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NEWS DIGEST: Israel Holocausts the town of Rafah in Gaza!

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Maisoon  ميسون
Over 300 children.  50 Entire Families murdered
OVER 9000 Injured, MAIMED, Loss of Limbs
6000 homes destroyed
schools destroyed, more mosques targeted, Hospitals, Courthouses
86 killed today, 350 injured after long bloody  bombing of  Rafah
No DOUBT ISRAEL will SELL some of these weapons to its ALLIES- AFTER all they have used GAZA as their LIVE TESTING GROUND.                              
Talmudic JEWISH BARBARITY AT ITS JEWISH BEST! This father had even bought his child a toy, in denial of losing his toddler, a toddler with such VICIOUS EVIL horrific wounds inflicted upon him by that Shitty Talmudic Entity that brought its Hell to Palestine and the Arab World.
God damn Israel, God Damn the Arab Collaborators- Judaic Wahabi/Salafist/Takfiri Scum, Jordan’s half Jew Abdullah, Egypt’s Mossad Moroccan Jew Al Sisi, Qatar’s Al Thani, The Arab League shameful Members,Turkey’s Judaic Erdogan-
God Damn the Western Pro Israel Zionist Scum from the Godless US,Canada, through to UK,EU, Australia, and their immoral International Community and parts of Africa and Asia who also support Zionism, and may God damn the UN Secretary General for his collusion
May God’s curse be upon all these Masonic Cold Blooded Leaders. But especially May God Curse the Jews of Israel and World Jewry that supports that Luciferian Entity, vociferously believing in its existence- their so called safe homeland for world Jewry- But I ask- what about a SAFE HOMELAND for Humanity’s GENTILES, safe from their brand of ‘Judaism’ which should be re named Talmudism that is a compilation of immorality, filth and ungodly ideals..
You Damn ISRAELI JEWS- your Holohoax is NOTHING compared to what YOUR kind have inflicted upon Palestinians, upon Arabs, upon Muslims,with your modern 21st Century Weapons/arsenal- F16s,F22, Drones, Dime Bombs, Flechettes ripping bodies apart, other unidentifiable Chemical  and Biological weapons created by Israeli scientists
I rejoice in my heart that according to Prophesy, your kind  will be destroyed for defying God, His Messengers with your self chosen arrogance and bestiality.
The image of this toddler along with others I have seen will live with me for the rest of my life and for which you will never get any forgiveness or respect from me.
To those ‘Jewish apologists’ I say this-How this father, [and hundreds of other parents and children too who have seen such traumatic personal scenes], can EVER  remove the image of his beloved child, is just too unbearable and heart breaking to consider.
of a Palestinian Child whilst the F****** Jews watch on the Hill with their resident Yeshiva Rabbi in the background
90% of Gaza casualties, killed or injured in the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, are civilians, European medics found out during a visit to Gaza hospitals.
The Islamic Jihad Movement denounced on Thursday night the U.S.’s ongoing assistance to the Israeli military offensive on besieged Gaza Strip.
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) resumed indiscriminate airstrikes and shelling of Gaza despite the ceasefire declaration for 72 hours on Friday morning
Hamas has slammed Israel for having breached the ceasefire agreement and stepping up its genocides in Rafah, vowing Hamas will only provide consensus over truce bids if observed by Israel
Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk confirmed on Friday that an Israeli officer was captured hours before a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire went into effect
“You are re-writing history through the very ink of perseverance, self-abnegation and support you’ve been providing the resistance with,” Hamas said as it acclaimed the Palestinians’ steadfastness.
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) imposed a set of tight restrictions on Jerusalemites’ access to al-Aqsa Mosque, where men under the age of 50 years were prevented from performing Friday prayers.
Israeli settlers opened fire Thursday on a wedding party in Khader town, southern Bethlehem, under Israeli forces protection. One of the guests was seriously injured after being shot in his back.
A Palestinian youngster was left severely wounded while three others were rounded up by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Beit Fourik, east of Nablus
Sworn affidavits revealing Israel’s use of Palestinian detainees as human shields throughout the incursions launched east of the Gaza Strip have been released by ex-prisoners.
Other HeadLines
["Obama and the Israelis want you to believe that Hamas is a terrorist organization and they are bent on killing Israeli civilians. But is that the truth? Please take the time to watch this short video for the answer. You be the judge and ask yourself honestly if you were in Hamas shoes, would you fire rockets too?"
[yet another Jew, be it a Anti Zionist variety being selected to speak out as an analyst on RT
·         Finally, world standing up for Palestine
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Calls to remove Saudi troops from Bahrain to Gaza as crackdown escalates 1


