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rabbi michael lerner edited

Question for all my Muslim brothers and sisters: Have all of you lost your goddamn ability to think? Have you? Clearly you have. You MUST have. Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be drooling and tripping over yourselves to praise this dirty, devilish, Zionist pig of pigs Michael Lerner over his speech at Muhammad Ali’s funeral procession, which was, for all intents and purposes, a total sideshow based solely on the presence of this corroded rabbi, the neocon Mormon Orrin Hatch and the Imperialist-In-Chief and slaughterer of Iraqis, Sudanese and Yugoslavs Bill Clinton. Did y’all even hear what this filthy rabbinical subverter actually said? Because it damn sure wasn’t “LIBERATE PALESTINE FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!” or “All Zionists Out!” or “DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL!'” No! What Rabbi Lerner toothlessly declared was, “We call on the United States to stand up to the part of the ‘Israeli’ government that is oppressing Palestinians”.


A PART of the ‘Israeli’ GOVERNMENT, huh Rabbi? There is no “part” of ‘Israel’ oppressing Palestinians, Rabbi, ALL of ‘Israel’ is oppressing the Palestinian people, from the Dead to the Med, because the very existence of ‘Israel’ is a crime against humanity. And there is no “government”, i.e. a legitimate ruling authority, in ‘Israel’. There is only an ILLEGITIMATE Jewish supremacist REGIME set up by the ILLEGITIMATE Jewish supremacist SETTLERS who stole Palestine and then ILLEGITIMATELY called it ‘Israel’. EVERY ‘Israeli’ is a settler, a terrorist and a murderer, male or female, “religious” or “secular”, “Reform Jew” or “Orthodox Jew”, Ashkenazi (minority) or Mizrahi (majority), none of it matters. They are all in the genocidal occupation army, they’re all usurpers, and they all have privilege as colonizers within the Judaic colonial construct, even those precious “leftists” so many “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists love fawning over, i.e. those hipster, “human rights”-loving ‘Israelis’ who come to the West Bank and Al-Quds for a little “aren’t the Goyim so adorable?” charity and some “look how bad the Goyim are suffering!” tourism before prancing back over to their posh, fancy cribs built on stolen land in “Tel Aviv”.

Rabbi Lerner’s speech gets even more laughable and Orwellian when he tells y’all EXACTLY WHAT HIS DAMN POSITION IS, but yet, somehow, y’all are still enamored with this putrid creature! Here, in the Rabbi’s own words: “… tell Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the way to get security is for ‘Israel’ to stop the occupation of the West Bank and help create a Palestinian state!” Well, there you have it folks. So the “good rebbe” thinks the invading Jews should keep 90% of the Palestinians’ lands stolen during the Nakba and even in the half-century of colonization prior to that, and simply grant the indigenous a sliver of what was taken during the Naksa, and not even based on the principle of justice–because this is about as just as a woman being raped and then being forced to shack up with her rapist in a one-bedroom apartment–but based on concern for the Zionist entity’s security. And this really shouldn’t be surprising, if Muslims would only get their heads out from underneath the Yahoudlings’ jackboots and do some damn homework. Rabbi Lerner has spent his life attempting to silence anti-Zionists, he even wrote a book about it called “The Socialism of Fools: Anti-Semitism on the Left”, and has also penned two books–“Healing Israel/Palestine: A Path to Peace and Reconciliation” and “The Geneva Accord: And Other Strategies for Healing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”– about the best way to preserve the ‘Israeli’ entity. In other words, this charlatan is a pure liberal Zionist, the worst kind of Zionist, through and through. What the f*** are Arabs, Muslims and friends of the Palestinian cause doing promoting him?!

I chuckled out loud when he called his publication, Tikkun Magazine, “liberal and progressive”, when it’s nothing more than another Zionist front for Jewish supremacy and fake unity. Yes! Yes! Let’s unify! All faiths and all peoples! Just don’t criticize the blatant anti-Gentile bigotry of Judaism or any aspect of Jewish wealth, power and influence and then we can like totally be best pals FOREVER! Please. And on that note, I chuckled out loud in even more cartoonish fashion when Rabbi Lerner said “1% who own 80% of the wealth of this country” need to share the wealth. It’s too RICH–pun intended–not to find comedic. When he speaks of the “1%”, he’s speaking of the billionaires, right? Well. Just about 50%, 48% to be exact, of the billionaires in the United Snakes of IsraHell are Jews–Zionist Jews with deep ties to the cancerous ‘Israeli’ tumor putrefying Palestine and our whole region.

Was Rabbi Lerner suggesting that his wealthy coreligionists go against the teachings in their Talmud and corrupted Torah and simply fork over their hard-earned (read: outright STOLEN) money to lowly Gentiles? HIGHLY DOUBTFUL. Y’all know about “Newspeak” from 1984, right? Then consider Lerner’s words “Jewspeak”, a language spoken by Jewish “elites” to Gentiles as a means of totally undermining and de-fanging the aforesaid Gentiles who are pursuing liberation, as well as misdirecting them off the path of uncovering and exposing the pinnacle of the global conspiracy to enslave humanity: World Zionism.

