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NEWS DIGEST: PA Hypocrisy; ISIS Attacks Hamas in Gaza

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NEWS DIGEST: PA Hypocrisy; ISIS Attacks Hamas in Gaza

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Maisoon  ميسون


 "Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing,"  Walid Moualim



EU joins criticism of illegal, east Jerusalem settlement plan:

"Israel's determination to continue its settlement policy despite the urging of the international community not only threatens the viability of the two state solution but also seriously calls into question its commitment to a negotiated agreement with the Palestinians," the EU said in a statement


May God rest the souls of all these resistance fighters who are trying to free their country from Zionist tyrannical domination and rule.

May God damn the House of Saud, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar  and all  the USSRAELI Mercenary Killers and Rebels collaborating with them



I guess THIS exposes just who ISIS really is!

ISIS supporters claim attack on Hamas in Gaza:

In a statement posted online, the group calling itself Supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Jerusalem said it fired mortar rounds at a base used by Hamas's armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.


Israeli soldier: We bombed civilian targets in Gaza for entertainment:

"We used shells excessively, when I saw anything moving, if an open window, I would shell it. If I saw a moving car, I would fire a rocket.


Gaza farmers face Israeli bullets to harvest crops

On Friday, Israeli snipers positioned on the Gaza border in the north of the besieged territory shot a Palestinian farmer, causing him serious injuries.


West Bank village challenges Israel's iron grip on planning

AD-DEIRAT (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - It was a large house with three floors and freshly painted pale blue shutters that had just been built for a family of 17.
But within a few hours of work by a pair of Israeli bulldozers, all that was left was a mountain of rubble and twisted metal.
Note: Israel is the greatest destroyer of property of all time in the whole world.


Settlers attack Palestinian woman and her children in Hebron

A group of Jewish settlers physically assaulted a Palestinian woman and her young children in the Old City of Hebron in the southern West Bank late Saturday, a local human rights group said.


I am SO SICK TO DEATH OF ALAN HART AND his perpetual ‘Zionist’ Not Jewish mantra garbage. Israelis themselves KEEP DECLARING ISRAEL a JEWISH, NOT ZIONIST BUT JEWISH STATE and yet people like Hart and other idiots go on and on about making this differentiation when there is none. Zionism IS the POLITICAL ARM of Judaism

Israel-Palestine: Speeding up the countdown to catastrophe

Alan Hart explains why he believes that the countdown to catastrophe in Israel-Palestine has begun, and argues that the extent to which Israeli Jews have been brainwashed has made this inevitable.

‘Illegal under international law’: EU slams Israel’s settlement plans in East Jerusalem

The EU has criticized Israel for recently approving the construction of 900 new settler homes in East Jerusalem, joining the US and Palestinian condemnation of Tel-Aviv’s settlement policies.


EU MPs demand ending partnership pacts with Israel

A group of European lawmakers demand the abolition of partnership agreements with the Israeli regime citing its persisting aggression against the Palestinian population.


Israel's neo-slavery in the Jordan Valley

Israel Will Now Be Ruled by the Most Extreme Right-Wing Government in Its History

Here are the major players in this new extremist ruling coalition.

Read the rest of this entry »


ISRAEL’s Governments have always been racist Nazi Fascists, Talmudic Extremists- only difference today is that they are more open about it due to their cockiness and arrogance, knowing full well they can never be stopped and can continue with their take over of Palestine and kill its people with total impunity seeing that they own and control the International Community plus the Jewish Arabs it has installed to rule the Arabs. Their racist attack upon Muslims also will continue with a typical Purim Vengeance- Jews LOVE REVENGE- it is part of their Talmudic religious Ritual

Palestinian Authority Hypocrisy

In May 7, Netanyahu announced the most lunatic fringe coalition regime in Israel's history.

It includes racist hate-mongers, over-the-top fascists and religious fundamentalist zealots - an incendiary combination threatening regional peace and stability.

Palestinian Authority (PA) chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said "(t)he face of a new form of racist, discriminatory Israel has been revealed."

Netanyahu is "leading the charge to bury the two-state solution and impose a perpetual apartheid regime."

He formed a new government "of war which will be against peace and stability in our region."

Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh said Netanyahu must choose between peace and a two-state solution or a "policy of aggression and arbitrary violations against our people."



Syrian army, Hezbollah oust rebels from Qalamoun village outskirts: Al-Manar:

The Syrian army and Hezbollah have ousted Islamist militants from areas surrounding a border town that was the site of fierce fighting earlier this week, Al-Manar television reported Saturday.  


Syrian troops battle to free trapped forces: monitor:

"Government forces and allied fighters are now two kilometres from the hospital and desperately want to save the 250 people besieged inside," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman. Syrian forces inside the hospital have been battling rebels to keep them from entering the building.


