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NEWS DIGEST: World turning against ISRAEHELL!

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NEWS DIGEST: World turning against ISRAEHELL!

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Maisoon  ميسون

We will gain Justice
We will gain our Freedom
We will gain our right of return for all our dispossessed Refugees
We will take Israelis to Court for War Crimes/Holocaust/Genocide, with God's Help, inshua'allah
We will ensure that Israel's days are numbered
We will purge Zionism from Holy Palestine
OVER 1700 HOLOCAUSTED Gazans and counting
Over 380 children.  Over 61 Entire Families murdered
OVER 9080 Injured

6150 homes destroyed
schools destroyed, more mosques targeted, Hospitals, Courthouses,
80 people killed today [Saturday] and many injured around Khan Younus and  continued attack on Rafah
Dozens of Palestinians were killed while scores have been left wounded in a renewed Israeli raid on central and southern Gaza.
Israeli warplanes blasted the Islamic University campus in Gaza City at dawn Saturday inflicting big damage but no casualties.
At least 120 passengers have been stranded and left in very dire circumstances at the Rafah border crossing since late Friday morning, the Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza reported.
Thousands of protestors marched through the streets of the world’s biggest cities in a swelling wave of protests reflecting widespread anger at Israeli terrorism in Gaza
Hamas has slammed Israel’s condemnation of Malaysia, allegedly for having trained Hamas paratroopers, as a malevolent Israeli propaganda aimed at weakening the increasing pro-Gaza campaigns.
Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, member of Hamas political bureau, said the Israeli occupation authorities have officially updated the UN on the disappearance of a soldier and the death of number of others.
Hamas Movement said that a Palestinian delegation is to arrive in Cairo on Saturday to initiate consultations with Egyptian officials on a truce in Gaza.
An Israeli special force rounded up Palestinian citizen Samer Hassan Abed, from Nablus, after having blown up his shop and rummaged through it.
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up three Palestinian young men in Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, at dawn Saturday.
Dozens of Palestinian civilians were severely wounded during a round of violent clashes that broke out between the IOF and a group of Palestinian youths overnight Friday and early Saturday.
 Robert Fisk: The world is starting to turn against Israel:
Analysis:  There was a time when our politicians and media had one principal fear when covering Middle East wars: that no one should ever call them anti-Semitic. 
"Both houses of the US Congress are considering passing a resolution that condemns Hamas for using human shields despite not having any evidence to prove Hamas is employing this tactic."
Editor's Note:  The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fought a battle with the Israeli Supreme Court in 2005 to make it legal for the IDF to use Palestinians as human shields
The following quote is from the article Exposing the LIE About Hamas Using Palestinian Human Shields which adds nicely to the article below by Rania Khalek:
“In several cases Israeli soldiers used [Palestinian] civilians, including children, as ‘human shields’.” ...when the Israeli Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the Israeli military had to stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields, the Israeli “defense” establishment objected to the ruling...

This reveals two important things: the first is the moral hypocrisy and chutzpah on display when Israel ignores its own use of human shields as it accuses its enemies of using them. The second is Israel’s self-contradicting logic: If Palestinian militants had such disregard for Palestinian civilian lives, why was the Israeli military so invested in maintaining the ability to use Palestinians as shields? The fact that the Israeli army wants to use Palestinian human shields actually proves that they believe Palestinian militants prefer not to endanger their own civilians. 
 "Both houses of the US Congress are considering passing a resolution that condemns Hamas for using human shields despite not having any evidence to prove Hamas is employing this tactic."
In propaganda echoed by the US State Department, the Israeli government has repeatedly claimed that Hamas is using women and children as human shields to protect its weapons and rocket launchers, forcing Israel to massacre innocent Palestinians. 
The only evidence Israel has provided for this unsubstantiated accusation is cartoon sketches.
But even The New York Times has conceded that “There is no evidence that Hamas and other militants force civilians to stay in areas that are under attack.” 
The BBC’s Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, similarly declared, “I saw no evidence during my week in Gaza of Israel’s accusation that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields.” 
But Israel’s pathetic drawings are all the evidence US elected officials need to absolve Israel of responsiblity for war crimes. 

Double standards

In the House of Representatives, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican, introduced Resolution 107 on 16 July, “Denouncing the use of civilians as human shields by Hamas and other terrorist organizations in violation of international humanitarian law.” With 76 co-sponsors — 47 Republicans and 29 Democrats — the bill is awaiting consideration in the House’s foreign affairs committee. 
On 24 July, an identical resolution was introduced in the Senate by Ted Cruz, a Republican,  and co-sponsored by Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat. 
Like the House bill, the Senate version slams Hamas for “placing its underground tunnel network and missile batteries in densely populated areas, and in and around schools, hospitals, and mosques” and “calls on the international community to recognize the grave breaches of international law committed by Hamas in using human shields.” 
Besides ignoring the fact that all of Gaza is densely populated, this accusation fails to address that Israel also places its military command centers among civilian populations, most notoriously HaKirya, the Israeli army headquarters, which is located in the heart of densely populated Tel Aviv, surrounded by malls, museums, hospitals, schools and so on. 
Perhaps one day Israel will be held to the same standards as Hamas by US elected officials, but for now it appears the “most moral army in the world” can do as it pleases. 
The bill goes on to condemn some 2,000 rockets fired by Hamas at Israel but makes no mention of the more than 3,000 tons of precision-guided explosives that Israel deliberately dropped on Gaza’s civilian population and infrastructure in the first fifteen days of this onslaught.

