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NEWS DIGEST: Gaza - Debunking the Myths!

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NEWS DIGEST: Gaza - Debunking the Myths!

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Maisoon  ميسون             
“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight back), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right, (for no cause) except that they say, our Lord is God”. (22:39-40)
Jabaliya refugee camp targeted Sunday 10th August
 More Victims recovered
Fire station attacked which was very near to a hotel hosting journalists.
'It's simple: either condemn Israel's actions or embrace your identity as someone who's okay with the wholesale slaughter of children.’
'Only Israel can murder around 300 children in the span of a few weeks and insist that it is the victim.'
'It's quite simple, really: don't support any ideology whose practice results in dead children.' [ethical Professor Steven Salaita who lost his job because of his comments on Israel’s attack on Gaza-no job is worth SUCKING UP TO JEWISH PRESSURE and intimidation. god bless him for his Humanity]                                               
Video Michael Jackson- a song that probably cost him his life

Gaza’s Children: The Psychological Trauma of Catastrophe

By: Elias
There is a way to stop the cycle, with humanitarian efforts and discussion about what needs to be done. These children are innocent, and yet they are subjected to so much. It is a moral responsibility of the international community to provide assistance to alleviate the strife of these children and rebuild what is left of the home of the Palestinian people.
personally I don’t believe Israel fears anything like this as they maintain their control of the Laws of the International community, having ensured the placement of Jews in top judicial bodies ad Organisations like the UN, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty Intl, and others which appear independent
‘Israel PM fears war crime charges’     
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is afraid of a possible international lawsuit by Palestinians against the Zionist regime to face war crime charges, an analyst tells Press TV.
In an interview with Press TV on Friday, Jim W. Dean said Netanyahu is appealing to US lawmakers to dodge war crime charges over Israel’s onslaught on Gaza.  
“By doing this and putting a show on doing it publicly, he is showing that they are really afraid of this…,” Dean added.
The analyst stated that Netanyahu is seeking the help of US Congressmen to assist Tel Aviv avert war crime charges and, thus, continue its war on Gaza.
“What he is asking the Congress to do is to aid and abet Israel getting away with these war crimes that they have been committing, which basically is giving them the potential to continue to do these,” he said.
Dean added that “all supporters” of Israel must be also sued in international courts for helping the Tel Aviv regime with its crimes.
The Israeli military aggression against Gaza, which began on July 8, has claimed lives of more than 1,900 Palestinians, including more than 400 children, and injured over 10,000 others.
A 72-hour truce in Gaza ended Friday morning without any agreement to extend it. Shortly after the expiry of the truce, the Israeli regime resumed pounding the Gaza Strip and Israeli tanks were redeployed to their previous positions during the Gaza war.
Meanwhile, Netanyahu reportedly met with US officials on Wednesday, asking them to ensure that Palestinians’ bid to go to ICC does not succeed after Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki met with ICC officials in The Hague earlier this week to file a complaint detailing war crimes committed by the Israeli army over the past few weeks in Palestine.
Israeli Military Torturing Palestinian Children ~viewer discretion~

War on Gaza - Debunking the myths

The reality of what is happening in Gaza is being distorted in the global media. Enough is enough, writes Mustafa Barghouti
GAZA CITY, 7 August 2014 (IRIN) - There are about 10 seconds, or at least that is what it feels like, between the launching of the missile and the devastating crash of the explosion. They are the darkest moments of my life. As the sound of the falling missile grows, my stomach lurches, I close my eyes and think of my family. The tape of my life flashes before my eyes as we wait to find out if this is the end.

Then the explosion - sometimes a distant crack, others a devastating boom. I breathe a sigh of relief; all the while knowing it is some other family’s turn to have their lives destroyed. Yet the reprieveis only ever temporary; these moments have been repeated dozens of times every night for the past month as Israel has pounded Gaza, the small Palestinian enclave I call home.
During the attacks, you abandon the idea of sleeping regularly; the continuous air strikes and shelling make it impossible. Lying in your own bed next to a window increases the risk of damage if the windows shatter so I have a temporary mattress under the staircase where I lie down - reducing the chances, ever so slightly, that the next bomb will be my last.Occasionally, the exhaustion is such that I slip into a sleep so deep that I don’t notice explosions even metres from my home.
It was one such night last week that I awoke to learn that the mosque I pray in and the university I studied at had been hit - both partially destroyed by attacks in the night. I had spent over five years at the prestigious Islamic University of Gaza, both as a student and later as a teaching assistant. When I learned the news I was overcome with grief - it felt as if my life was being eliminated, my most cherished memories systematically destroyed.
Photo: Haytham Besaiso/IRIN
Al-Amin Mohamed mosque near Haytham's home
In a place as small as Gaza - less than half the size of New York City - nowhere is safe. My neighbourhood, in the west of Gaza City near the beach, was not in the centre of the ground offensive but it was not much luckier than the rest. A residential building a few metres from my home was destroyed, while the area has been badly damaged.
Since Gaza’s only power station was destroyed, we have been plunged into darkness. The lucky ones were getting electricity for one or two hours a day, but in recent days even that has disappeared. My family has a diesel generator that we occasionally turn on to check the news but it is expensive and fuel is sparse. The rest of the time we sit, often listening to the local radio news. Every report brings with it new tragedies, civilians killed by attackers they never even saw. The more I listen, the angrier I feel that the world is just watching as we are dying. In the end, I turn off the radio. 

