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The Truth About 9/11

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The Iranian-Mexican plot on US soil!!

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Administrator's Note: 9/11 served as the catalyst to launch attacks on the Muslim world. It was a false flag operation designed to give impetus and reason to topple Muslim nations one by one like dominoes to gain their resources and hegemony for Israel in the Middle East.  We have ample reasons from Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,  Somalia, Yemen, Palestine and other Muslim nations to question why somehow these nations keep giving the US and NATO reasons to attack  them -- especially after 9/11.  Also why is it that the focus of war and destruction from the West just happens to be against all Muslim nations. It is not difficult to see that this latest propaganda against Iran is fabricated. 9/11 opened the flood gates and gave justification to implement long standing plans that Israel and the Jewish elites always had for world control.  Syria, Pakistan and Iran are the nations next on the drawing board to topple. Manufactured reasons must be created to justify their destruction.  We would be very blind if we didn't see this.

About one hour ago, the news on TV reported that the USA has uncovered a plot
to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.....

and of course , the two suspects are Iranians who else ???

Being suspicious by nature and sarcastic by choice I ask myself (and so should you) some questions:

1) If and when an Iranian-agent (or terrorist)  wants to assassinate a Saudi Ambassador
why choose the USA where it is the most difficult place to operate such a plot???

2) If and when an Iranian agent wants to assassinate an Ambassador, why ask help from the Mexican drugs mafia???

3) If and when the USA counter intelligence is monitoring Iranian agents, why use an informer within the Mexican Mafia???

4)  How soon shall we hear that the USA has bombed Tehran, as a retaliation for this plot????

Sherlock Hommos
assistant to Dr. Watson


raja chemayel
+1 #1 raja chemayel 2011-10-16 12:43
I forgot to add that it was alleged also that the Iranians were supposed to transfer directly to the USA the amount of 100.000 Dollars..........would that not be suspicious too ???
#2 Nashid 2011-10-16 17:36
Raja, that's very suspicious indeed since it is against the law for monies to be transferred from Iran to the USA. The US have severe sanctions in place against Iran. This includes money transfers.

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