It was particularly nauseating when this Zionist rat said that Jews stand in solidarity with Muslims all around the world in the face of Islamophobia when Jews are in fact the primary financiers, disseminators and facilitators of Islamophobia. Jews, through the usurping Zionist entity which Rabbi Lerner loves so much, also are the biggest backers of the single-greatest cause of Islamophobia in the world today alongside their crypto-Jewish Saudi allies: Daesh and other Takfiri terrorist groups. When Jews of the “activist” sort do in fact participate in the struggle against Islamophobia, it isn’t out of genuineness but again, to undermine, de-fang, de-radicalize and misdirect it, no different than their participation in the African-American Civil Rights struggle against Jim Crow apartheid actually. So it’s rather telling, FREUDIAN even, that Lerner brought this up in his speech too.

Malcolm X (R.A.) told y’all about the poisonous nature of Jewish liberals, but y’all ain’t listen. Kwame Ture did the same, but y’all ain’t listen to him either. Israel Shahak broke it down in “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” that Jews were only throwing their weight behind the Civil Rights Movement because they wanted Black support for the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime, but y’all ain’t pay him any mind! Additionally, ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about the dynamics between Blacks and Jews vis-a-vis the Civil Rights struggle knows that the moment Jim Crow was repealed and Black folks began to better themselves and move out of the slums into the ‘burbs near their so-called Jewish allies, those very same Jews–who reprehensibly refer to Blacks as “Schvartze” in Yiddish and “Kushi” in Hebrew–departed with the QUICKNESS. It happened all over New York, Philly, Maryland, Chicago and numerous other places. This is undoubtedly because Judaism is inherently anti-Black. Ever heard of the “Curse of Ham”? No? Then you sure have a whole lot of reading to do.

I also found it quite interesting that Lerner would condemn Erdogan for “killing the Kurds”… But of course he would, wouldn’t he?! Because Kurdish separatism is part and parcel of the Zionist entity’s project against our region, i.e. the Oded Yinon plan of balkanizing all Arab and Islamic states on ethno-sectarian lines to make it easier for the ‘Israeli’ tumor to eventually gobble them up. And Lerner’s main concern is preserving ‘Israel’. The hypocrisy of the “good rebbe” is further compounded by the fact that whatever Kurdish women and children are in fact being killed by the tyrant Erdogan’s bombs are being done so with ‘Israeli’ assistance because the Zionist occupation army and the Neo-Ottoman regime’s military maintain the absolute coziest relationship. It’s a classical case of ‘Israel’ pitting two sides of “Goyim” against each other to further its own designs. Something the faux-revolutionary rabbi would NEVER be caught dead saying.

With all this noted however, the most obvious and rhetorical question of all is: WHY THE F*** WAS THIS ZIONIST YAHOUDLING AT ALI’S FUNERAL TO BEGIN WITH?! He met him one time! ONE TIME! DECADES AGO! They weren’t friends! They didn’t have a “special relationship” as this rabbinical demon claimed! And the cover story being spread in the Zionist media that Ali apparently told his lawyer that he was an admirer of Lerner’s, and then his lawyer apparently went to the rabbi who was ELATED to know such a magnificent “Goy” appreciated his rabbinic wondrousness, sounds like utter bullshit. This is a typical case of a liberal Jew sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong in an attempt to control the discourse and distract from the radical nature of the cause/figure at hand, in this case Muhammad Ali, for all the reasons discussed above. A Zionist squatting on something that doesn’t belong to him… hmmm… where have I ever seen THAT before?! Besides! Lerner’s mere presence is an insult to the Champ of Champs’ position on Palestine! Muhammad Ali didn’t want to protect ‘Israel’ like this Zionist rabbi, he wanted the Zionists gone! The Greatest in his own words: “In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.” Eat your heart out Lerner, you atrocious hypocrite.

For me, the most disturbing and exasperating part of this Zionist ape’s speech was the following passage: “We as Jews understand that our commitment is to recognize that God has created everyone in God’s image and everyone is equally precious. And that means the Palestinian people as well as all other people on the planet.” WOW. Thanks rabbi. Seriously. Shukran kteer. We like, appreciate you recognizing that we, no different than you Jews, surprisingly enough, also happen to be human beings. I am like, WOW. Like, truly yo, I’m like, SO honored that you actually consider us persons. You’re like, so revolutionary that I can barely breathe. But seriously, even this halfhearted and tremendously insulting attempt at humanity from the rabbi is another another bald-faced lie. Lerner is a practitioner of the anti-Gentile teachings in the Talmud–which permits pedophilia, says that Jesus (A.S.) is rotting in boiling excrement in Hell, condemns Jesus’s holy mother Maryam (A.S.), calls for killing even the best of the Gentiles, etc.–the corrupted Torah–a book of genocide and criminality with far, FAR too many passages to recount in this piece here–and the Kabbalah–which encourages Satan-worship and teaches that Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) is being kept alive for worms to feast on his flesh for all-time–and thus, his claim that he sees all people as “equally precious” is borderline-hilarious, and ultimately, null-and-void.

