, nothing has been done with Israel with respect to justice or the interests of America's security. By contrast, year after year she is rewarded with more and more money and even more in terms of immunity and insulation from public scrutiny. The American people, supposedly a Christian people, have displayed not an ounce of the same concern for this obvious danger against their physical well-being which they attempt to display now over the supposed danger posed by Islamic extremism. Through the eyes of a Muslim therefore, the picture of the modern day Western Christian is one of an intellectually compliant, politically and religiously complacent individual who cannot think for himself or act in his own best interests outside of the programming which he receives from his Zionist puppet masters. Even today, as the headlines are blaring out the obvious vindication of this image by virtue of the fact that the war in Iraq was fought on completely false pretenses, the average conservative Christian in America who has adopted this irrational fear of Islam has taken no note of this nor does he appear to have been affected in the least.”

Through the Eyes of a Muslim


Israel has a proven track record of false flag operations causing death and destruction to their “allies and supporters”. Yet we never hear about any of this in the main stream media. When a terrorist act is committed, this false flag history of the Israelis is never brought up as a possibility to consider.  If we are going to be intelligent people and truly find the real culprits, shouldn’t we look at all possibilities and learn from the lessons from the past? As the old saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!" Instead of doing this, the first thing we hear from our leaders and without any evidence are “Al-Qaeda”, “Muslim terrorists”, etc. When at the same time Israelis have been caught attempting to frame Muslims numerous times.


Yet Americans still see Israel as their best friend. Billions of dollars is freely given to Israel every year, we fight their wars for them, and we trust them in the highest positions in our government. For God’s sake America why are we allowing this? Why are we not investigating, sanctioning, attacking, freezing funds, etc from Israel? What more do we need? America is headed towards repeating the mistakes of Czarist Russia. If we are not careful we will have another Bolshevik Revolution on American soil with tragic consequences maybe more deadly than the ones that killed more than 60 million innocent Russians.  


#11 Israel real estateanarchyst 2015-11-22 13:27
To those who proclaim that jews are the "chosen people" and that the land of Palestine was "given" to them by God, my reply is "God is not a real estate agent".
The looks on their faces is priceless.
#12 Lies by Liarsizz 2017-11-03 09:37
Israel made up everything. God wouldn't choose those pieces of $hit to wipe his a$$, let alone be chosen ones. They also lied about Jesus being Jewish, to make the whole "chosen one" thing look more creditable.

Read John 8:44. That's what Jesus felt about the Jews. Funny how he called them liars, and then they lie about it all.
#13 ,,,jewish false flag--the big oneanarchyst 2017-11-05 21:45
Let's not forget the "big daddy" of them all...the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As is the norm for jews, they got the Romans to do their "dirty work" for them. Dad to say, many Christians have absolved the jews of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ...

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