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CLEAR PROOFS of Israel Targeting Innocent Civilians!

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Editor's Note: I have added  the Shujayya massacre video before the killing of the journalist and innocent civilians below. Both videos are CLEAR PROOFS of Israel deliberately targeting innocent civilians.

[Warning: Graphic]

Here we have Israel bombing civilians. Then we have Israel bombing the ambulances coming to aid the victims of the first bombing. Then we have Israel leveling the surrounding neighborhood.

{mp4}mp4/Shujayya Massacre{/mp4} 

The Israeli claim of not targeting civilians is a flat out LIE!!! They force Palestinians to evacuate their homes to UN shelters and then bomb the same UN shelter not once but twice. They have bombed three UN shelters, several hospitals, schools, universities, homes and more than 50 mosques within 27 days.  For the UN shelters they were informed of the coordinates of the UN shelters 17 times to avoid being bombed. The Israelis used the coordinates to cause maximum civilian deaths. How EVIL!!! This is nothing new for Israel. They have bombed UN shelters in all the previous wars fought against Palestine and Lebanon.



Video Documents the Killing of Journalist Ramy Ryan by Israeli/US Missiles

[Warning: Graphic]

A graphic video showing the killing of journalist Ramy Ryan in Gaza and an attack on an ambulance and rescue workers, by Israeli air strikes has surfaced online.

Warning: This 6-minute video is very graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

Posted July 31, 2014



 shows two ambulances arriving urgently on the scene where Ramy Ryan is seen covering the situation. About 15 seconds into the video, the first missile strikes the ambulance. Fourteen seconds later, the second missile strikes.

For several seconds, all we see is smoke with residents yelling for help, “Ya Allah” (Oh God) followed by “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) and La Ilaha Illa Allah” both common cries of desperation.

At 0:40 seconds, the third strike. 0:55, the fourth strike. 1:09, the fifth. The cameraman stands up and we see a dozen men lying on the ground, all seemingly injured and trying to escape towards the walls to take refuge. 1:20, the sixth strike. 1:32, the seventh. 1:47, the eighth. 1:57, the ninth. At 2:00 the cameraman moves again and crawls towards the injured men on his left. 2:07, the tenth strike. 2:20, the cameraman moves toward another injured man who's yelling “Ya Allah, Ya Mohammad”. At 2:40, he captures another man unconscious or dead. At 2:50, he takes cover with a group of injured men. The old man at 3:00 is saying “I can't. I can't.” while limping. A 3:27, we hear another missile.

At 3:50, we see Ramy Ryan on the floor, lying over a pool of blood. He's dead. A man is telling us “Look, look. A Journalist. Look.” while showing us Ramy Ryan's “Press” insignia. The man then tells us angrily, “show the United Nations! Show the world! Show the Red Cross! Show the Arab traitors! They are all traitors!”.

The missiles have stopped and panic breaks. We hear people mourning their dead. From 4:20 onwards, the cameraman shoots the aftermaths of the Israeli strikes.

A photo of journalist Ramy Ryan, from Susan's Facebook page.

A photo of journalist Ramy Ryan, from Suzan Jb Mustafa's Facebook page.



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