In the house we have been running low on even basic supplies. The 72-hour ceasefire has helped ease the situation somewhat, but even now every day is a battle to get what we need to survive - drinking water and food.
Overflowing sewage
In my house, the water stopped flowing days ago and the sewage is overflowing. To get undrinkable water for washing and cleaning, we have to call a private company to come fill our tank. In recent days, even this has dried up - the destruction to the water infrastructure is such that even private companies have nothing to sell. Instead we are using the “grey water’ concept of reusing wastewater to flush the toilets.
It felt as if my life was being eliminated, my most cherished memories systematically destroyed
The few times I have risked going outside during the attacks, the scenes I have seen have become etched into my memory. Children rushing around, risking their lives carrying empty bottles to get water, others standing in long queues to get bread; it is too painful to think about.
We are reaching the end of the ceasefire, but it is not yet clear what happens next. We have stocked up our resources, preparing for the next round. I have enough drinking water for 10 days and stocked up on tinned cans, while we have bought some meat and vegetables but they won’t last long - more than a day or so - without electricity. If the bread goes stale we can wet it and put it in the oven to make it edible again. 
Many Palestinians are tired and sad. In the rest of the world I am 26 years old, but here in Gaza we have a different measure of time - I am 3 wars old. Too many years of Israeli attacks have worn us down. When I graduated I had options to work in many countries. Instead I returned to Gaza to rebuild the city I know and love. Now we are faced with starting again.
Yet we also share a common spirit of resilience. We have paid a high cost in lives in this conflict. But if that’s the price for long-term changes – breaking the siege and obtaining freedom – it’s one many of us feel we have no choice but to swallow. Otherwise, we would merely be replacing the quick death of an airstrike with the slow death of the blockade.

Haytham Besaiso is a civil engineer who has an MSc from the University of Manchester in the UK

Iranian General: Hamas Proved Superior to Israel

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' deputy commander, Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, said Saturday night that since the ceasefire plan proposed by Egypt is “biased,” the best possible option for the Palestinians at present is continued resistance and war against Israel. He added that Hamas enjoys hidden war equipment and capabilities which will be used in later stages of the war.
"The plan proposed by Egypt meets the Zionist regime's interests and is not acceptable as it seeks to disarm the resistance, but we know that the damage inflicted on the Palestinians by a ceasefire is more than the damage of war," Salami said in a live interview with Iran's state-run TV on Saturday night, reported Iran's Fars news agency.
Salami said Israel has been defeated in close-range and street fighting against Hamas and other Palestinian groups, and that “the Zionist army cannot move on the ground.”

Netanyahu asks US to help Israel avoid war crime charges

I would correct Ben White on his figure of 1000 homes destroyed
To date over 6500 homes have been destroyed;
Nearly 2000 Holocausted, 10000 injured/maimed and this does not even take into account the immense psychological trauma and mental anguish suffered by the survivors who witnessed the carnage; Plus there are still bodies to be recovered.
Of the 2000 dead, over 450 are children under 15, over 255 are women, 374 elderly
65 Entire Families slaughtered, some executed in traditional Israeli style
Over 300,000 displaced and for some who returned to their homes found it ransacked, with Faeces and Urine smeared inside what was left of their homes, with death threats in graffiti style left on walls and doors courtesy of the Star of David Brigade daubed on the walls left standing,;their savings stolen,, furniture/household appliances smashed to pieces.
over 60 Mosques destroyed along with Churches, Hospitals, Clinics, Civil centres, universities, Schools, Fire Stations
Ambulances and their personnel also targeted and some included in the death toll, along with 15 journalists
All this from the 'most moral army in the world', emanating from a Nuclear Armed Military State with State of the Art lethal Weapons of Mass Destruction- guess we all now know where all those elusive WMDS that Iraq did not have, was all long. Chemical and Biological WMDS created by Israel as well as its bosom Pals the US, UK, Germany, France.
A Greek definition for their word holos kaustos-Massive death and destruction or great loss of Life especially by Fire- that sums up Israel's one sided Military war against a Civilian population of Gaza = Holocaust of Gaza by Israel.
Israel, should and must face a Nuremberg style Court for War Crimes along with its Allies- for aiding and abetting financially as well as helping to arm Israel
USA and UK must feel very proud to have helped Israel in this way. And the condemnations from France and Australia are shallow, insincere and hypocritical as they only spoke out when an UNRWA school was hit, but not when other schools, families, homes, hospitals etc were targeted.
This was Israel's 4th Holocaust against Palestine.
Israel's atrocities in Gaza prompt unprecedented political fallout
11 July Israel/Gaza: UN must impose arms embargo and mandate an international investigation, civilian death toll
The parallels to the plight of the Palestinian people and Native Americans have been drawn by many. Speaking in San Francisco, Tony Gonzales of the American Indian Movement (AIM), ”with a common legacy of bantustans (homelands) – Indian reservations and encircled Palestinian territories – Native Americans understand well the situation of Palestinians.”
While there are certainly diverse views on nearly every political issue imaginable within Native American communities, a growing number are beginning to empathize with and see a disturbing parallel between what happened to the First Peoples of North America, and Palestinians in the Levant


