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What is Zionism? What has been the effect of Zionism on the Palestinian people and the Middle East? Most in the West believe that Zionism is the pursuit of Jews to their rightful homeland in Palestine as promised to them by God in the Bible. Few know that Zionism is a political movement founded by and atheist Jew, Theodore Herzl, in 1896 to cause European Jews to migrate to Palestine. Theodore Herzl had no religious leanings but used religion to accomplish his goals.  Few also know that European Jews are Caucasians who converted to Judaism with no genetic or blood ties to the original 12 tribes of Israel. They are Khazars and it is as equally ridiculous to claim them as Jews with rights to Palestine as it is to claim converted Chinese Muslims as Arabs with rights to Makkah. Few also know that  Jews have lived for many centuries in the Middle East, in complete peace and friendliness with their Arab neighbours. This section will provide informative articles exposing Zionism.

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Barack Obama: “America’s First Jewish President” Written by Prof. James Petras 10291
Obama to U.S. Jews: My administration has done more than any other to support Israel!!! Written by The Ugly Truth 5765
Trouble in Palestine Solidarity Written by Lauren Booth 7616
Whose Congress and State Department? Written by Philip Giraldi 3437
Obama totally defeated by Israeli lobby Written by Rehmat's World 3154
Netanyahu Addresses Adoring Congress! Written by Administrator 4088
‘Bibi’ Votes Republican Written by Patrick J. Buchanan 3307
Netanyahu Humiliates Obama! Written by Ralph Forbes 7592
The Haavara agreement Written by Administrator 7652
Netanyahu: WikiLeaks revelations were good for Israel Written by Barak Ravid 1993