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Why Does Hamas Fire Rockets Into Israel?

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Obama and the Israelis want you to believe that Hamas is a terrorist organization and they are bent on killing Israeli civilians. But is that the truth? Please take the time to watch this short video for the answer. You be the judge and ask yourself honestly if you were in Hamas shoes, would you fire rockets too? 



#1 chairliz 2014-08-01 12:37
How many dead are under 40% of Gaza totally bulldozers to lift the concrete off the bodies...guess Gaza will have to do the smell test! Israel is a rogue right wing apartheid nation that has since 1948 terrorized the Palestinians....while the US gives them $9.9 million of our tax dollars a Day while our cities and bridges are falling apart. We have a Congress, White house and State Dept, who are all complicit in the war crimes. That means every congress critter including the President and his cabinet are so controlled by AIPAC they give zero to Palestine, while billions to Israel. John Kennedy worked to get AIPAC listed as a foreign entity...? My heart is sick and disgusted by MY government who permits this carnage to continue. One reason is that Zionists have been training drug cartels in South America, and do the dirty work of the US around the world. ISRAEL NEEDS TO DECLARE THEIR UNDECLARED NUCLEAR WEAPONS....NOW.

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