As the Saudi silence on, and tacit support of the Israeli aggression Gaza continues, calls have been made by Bahraini activists for the Saudis to remove their troops from Bahrain and send them to Gaza. They said that the perceived “threat” in Bahrain was imaginary, while the Israeli war against Gaza is an agonising reality, destructive and sustained. Bahrainis have appealed to the world to help them liberate their country from the Saudi occupation that started mid-March 2011. Saudi troops violated the international borders and invaded the country to crush the popular Revolution seeking to replace Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship with democratically elected political system. As the Israelis intensify their attacks on the Palestinian population, popular pressure from the Arab masses is mounting on the Arab regimes to act in defence of Gaza. The Saudis are viewed as part of the counter-revolution alliance responsible for aborting the Arab Spring revolutions. Their links and coordination with Israel in security and military strategies have been widely reported in recent months.

On their part, the Bahrainis have continued their demonstrations in support of the Palestinians, and the sermons on Eid Day (Tuesday 29th July) expressed solidarity with and prayers for Gaza and its people. However, the regime has incited extremist groups to take the attention away from the plight of the Palestinians and to insist on their sectarian agenda, raising the flag of ISIS in mosques.

The regime has continued its crackdown on Bahrainis. Yesterday, Ahmed Abdulla Al Saeed from Bilad Al Qadeem was arrested at the Bahrain-Saudi causeway. He had been sentenced to lengthy jail terms for opposing the dictator. Another Bahraini, Ali Hassan Nasr, from Musalla town, was also arrested at the causeway. From the town of Sadad, Ali Hassan Dawood was detained yesterday. From Al Eker town, Habib Ahmad Al Mughanni was arrested in a raid on his house. The regime’s campaign against journalists has continued. Few days ago Photojournalist, Ammar Abdul Rasool, 30, from Al Eker town, was arrested. He has achieved more than 80 awards as a photojournalist. This brings to six the number of photojournalist jailed for exercising their profession.

Reports from the Dry Dock prison have revealed disturbing picture of the ill-treatment of prisoners of conscience. Inmates at Ward 3 were beaten up, abused and denied basic facilities. Their religious books were destroyed during inspection and were threatened with further abuse.

The regime’s courts have continued issuing detention orders. The photographer, Sayed Ahmad Al Mosawi and his brother, Mohammad, were given further 45 days detention to complete almost six months without real trial. A 16-year old Ali Abdul Hadi, from Arad Town, had his detention extended by 30 more days in addition to the 45 days he has already spent at the torture dungeons. In the past week 19 Bahrainis were detained including a woman and a child.

Following the release of the Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) annual report Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has called on the UK government to stop promoting arms sales to oppressive regimes and end its policy of 'arms control by embarrassment.' As the report itself acknowledges “the Government's arms export policy is essentially one of reacting to events and not taking sufficient account of the nature of the regimes concerned at the point when the decision is made to approve the export licence or not.” [para 167] UK weapons have been used for internal repression in places such as Libya, where UK weapons were used on Libyan citizens, Bahrain, where BAE Systems military vehicles were used against pro-democracy protesters and Egypt, where UK-produced gas canisters were used to suppress dissent. According to the figures presented by CAAT, UK’s arms exports to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the past three years have increased by 303 and 64 percent respectively.

Bahrain Freedom Movement  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
30th July 2014
 "Obama and the Israelis want you to believe that Hamas is a terrorist organization and they are bent on killing Israeli civilians. But is that the truth? Please take the time to watch this short video for the answer. You be the judge and ask yourself honestly if you were in Hamas shoes, would you fire rockets too?"
A-Z list of products.
All major supermarkets stock Israeli goods,
with many also offering items made in illegal settlements.
The aim is to highlight this, calling on shoppers
to boycott these products and on retailers to refuse to stock them.

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