Praising Israeli “warnings”

Next, the bill praises Israel for warning Palestinians in advance with leaflets and text messages before obliterating their neighborhoods, though it neglects to note that the people of Gaza have nowhere safe to evacuate to, given that they are prevented from leaving the tiny coastal enclave, where nothing, not even hospitals, is off limits for Israeli bombs. 
Still, the bill declares that Israel “goes to extraordinary lengths to target only terrorist actors,” which suggests that the bill’s authors believe hospitals, playgrounds, family homes and UN schools sheltering the displaced (at least six have been shelled by Israel) qualify as “terrorist” targets.
Most outrageously, the bill equates Hamas with al-Qaida and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). 
Hamas is the Palestinian political party that was democratically elected in 2006 to govern the occupied West Bank and Gaza. It also happens to have a military wing engaged in armed resistance against the State of Israel, a state that has been ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their indigenous lands for nearly seventy years, in what amounts to “incremental genocide,” according to the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe. 
Likening Hamas’ armed resistance to a rogue sectarian militia that is slaughtering civilians in Syria and Iraq is utterly absurd and irresponsible propaganda that only the most extreme of Israel’s supporters are spreading

Israel should be condemned

Ironically, it is Israel that has a well-documented history of using Palestinian civilians, including children, as human shields. In what is referred to as “the neighbor procedure,” Israeli soldiers force Palestinian civilians to approach armed suspects and homes potentially rigged with explosives to protect the lives of soldiers. 
Israel was condemned by the United Nations as recently as last year for its “continuous use of Palestinian children as human shields and informants.” 
More recently, Palestinian civilians have accused Israeli forces of using them as human shields in the Khuzaa neighborhood in Gaza, which has been the site of heavy shelling. 
If anyone should be condemned for using human shields, it is clearly Israel. 
Nevertheless, the US Senate has already unanimously passed two resolutions reaffirming America’s unconditional support for Israel’s right to carry out massacres in Gaza. 
Meanwhile, the US was the only nation to vote against a United Nations inquiry into possible Israeli war crimes in Gaza. 
In other words, don’t be suprised if the Senate resolution, currently making its way through the Senate’s foreign relations committee, passes without a word of dissent.  

Israeli” kids bless IDF tank: “Go with God & kill lots of Arabs for us”


ed note from Trevor; “Israeli” children are subjected to indoctrination with holocaust propaganda to terrify them in their formative years, and this is what makes them grow up to be paranoid and ready to engage in the Wolfowitz-style doctrine of “pre-emptive warfare,” which originally comes from the various books of Judaism, for instance, the “Book of Esther.” Gilad Atzmon calls this Jewish state-of-being “pre-traumatic stress disorder.” However, it is plain to see that these children are PLENTY traumatized…by their own parents and their own regressive, tribal norms. Notice that they don’t say, “kill lots of militants and Hamas fighters,” but “kill lots of Arabs.” They are literally taught that Arabs and other gentiles are nothing but animals, and that the Jews’ mission is to wipe them off the planet.


It’s a clear-cut case of mass child abuse which goes largely unnoticed. 



I recall a few years back reading about this Luntz guy and the methodology he encouraged Jewish media to use as effective propaganda tools against Palestinian suffering etc and sadly it has worked hook line and sinker in the USA  where the media is 100% Jewish owned and controlled, spewing hatred against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, whilst putting Israelis and Jews on a high godly pedestal. It truly is disturbing how the American Public is so taken in, gullible, naïve and stupidly ignorant easily mind manipulated, due to their own racist mindset against others who are not like them
 The secret report that helps Israel hide facts
Israeli spokesmen have their work cut out explaining how they have killed more than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them civilians, compared with just three civilians killed in Israel by Hamas rocket and mortar fire. But on television and radio and in newspapers, Israeli government spokesmen such as Mark Regev appear slicker and less aggressive than their predecessors, who were often visibly indifferent to how many Palestinians were killed.
There is a reason for this enhancement of the PR skills of Israeli spokesmen. Going by what they say, the playbook they are using is a professional, well-researched and confidential study on how to influence the media and public opinion in America and Europe. Written by the expert Republican pollster and political strategist Dr Frank Luntz, the study was commissioned five years ago by a group called The Israel Project, with offices in the US and Israel, for use by those "who are on the front lines of fighting the media war for Israel".
Every one of the 112 pages in the booklet is marked "not for distribution or publication" and it is easy to see why. The Luntz report, officially entitled "The Israel project's 2009 Global Language Dictionary, was leaked almost immediately to Newsweek Online, but its true importance has seldom been appreciated. It should be required reading for everybody, especially journalists, interested in any aspect of Israeli policy because of its "dos and don'ts" for Israeli spokesmen.
These are highly illuminating about the gap between what Israeli officials and politicians really believe, and what they say, the latter shaped in minute detail by polling to determine what Americans want to hear. Certainly, no journalist interviewing an Israeli spokesman should do so without reading this preview of many of the themes and phrases employed by Mr Regev and his colleagues.
The booklet is full of meaty advice about how they should shape their answers for different audiences. For example, the study says that "Americans agree that Israel 'has a right to defensible borders'. But it does you no good to define exactly what those borders should be. Avoid talking about borders in terms of pre- or post-1967, because it only serves to remind Americans of Israel's military history. Particularly on the left this does you harm. For instance, support for Israel's right to defensible borders drops from a heady 89 per cent to under 60 per cent when you talk about it in terms of 1967."
Donations to Israeli occupation force troops overflowing :
The wave of donations to Israeli soldiers has led the army to clarify procedures: Soldiers are not allowed to request or accept donations to themselves or a military unit. 
Dissent is quieted with most Israelis behind Gaza war:
 A near-consensus in Israel supports the government's conduct of the attack on the people of Gaza, views Hamas as the aggressor and considers outsiders' moralizing as hypocritical 

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