Finnish reporter sees rockets fired from Gaza hospital
"I spent a night at the Shifa hospital in Gaza two weeks ago. I was covering the situation in Gaza for my newspaper.
"My story was about the Palestinian civilians who were victims of war. My article started with a story of four little boys who were killed on the beach the same day. The Shifa hospital was full of women and children who were victims of this ugly war. I described their stories in detail.
"During the night someone launched a rocket somewhere behind the hospital. Now this sentence from my article is spreading in the pro-Israeli medias. I mentioned this in my article because I’m a professional journalist. I try to cover the events truthfully as I see them and I strongly condemn these kind of actions.
"But I find it very disgusting how this one sentence was taken out context to be used as an excuse to target civilians in Gaza. My story became quickly a tool of propaganda. The people sharing this story are not even trying to understand the situation as a whole. They are just looking for excuses to Israeli actions in Gaza. I refuse to be part of this kind of propaganda."
See the full report and video HERE

Jewish Soldiers Detonating a Mosque (must watch)

The 20th century is saturated with stories of Bolshevik and Marxist Jews burning churches in the name of the ‘revolution’. Below you can watch Israelis detonating a Mosque in the name of the Jewish people.
As the mosque is turned into dust, the Israeli soldier shouts “Long Live The State Of Israel” (Te’chi Medinat Israe)

9. Richard Silverstein on Israel Murdering Its Own Soldiers

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following is a superb article by Richard Silverstein. It explores the history and meaning of the IDF’s Hannibal Directive  - an Israeli military protocol designed to prevent IDF soldiers from being captured alive by enemy forces.  The directive orders commanders to take necessary measures, including endangering the life of an abducted soldier, to foil a kidnapping. In practice, the Hannibal Directive orders IDF combatants to kill their comrades in a case of abduction.
Silverstein is horrified by the directive and its ethical and legal implications. He also believes that such a homicidal protocol is inconsistent with the Israeli military’s alleged heritage of caring for its soldiers.  But Silverstein’s perspective may be mistaken.
It must be noted that military and civil law are distinctively different domains. While civil law serves to protect societal and individual rights, military law serves the system as a whole. This explains, for instance, why collective punishment is common and even acceptable within the context of a military legal discourse.  It serves the military’s interests as opposed to the rights of individuals.  The amusing adage “military law is to law as military music is to music,” captures the ethical absurdity that is entangled with military law
The Hannibal Directive is consistent with Israeli national and military interests. From the point of view of Israel’s strategic interests, a captured soldier entails compromises Israel would prefer to avoid.
Silverstein writes, “The Hannibal Directive embraces a fascist perspective in which the individual is subsumed within the mass.  He has no specific individual value unless he is serving the interest of the nation.  And his interests may, when necessary be sacrificed to the greater good.” Silverstein is addressing the issue from an ethical perspective within the spirit of enlightenment. But Zionism and Jewish nationalism are inherently anti-enlightenment ideologies. Zionism denotes the birth of the ‘Jewish people,’ the idea that every Jew is an integral part of a larger collective with clear tribal interests that outweigh the individual. Accordingly, in an extreme situation, the interests of the tribe are far more important than the individual rights. The Hannibal Directive is a glimpse into the depth of the Jewish collective bond and  tribal commitment. It exposes the level of commitment and sacrifice expected of tribal members.   
Silverstein identifies the directive as fascist, but he should remember that Zionism predates Fascism and unlike Fascism that was largely defeated, Zionism has so far prevailed.
 Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture

The birth of modern Israel from Herzl's Zionist vision of a Jewish homeland to today's reality

The written statement was in a letter from British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour to British financier James de Rothschild, often called the "Balfour Declaration". The Balfour letter was the result of prolonged, secret negotiations in Britain and America. It settled on the term "home", a carefully crafted ambiguity, to describe a Jewish community in Palestine. The British interpreted this as a cultural enclave, while the Zionists would ultimately interpret it to mean a Jewish state. Thus, it let some politicians get banker support for their ends, while not committing to a war in Palestine, and let the bankers claim a legal toe-hold from which they could take step (2) toward a Jewish state. The declaration in the Balfour letter says,
"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

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