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The Nice Attack: Things we dare not think about

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The Nice Attack: Things we dare not think about

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As the state of emergency is extended in France in the wake of the recent Nice terrorist attacks, the French public is beginning to lose faith in the State’s ability to protect them. But will they ever really understand the true function of the imperial State?


On the 14th of July a Tunisian citizen, Mohammed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, allegedly drove a 19-tonne lorry into a crowd of people on the Promenade des Anglais beachfront in the city of Nice, France. 84 people were killed and 303 others were wounded. Richard Gutjahr is a German journalist and actor who was close to the scene and 

 it carried out false-flag terrorist attacks in France, blaming them on Muslims.

‘Islamist’ terrorist attacks serve Zionism’s agenda of taking over the Middle East as they demonise Muslims and Arabs, thus criminalising legitimate resistance to Israeli colonialism. ‘Islamist’ terrorism also drives the Zionist agenda, referred to by Samuel Huntington as the ‘clash of civilisations’ – the idea that Muslims have no place in ‘Western civilisation’. Although the truck slaughtered over 84 people and injured hundreds more, there was no blood visible on the published photos of the vehicle. Perhaps there is a simple explanation for this apparent discrepancy. I hope to see a good ‘debunking’ video or article of the blood problem soon! We are also informed that police opened up the barricades to the Promenade des Anglais minutes before the attack. There have been reports of up to four trucks in the area that day. Trucks are not authorised to drive through streets during festivals or national holidays. France is in a state of emergency! How is all of this possible?

Bouhlel’s Patsy Profile

Bouhlel, who was married with three children, was said to have been a practising homosexual in a relationship with an unknown 73-year-old man and frequenting gay bars in the Tunisian city of Souse, where Mossad have an office. Mossad has increased espionage in Tunisia since the US/Israeli fomented ‘Arab Spring’ in 2011. The truck appears to have been parked for nine hours near the Negresco Hotel, which is an infamous gay locale in Nice. Homosexuals, who are often the victims of child abuse, are sometimes used by intelligence agencies as double agents and patsies. The terrorist’s sister told the media he had had psychological problems. He is said to have been suffering from a nervous breakdown. Bouhlel had all the classic characteristics of an intelligence patsy. Most interesting of all is his own video proving that he is still alive!

Although the US/Israeli-created ‘Islamic State’ has been blamed for the Nice Attack, Bouhlel does not seem to have had any links with Islamist organisations. In fact, his profile is remarkably similar to that of Saleh Abdeslam, who was blamed for the Bataclan attack in Paris in 2015, and Omar Mateen in Orlando. Both were homosexuals, narcotic and alcohol abusers, and petty criminals already known to the police.

Fides quaerens intellectum

Saint Anselm epitomised the spirit of Medieval Christendom in the concept of fides quaerens intellectum – faith seeking understanding. The faith of the people in the transcendental authority of God as revealed in the scriptures was supplemented with increasing understanding of their meaning through human reason. Since the French revolution the bourgeois state has supplanted divine authority and citizens are indoctrinated into the belief in state infallibility concerning observance of the principle of the rule of law. Hitherto, there has been widespread faith in the bourgeois state and understanding of its mysteries has been copiously provided by its myriad sacerdotal institutions. But it now looks like this holy war may be undermining people’s faith in the bourgeois order and its catechism of human rights, democracy and freedom. The French people are losing faith in the government, the police, and the system. They are beginning to understand that they are governed by incompetent fools and possibly even by psychopaths.

It is difficult to believe the story of what happened in Nice. We are told that Bouhlel was shot dead. But another suspect was seen being arrested by police at the crime scene. Who is this suspect? Was there a second terrorist or did Bouhlel rise from the dead? Some videos of the massacre scene posted on line appear to show dummies rather than dead bodies. The authenticity of those videos cannot be verified. But there is little that can be verified in these terrorist attacks as the highly paid press reporters who the public believe ask hard questions and investigate terrorist attacks do not do so. On the contrary, they smugly attack and ridicule citizen journalists and Internet activists for seeking the truth. There are too many unanswered questions.

