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Gaza: Whole Villages Have Been Wiped Off the Map!

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The smell and the sights we saw were shocking. The moment we parked and I got out, a very strange smell hit us—the smell of dead bodies. That smell will never leave me; it is still stuck in my nose. We saw totally flattened houses and other houses partially destroyed.  It reminded me of pictures from war-torn areas where years of fighting erased a village

I’m writing now from my home, but I still feel dizzy from shock and nauseated by the sights and smells on my visit to Khan Younis and Khuza’a.

Yesterday I decided to use the opportunity of the ceasefire to visit my family in Khan Younis. I especially wanted to see my sister who had open heart surgery before Israel’s assault. I hadn’t seen her for 36 days. I’m lucky that I have enough fuel in my car to drive 24 kilometers (15 miles) so I struck out towards the south.

I drove down Salaheddin Road and passed rubble from mosques, houses, and factories. Some buildings were destroyed completely and some partially. Later on in my drive, I saw dozens of big trees uprooted and smashed, fruit trees destroyed and farms and gardens decimated and ruined. The Israeli bombs were aimed to destroy the infrastructure, to destroy Gaza’s economy. Even the main cookie factory was targeted and destroyed.

I passed UN trucks distributing food to people in long lines. This siege and assault by the Israelis has made everyone in the Gaza Strip live as a refugee, missing basic needs and struggling to survive.

When I drove up to my family’s place in Khan Younis, it was a very emotional moment. We’ve lost many family members and, excuse me, my friends, I’m not going to talk about this meeting because every family in Gaza is going through the same thing.

My sister and relatives decided they wanted to go to see Khuza’a, a village located east of Khan Younis. At first I didn’t want to go to Khuza’a. I didn’t want to be reminded of the massacre, to witness more horrors. But I decided to go so I could give you, my friends from the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), and others living outside of Gaza my first-hand account. I know you are following the news closely but I also know the news might not tell you what has gone on and is going on in Gaza.

As we set out to the east, my niece pointed out the devastation, “You can see where the Israeli tanks were—here and here.” When we came to the village Abbasan, there was an Israeli military vehicle destroyed. Palestinian flags were flying from it and Palestinian children were playing on it while their families stood watching them.

We continued toward Khuza’a. It was a model Palestinian agricultural village with open fields and green everywhere. They had fruit trees and vegetable fields. But there was nothing left of the village I remembered.

Gaza: Whole Villages Have Been Wiped Off the MapSuspected IDF mass execution in Khuza’a


The smell and the sights we saw were shocking. The moment we parked and I got out, a very strange smell hit us—the smell of dead bodies. That smell will never leave me; it is still stuck in my nose. We saw totally flattened houses and other houses partially destroyed.  It reminded me of pictures from war-torn areas where years of fighting erased a village. I could tell that something huge and terrible had happened here, the rubble and the destruction were extreme. Some villagers told us they had found two bodies in the rubble a couple of hours before we arrived. Still people were searching the ruins for their relative’s remains. Many times I had to stop myself from vomiting because the smell was so strong.

This Israeli assault has hit the Palestinian people more deeply than the last two military attacks. This one is even more deadly and destructive. Whole neighborhoods and villages have been wiped off the map.

I ask myself now how can we start again?


Dr. Mona El-Farra, Director of Gaza Projects, is a physician by training and a human rights and women’s rights activist by practice in the occupied Gaza Strip.