Above and beyond all of these uncomfortable truths however, I can’t for the life of me comprehend why so many so-called “anti-Imperialist” Muslims are so up-in-arms about this Yahouding’s legerdemain-filled speech when he RESOUNDINGLY ENDORSED KILLARY CLINTON. Y’all do remember Killary, don’t you? The same warmongering psychopath who annihilated Libya and cackled with glee over Muammar Qadhafi’s death? The same warmongering psychopath who helped nurture the Takfiri scourge in Syria? The same warmongering psychopath who is owned inside and out by Zionist gazillionaires Haim Saban and George Soros? The same warmongering psychopath who voted for the genocidal invasion of Iraq and now is being wholeheartedly backed by the neocons who planned it? The same warmongering psychopath who backed the murderous ‘Israeli’-led coup in Honduras against Chavez-ally Manuel Zelaya? Any of this ringing a bell? Yeah, that bloodthirsty maniac. This in and itself renders every word Rabbi Lerner spoke about “peace” and “love” and “equality” and bla, bla, ZioJewYidHasbaraBLABLABLA, utterly worthless. No backer of a lunatic warmonger like Clinton can ever be considered the ally of Muslims, regardless of whatever the hell flies out of his mouth.

In conclusion, Rabbi Michael Lerner, like all Zionists–and especially liberal Zionists who come at us like friends while slithering like green snakes in the greenest grass to camouflage themselves before striking us–is a stain on humanity. He, like all Zionists, and especially liberal Zionists, is our enemy and will always be so. No person who presents ‘Israel’ as something less than an abomination can ever find a home among the true lovers of the Palestinian cause. And most important of all, no Jew, let alone a Halakhic-Talmudic-Kabbalistic-Zionist rabbi like Lerner, can ever be a leading voice for this struggle because it is the Jew who is the oppressor. The more that Muslims look to the Jew for approval, the less militant, the less revolutionary, the less defiant, and, worst of all, the less Islamic they become, because they are substituting the Sole Authority In The Universe, i.e. ALLAH (SWT), for a fake, temporal, satanic, hegemonic authority, i.e. the Jew. Muslims look to Jewish and ‘Israeli’ academics, “spiritual” figures, “activists” and celebrities because they feel that they need affirmations of the Palestinian cause’s legitimacy in the mainstream sphere, which is, whether they know it or not, a staunch confirmation of how much power and control Jews wield over mainstream discourse. Muslims are literally subordinating themselves to Jews to make a cause that needs no such approval or legitimization “acceptable”.

All the affirmation is already right here within the confines of our Arab-Islamic Ummah. You have all the voices you will ever need for guidance on the Palestinian cause, they’re called PALESTINIANS, from their Resistance to their Intelligentsia, Hizbullah led by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Ansarullah led by Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iraqi Resistance and millions upon millions of Gentiles across the globe who adore Palestine and who will sacrifice their lives for it and its most wonderful, most heartfelt, most generous people. Liberation is the goal and we shouldn’t be afraid to articulate this eloquently and categorically, no matter how much the Jews, be they neocons or liberals like Rabbi Lerner, screech and shriek.

As I rhymed on “Heartbeat Of Humanity” , the intro track to my debut EP “Enemy Of The Entity” dedicated to Palestine from October 2014, “Drive every Zionist from whence they came, muhf***** right I mean removing ‘em, they’re a ruinous scourge/You think it’s too old school, a little too obtrusive and raw/Well a solution that has to be approved by the oppressor first isn’t a solution at all/” And in regards to those who will take this piece and this position as affronts, as expressions of “vile anti-Semitism”, as a shocking display of “bigotry” and whatever other colonized, Judaized, cowardly nonsense they can concoct, that is to be expected and it really matters not, for I have tongue-in-cheek bars for that too, also off “Heartbeat of Humanity”. Let it rip: “And to the rest of you money hungry cowards, yeah y’all who salivate for splendid lives/Enjoy that traitorous hype, you say that we’re type, terrorist, then here, just watch as we calibrate the terror ties/‘Cause unlike y’all who sold out, we don’t need a Jewish voice to validate the genocide/” Got it?! Good! ‘Nuff said.

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  1. And what was that little gay MF, Billy Crystal, doing there? Yeah, he said Ali called him “little buddie”. Lying that Jew. Along w Clinton and sponsored by Fox, what a joke. Gays and Pedophillies included. Maybe Ali did not know this at the time

  2. Bruce Arney

    Nice commentary on Rabbi Michael Lerner’s funeral charade. You’d make a great counter-balance to FOX News “fair and balanced” neo-con propaganda machine. Maybe one day the truth will win out.

  3. Mathew Rand

    I timely post indeed brother!


  4. Kolo

    Amazing post JA
    Deep respect brother



Sam Barbary
#1 Mr.Sam Barbary 2016-06-25 01:39
People should read "200 Years Together" by Alexander Solzinetsyn. He described the influential Zionist Bolsheviks who responsible for killing 20- 60 million Russian Christians. The English translation has never been done.

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