The public is being told to believe a story for which there is scant evidence. Why should they? Why should they believe governments that serve the interests of foreign bond-holders and bankers? Why should they trust a ruling class who, instead of fighting to raise the material, cultural, moral and intellectual welfare of the people, do the opposite, attempting at every opportunity to rob, acculturate, demoralise and stultify the masses? The French government is now encouraging youth to join the army reserve. It may become treasonous not to enlist. We are passing from an era where dissent is ridiculed towards an era where dissent is criminalised.

In his work “The Republic”, Plato described oligarchy as a city-state where the rich are constantly conspiring against the poor. Aristotle in his book on Politics notes how Greek tyrants would take oaths to protect the interests of their class by conspiring against the masses and, in an era long before the surveillance systems of today, Greek tyrants would force citizens to congregate in special areas of the city so that the state could constantly spy on them.

The extraction of surplus value from labour is the primordial conspiracy against human creativity. Is it inconceivable that terrorism would be the art of governance in a world where finance capital and the moral turpitude it engenders, triumphs over honest labour and solidarity; where enterprises of lies and war flout all laws; where the poor man is locked up for minor misdemeanours while wealthy war criminals walk free?

Is it inconceivable that such a class of people would orchestrate the most facinorous conspiracies against the people? Lenin described the state as the means by which one class represses another. We live in a class dictatorship – where those with property and power use every means necessary to keep the masses under their control. Human freedom is, as Jack London described it, crushed under an iron heel. The entire matrix of commodity production is predicated on lies and deception while man is beholden to its infinite spells and fetishisms.

In the society of the spectacle, who cares if white trucks can slaughter crowds and remain unbesmirched with blood or executed terrorists rise from the dead? Who cares if everything we are told militates against reason? The masters of discourse have a new story for the poor toilers of this world; it is short,simple and palatable enough to be consumed on a junk food break. We need more security, more surveillance, more war, more respect for wealthy Jews, and more contempt for poor Muslims. The world is run by forces beyond our control. Therefore we must submit to the all-merciful police state which is trying to protect us.

Those who seek understanding before faith are now terrorists.


  1. Bang on, Sir. Thank you. A number of us have been working hard on the material evidence available about the attack, and the other, more elusive but crucial evidence resulting from circumstances, prior and post attack, especially the “narrative” that the French government and slave media have painstakingly and clumsily tried to put together about it, and which speaks volumes. The Nice attack is a Mossad operation, and like all those operations since Charlie, the French services have been tipped just enough to control the damage. French gov are not exactly cooperating with the Mossad, but so utterly blackmailed that they can’t expose those ops for what they are, without exposing themselves. So they’re just coping with them as they go along. It started with the Merah case when Sarkozy was seeking reelection in 2012. ok, here is my evidence: There were CCTV cameras all along the route the lorry took (Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, who is most likely involved with the local mafia and in no position to object, having a number of court cases for embezzlement in his CV, has been boasting about the level of surveillance in his city) but no footage from these cameras has been released. The footage would probably have revealed that the lorry had a driver and a passenger ( see Russian tourist testimony you can check that on Russia Today french edition)The driver was a special operation agent dressed in the gear of his trade (dark blue tight-fitting vest like they use in the police now, this is shown in the testimony of the egyptian tourist who shot the footage shown on Russia Today. he says the driver he saw from very close, wore blue, a uniform like the police, I quote ) , and the passenger, whether conscious or not, or even dead at that time, was the patsy Mohamed. Not easily visible. When the lorry reached the appointed place there was an israeli “resident” ready to shoot embarrassing evidence to put pressure on the french government. of course they don’t tell those accessories what the whole plan is. they just tell them to be there and take a video and post it. So the man shot the video, on which one can see a woman who was run over being helped , and just behind her a man also lying on the ground, whom the police seem to be beating or neutralizing at some point, and then they drag him away quickly. Seconds before that the police have sprayed with bullets the lorry, without ever aiming at the driver’s seat (you can see that on all the pictures). They aimed at the passenger’s seat. the official narrative is that the man moved. But what i think happened was Mohamed the patsy was a sitting duck, while the driver just put his police armband and special operation hood and slipped out of the truck and blended into all the other anonymous cops who were already there. when they opened the truc door they found only one man who probably never knew what shit he’s got himself into before he died. and they began building the narrative that they need, and that Israel wants them to sell (because Israel, as I said, is twisting their balls). The narrative is that it’s not only muslims that are dangerous, it’s arabs. They hate us. period. Any arab could run over your children tomorrow just because he has it in him, being an arab. I’ll tell you something: Nice was chosen on purpose for this op because it is a place whereto have maximal social and economic discrepancies, many reactionaries who hang on to their privileges, and a strong community of immigrants where tunisians predominate. A perfect powder keg for their experiment in civil war. I’ll tell you more later, am trying to build a blog right now, will send the link, but if you’re interested in my posts right now you can look me up, I’m on Facebook, Anne Guerrier, from Palaiseau, France