#1 Gaza whole village wiped outmaisoon 2014-08-26 22:29
This latest unequal barbaric one sided war against the Gazan Palestinians can never be forgiven or erased form the memory of the Palestinian people and will remain a constant reminder of jjust who their real Enemy is and remains so, despite all the ceasefires and endless Truces brokered by a Biased third party. Naturally we are elated for the survivors who I am certain want peace and quiet, a semblance of normalcy in their tortured livex. We must never forget the terrible price paid with the deaths of all our martyrs, our Children- babies, Toddlers, little Ones, teenagers, our women, young and old, our elderly, male and female as well as our men, our brave Fighters defending their ancestral homeland. May they all be blessed and received with Compassion and Mercy by Almighty God, and their souls rest in eternal peace.
For their loved ones left behind, our prayers go out to each and everyone of them as practically every family in Gaza ha lost loved ones/friends. My God give them strength, resilience, wisdom and further courage

To date and still counting the dead
Nearly 2200 Gazan Palestinians dead, of which over 550 are children, over 400 women, over 379 elderly

Over 12,000 injured, maimed

over 400,000 displaced, turning Refugees into further Refugees
91 Entire Families have been barbarically wiped out by Israel's Holocaust of Gaza.

Entire Villages, Residential Areas Wiped out, flattened,

Over 7000 Homes destroyed
Even livestock/animals killed

Refugee camps deliberately attacked, Schools destroyed-
Over 60 mosques targeted, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Rehab Centres, Courthouses, Fire Stations, Farmland, Sewage treatment plants, Water treatment Plants, Power Plants
,134 Factories adding further 30,000 to the unemployed
Numerous Life saving Tunnels destroyed by Israel and its Zionist Helper, Egypt.

This was ISRAEL's HOLOCAUST of GAZA, calculated, deliberate with use of state of the Art Weapons of Mass Destruction which Nuclear Israel is abundantly supplied with courtesy of its own Military and those of its Zionist inbred Allies, the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Japan.
Israel used its Army, Navy and Air force- all heavily equipped and all contributed to the Holocaust of Gaza- inflicting as the Greek word define itself, massive death and destruction and great loss of life, especially through fire- in this case Israel's Military Firepower- F16s, F22, Drones, Dime Bombs, Phosphorous Bombs, Organ shredding Flechettes, Caterpillar Tanks. and other unknown newly used Chemical and Biological Weaponry created by warmongering Jewish Scientists.
Well we all know where the elusive WMDS that Iraq never had, were all along- in Israel itself [Iraq being another war for Eretz Israel and was the war against the Syrian Nation, also Holocausted by Zionist Mercenary Killers posing as Phoney Muslims.
3 Massive Wars for Eretz Israel
3 Nations Holocausted [and Libya]
3 Crimes Against Humanity

a Real Live Holocaust courtesy of the Talmudic Jewry in Israel.
A Holocaust that Arabs and Muslims should NEVER ever forget or forgive

I leave you with my poem

We the people of Palestine are the bricks, stone and mortar of our country.

We are its Muslims, its Christians, its Al Aqsa and Church of Nativity.
We are its towns, villages, Farmland, Streets, history and ancient City

We are its Earth, its moon, and its star, its Mountain
We are its happiness, its sorrow, its loss and its pain

We are its fruits, Orange Groves, Olive Trees, Cacti and Cedar trees

We are its mountains, hills, winding roads, rivers, sea and gentle breezes

We are its faith its culture and its language, our blessings from our Creator

We are its heartbeat, its soul, memories, dreams and its aspirations our mentor

Our struggle lives on with our Strength, Hope, resilience and resistance
With Determination will survive, we will never die as God Himself guarantees our existence

By the grace of God, we will live to see another day
Our Destiny was to be its past, its present and it will be its Future one Day!!

We will never forgive the Killers of our People and we will never forget our dead, our brave innocent Martyrs or the true grit of our Resistance Fighters and our dedicated Medical Staff.
God Bless you all.

For any oppressed nation, it is a God given right to resist in order to exist.

“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight back), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right, (for no cause) except that they say, our Lord is God”. (Quran- Surah 22:39-40)
#2 Beautiful...Nashid 2014-08-27 19:39
ASA Maisoon, this is one of the most beautiful and heart touching words that I have ever read. It is beautiful in its expression although the facts about the devastation and destruction of Gaza and the people of Gaza are most heart wrenching.

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