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NEWS DIGEST: Hamas - "Israel commits war crimes in Gaza"

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Maisoon  ميسون
Over 100 Palestinians killed today Sunday alone
OVER 1830 HOLOCAUSTED Gazans and counting
Over 400 children.  Over 61 Entire Families murdered
OVER 9390 Injured, MAIMED, Loss of Limbs
6150 homes destroyed
schools destroyed, more mosques targeted, Hospitals, Courthouses,
Why only condemnation from Zionist puppet Ban Ki Moon when UNRWA buildings are attacked? He says nothing about the other daily atrocities against Gaza’s young population
Why does the UN continue to give Israel the whereabouts of Gazans taking refuge in their buildings- surely this gives Israel another new target of civilians.
Time decent Nations removed themselves from Zionist controlled United Nations and set up their own organization of Nations.
Time to remove Ban Ki Moon as Secretary General from an organization that claims to represent all its member states but instead represents a select few who dominate, intimidate, blackmail and bribe other members.
By Khalid Amayreh [ 03/08/2014 - 04:38 PM ]
President Obama's obvious reluctance to condemn the ongoing Israeli holocaust in the Gaza Strip caricatures a weak and dishonest character.
Siham Shaath was nursing her 26 days old baby when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) bombed her house, on Thursday evening.
A state of tension prevailed in al-Aqsa Mosque’s yards early Sunday morning as a round of desecration break-ins has been launched by a bunch of advocates of the so-called Israeli Temple Organizations.
Around 500 Palestinians were arrested from different parts of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem in July, Palestinian Prisoners Society revealed on Sunday.
Six Israeli warships crossed the Suez Canal over the past three days, an Egyptian official in Suez Canal Authority revealed, saying that “it is an ordinary transit that happens each year”.
No doubt they will set up all their legal experts with help from the corrupt US Intl Human Rights Lawyers, along with the equally Corrupt and Masonic Clan within the Zionist controlled ICC which prefers to go after African Rulers, but never Israel, as it is never within its remit as both Israel and the US are not signatories to the ICC convenient cop outs for 2 War Criminal States run by the same evil supremacist mindset that always wishes to dissolve its Military from all Internationally accepted and recognised War crimes. The UN as well will be as useless as it has always been, filing reports but never acting on it and it ends up in the dusty shelves of the UN Archives for future generations to ogle over. The Judiciary in most of Western countries are in the majority Jewish, so what does that already tell you what to expect from world JEWDICIARY.
 In one way Israel ahs already admitted it has committed War Crimes because why else would it want to set up a team to ‘defend’ its  State sanctioned killer! Oh and we must of course NOT forget how countries like the UK changed their own Laws, passed special Bills to allow Israeli War criminals into the UK free from threats of Arrest!! One big JEWDICIAL Frame up and as usual Palestinians will never get the justice their dead deserve for Israel’s Holocaust of their people within ALL of occupied Palestine but especially for what they have done to Gaza. They should in all rights also be tried for their War Crimes against the People of Iraq, Libya and Syria as well as their covert meddling in Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Ukraine and their murderous attack on the Mavi marmara. But be assured Israelis will face the greatest Court, Judge, Jury and Executioner eventually, something they can never escape from and no amount of Yom Kippurs/Rosh Hashanahs will ever dissolve them of their Evils from the One and True God, rather than their Luciferian g-d-
The Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) have established a team to develop a strategic plan to face charges of committing war crimes against civilians in Gaza, Haartez Hebrew newspaper said Sunday.
inna lillahi wah inna illahi raji'oun
Around 2,400 Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria since the outbreak of Syrian revolution till late July, the Action Group for Palestinian refugees in Syria revealed.
Why is this ZIONIST QATARI EMIR Upset about this since he ha snever ever cared about Palestinians and ha sin fact worked with Israel all this time, joining Zionists in their agenda- look at how he has played a great role in the destruction of Syria and supporting the Nasty Takfiris who are all Zionist paid Mercenaries. Meshall betrayed the Palestinians by joining forces with Qatar and turning his back on Syria that had given him refuge for many years and treated him fairly. No Meshaal made a serious grave error allying himself with Al Thani just because he has the money!! Qatar has its own interests in Gaza and it is not humanitarian- Qatar us treating Gaza as Real Estate Venture and possibly worth billions  in Gas Revenue from its newly discovered Reserves which Israel is already planning on usurping, having made a deal with UK Companies. Palestinians should have no dealings at all with Qatar, Egypt, Jordan,UAE or Saudi and Turkey as they are all in collusion with Israel and all wish to see the ‘Israel’s  final solution to the Palestinian issue- namely  its annihilation. Palestine has been a festering thorn in the Consciences of these soulless Arab Rulers who relinquished ownership of their own souls to the Devil incarnate- Israel
Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, expressed his surprise at the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s position in which he held Hamas responsible for violating the Gaza ceasefire.
Head of Hamas's political bureau Khaled Mishaal said that his movement did not and will never accept a ceasefire that includes Israeli presence in Gaza.
A delegation of the Hamas Movement led by political bureau member Ezzet al-Resheq arrived in Cairo Sunday for indirect talks with Israel over a possible calm in the Gaza Strip.
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 Israeli snipers shooting aid workers in Gaza
The Right-Wing Delusion That Obama Is an Israel-Hating Dove
UNRWA says running out of food, drugs for displaced Gazans
By: Elias
“It is deeply cynical for the White House to condemn the deaths and injuries of Palestinians, including children, and humanitarian workers, when it knows full well that the Israeli military responsible for such attacks are armed to the teeth with weapons and equipment bankrolled by US taxpayers.”
Don’t Worry, the ‘Grown-Ups’ Will Deal With Gaza, Tom Tomorrow
Humanitarian updates about the emergency in Gaza

Washington Pays Lip Service to Israeli War Crimes: U.S. Veto Power Ensures Israel’s Impunity from International Law

** Right-wing rabbi’s ruling: Israel may totally destroy Gaza if necessary
“Iron Dome is a Bluff”, Says Israeli Defense Expert Moti Shefer

What if Hamas "rockets" are a hoax? No pictures of damage, injuries,
nothing. Why not?
Israelis do not need to have a wall to block their view of Palestinians- They are the most racist people on the planet, blinded by their supremacist ideology that is drummed into them by their rabbis- deaf dumb and blind to Humanity as they see themselves arrogantly as divinely blessed, somehow invincible


Israel’s 10-meter high separation barrier and the country’s decades of indoctrination have blocked its view and allowed Israelis to simply stop seeing real live Palestinians — decidedly alive, even if not well, and determined to live normal lives.

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