  2. How anyone cannot see the Israeli and Mossad connection to all these Terrorist attacks is beyond me. These Jews warn each other about such attacks which means they are part of this terrorism, complicit in its knowledge. As usual the PATSY is always some drugged, lowlife Arab Muslim chosen to take the fall for Jewish Terrorism. It also beggars belief how Israeli Media is so open and free to admit their country’s complicity as in the case of f 9/11 and what you stated in your piece above, and yet, Westerners/Europeans are too blind or indeed perhaps too racist against Muslims, to join the dots because after all Jews would never do such a thing due to their eternal Victim status that they use to emotionally blackmail the gentiles with and silence them into subservient obedience to Jewish and Zionist domination of Western Governments, Judiciary and Media/Corporate/Banking control
    The French have more than most Europeans, gone out onto the streets of their ‘Republique’ and demand their working rights, their Liberté égalité fraternité from their Governments but over the last couple of decade, their country has become Zionist occupied and the French are too dumb , blind or indifferent to see the reality that has unfolded and they foolishly agree to the ‘Martial Law, Emergency Laws put into force for Security to ‘protect the People’ but all it has done is taking away peoples’ rights and freedoms and given greater suppressive power to the very people complicit with the Criminals executing these Terror attacks, a treasonous Collusion thus making them their own Government Leaders Traitors failing in their duty to protect the Republique and its Constitution that people like the Zionist Jews Sarkosy, Hollande [Dual Israeli Loyalists] and Zionist Valls have slowly eroded.
    Despite all this, the French and other Europeans choose to accept the propaganda and vilify ALL Muslims and Arabs and accept with open racist arms, the Clash of civilisation planned decades ago by Jews/Zionist Secret Cults/Freemasons like Samuel Huntingdon
    This is a WAR against Islam by the Jews but portrayed as a war between Christians versus Muslims so that they can kill each other leaving a Faction of World Jewry psychopaths the freedom to take absolute power over our God given world as they demonise a religion they view as the only remaining faith based threat to them, Islam, having already infiltrated and destroyed the true Church of Christ.

    I pray that the people of France will awaken and realise they are being used to fulfil this brutal agenda of these psychos who don’t care how many people are sacrificed for their tyrannical Agenda and Empire
    The French would do well to heed the wise words and warning of Cicero re their Leaders that serve a SHADOW Government to whom they are loyal to, and not their own Nation

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear: Marcus Tullius Cicero SPQR


#1 No surprise thereHAS 3T 2016-07-26 20:03
Well written and spot on. Thank you Bro Nash for putting this on and our sis' Anne & Maisoon for bang on comments. love it

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