Syrian official lashes out over US training of mercenaries:

Syria's deputy foreign minister criticized a new U.S. program to train "moderate." mercenary fighters in Jordan, saying it will only fuel terrorism and further complicate efforts to reach a political solution.


Syria "Rebels" Cast Doubt on US Training Program:

Syrian rebels on Friday voiced deep reservations about a U.S. program to train moderate rebels that American and Jordanian officials say has kicked off in Jordan, dismissing it as a drop in the ocean that would not change realities on the ground.


Human Rights Watch Again Accuses Syria Of "Barrel Bomb" Damage Done By Others:

This is thereby at least the third time HRW is using a wrongly attributed pictures to depict current enemies of U.S. imperialism as having causing the damage the U.S. empire and/or its friends have caused.


Who Created Jihadi John?


Who are we defending from whom and which values are we attempting to defend?


Jewish Media

US idea to lay blame in Syria chlorine attacks gets support:

A "large majority" of U.N. Security Council members support a U.S. effort to create a way to attribute blame for chlorine attacks in Syria and are ready to move quickly in the next few days, the council president said Thursday. Russia worries whether it will be objective, with the Russian ambassador saying, "They've done their attribution of blame already."



The Final PushSplitting Up Iraq

By Mike Whitney

Can you see what a sham this is?   Iraq's fate is sealed.




UN officials unhappy with Saudi Arabia's plans for Yemen aid:

The United Nations and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are locked in a bitter dispute over Riyadh's insistence that humanitarian aid for Yemen be coordinated through Saudi authorities.


Yemen, the real conflict


Poverty, dictatorship & suppression of socialist movement till soil for extremist forces.


Saudi airstrikes targeted international airport in Yemen's capital

Saudi airstrikes have targeted the international airport in Yemen's capital, just hours after authorities announced that it would reopen to receive humanitarian aid.


Yemen's children at immediate risk of severe malnutrition:

More children in Yemen are at risk of dying from hunger and lack of health services than from bombs and bullets, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned today amid ongoing fighting across the Gulf country.


Saudi strikes in Yemen city break law: UN official:

"The indiscriminate bombing of populated areas, with or without prior warning, is in contravention of international humanitarian law (IHL)," Johannes van der Klaauw said. "Issuing warnings of impeding attacks does not absolve the parties of their IHL obligations to protect civilians from harm."


US may sell Saudis bombs once only offered to Israel - report:

Possible bunker buster sale, along with offering F-35s to UAE, reportedly being weighed as part of American effort to allay regional fears of Iran deal


 Canada, State Sponsor of Terrorism? Role of Canadian Embassy in Jordan in ISIS Recruitment?

There is a consistent pattern. NATO member states including Turkey, France, Britain as well as NATO partner countries (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) have been involved in the recruitment and training of ISIS terrorists.

Canada is no exception. The latest bombshell revelation pertains to the alleged uncover role of Canada and its intelligence services in the recruitment of ISIS mercenaries.’


The JEWISH SAUDIS are Barbaric and UNISLAMIC. They are SAVAGES who are polluting Arabia with their filth and their hijack and demonisation of Islam, applying  distorted Sharia Laws. Nowhere in the Quran does God authorie beheadings or hanging of bodies!! This is done by the Jewish Wahhabis to spread fear against anyone who dares challenge their British created monarchist/fascist rule

Saudi Arabia Beheads Five Foreigners, Hangs their Corpses from Helicopter:

After their beheading, which took place in Jeddah, Saudi officials hung the bodies from a helicopter so as to deter others from committing such crimes.  


Arab League Close To Forming Unified Military Force

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said the Arab League is moving closer to forming a joint Arab military force, pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Saturday.

“Technical teams are already working to develop a vision to establish a joint Arab force, and this will be ready within the next four months,” Shukri said on the sidelines of a state visit to Eritrea.

Speaking about Yemen, the FM said: “There can be no doubt that the situation in Yemen requires serious effort in order to find a solution to the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the suffering of the Yemeni people. We need to find a way to return legitimacy and restore stability to Yemen.”


Omar Khadr Speaks After Being Released on Bail


 "We left a child, a Canadian child, to suffer torture. We participated in this torture,"


800 bodies found in sunken migrant ship:

The bodies of some 800 migrants may be recovered from the wreck of ship that sank on 18 April off the Libyan coast, Italian prosecutors said on Friday.


ISIL training Taliban militants in Afghanistan's north


Organic Farming Knowledge Grows Across Africa

By: ActivistPost
By Jeffery Green

Perhaps no place in the world typifies the ravages of mass starvation and generalized food shortages than Africa. It also is a continent that has been consistently targeted by biotech and agribusiness conglomerates to receive their poisonous products as a supposed solution...


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