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NEWS DIGEST: Palestinian Miracle Baby Dies; Gaza Ethnic Cleansing!

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NEWS DIGEST: Palestinian Miracle Baby Dies; Gaza Ethnic Cleansing!

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Maisoon  ميسون
280 children.  50 Entire Families murdered
OVER 7400 Injured, MAIMED,  amputated Limbs
5630 homes destroyed
7 schools destroyed, more mosques targeted
No DOUBT ISRAEL will SELL some of these weapons to its ALLIES- AFTER all they have used GAZA as their LIVE TESTING GROUND.                              
Note an important Point
 Every time the bloody UNRWA Notifies Israel about the fact that Civilians are taking shelter in their UNRWA buildings, ISRAEL BOMBS it  and it is strange as well as suspicious how the Western UNRWA Personnel are not hit, not present at the time of each hit- as happened in Gaza and in Qana in Lebanon when the UNRWA soldiers disappeared??
Are these Western Personnel given ADVANCE notice/warning of these attacks by Israel- I believe so. And the pathetic condemnation that emanates from their spokesperson from Gaza and the form the UN itself is so dispassionate and spoken with lack of true condemnation, more like something they have been scripted to say with a mild toning down in order not to offend their Master Israel that allows this just to fool  everyone into thinking the UN is impartial and fair.
I say damn You Ban Ki Moon along with you colleagues for the Crimes YOU are allowing Israel to get away with absolute impunity and with the blessings of the corrupt and controlled Member States of the UN who are part of this Criminal  ZionistCabal
·         Palestinian miracle baby dies
·         Hamas hopes Hezbollah joins fighting

Gaza: The Makings of a Modern Day Dystopia


To The family Of The One Thousandth Victim Of Israel’s Genocidal Slaughter In Gaza

By: Elias
I really pray and hope that in this worst moment of your life when Palestinians stand in Shujaiya, Deir al-Balah or Gaza City, gazing at the slaughterhouse created by Israeli warplanes, tanks and artillery, you would not lose hope in humanity. This humanity even includes Israelis, those who do not have the courage to speak but who express their horror in private as my overflowing email and Facebook inboxes attest, as well as the small handful who demonstrate publicly against the incremental genocide in Gaza.

Man from Newfoundland wants Prime Minister Charged for Advocating Genocide against The Palestinians! Makes one proud to be a Canadian!!

Andrew Abbass didn’t quite know what to expect when he walked in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary’s Corner Brook headquarters on Monday morning.
Abbass was there to file a complaint.
Nothing unusual there for the police force, but the focus of his complaint was a little out of the ordinary.
Abbass is seeking to have Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird charged with advocating for genocide.
“They accepted it and filed the case,” he said shortly after leaving the RNC.
His complaint, which also alleges creation and dissemination of propaganda, breach of public trust and uttering threats, stem from comments Harper and Baird have made about the ongoing Israeli conflict.
“In painting Hamas and the people of Gaza as a terrorist organization they’re basically sanctioning the killing of civilians,”
said Abbass.

Gaza Conflict: Delegation Of Tory, Liberal MPs Headed To Israel

A small delegation of Conservative and Liberal MPs are heading to Israel Monday night.
The five MPs and one former Liberal senator were invited by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) to visit the war zone. They may visit Sderot or Be'er Sheva, towns shelled by Hamas rockets. But they will not visit Gaza.
["Oh my GAWD look at the horrific damage done by the HAMAS rockets! The swimming pool is cracked and the landscaping such a MESS!"]


Here’s what really happened …. sans outrage
Israel targets 50 mosques since start of Gaza offensive

RAISING ON A BUSTED FLUSH - Israel Still Swears Hamas Kidnapped Those Teens-

Prime Minister Netanyahu had promised that Hamas would pay for the murder of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach, and Gilad Shaar. But on Friday, Jon Donnison, a BBC reporter, citing the the spokesman, Mickey Rosenfeld, called Israel’s claim that Hamas was responsible into question.
Donnison tweeted that Rosenfeld told him that while the cell on the West Bank was operating alone, it was affiliated with Hamas. However, it did not receive direct orders from Hamas leadership.
Those tweets became the basis for a widely shared blog post saying Israel now conceded that the kidnappers acted in a lone cell and Hamas had nothing to do with it.
The twitter sphere exploded with I-told-you-so’s from pro-Palestinian activists, who claimed Israel had manipulated events surrounding the killing of the teens to prepare for and justify its assault on Gaza, which has since killed more than 1,000 Palestinians.
Webmaster's Commentary: Rosenfeld is now recanting his admission, but we don't need his word anyway. The claim that HAMAS kidnapped and killed those teens never made any sense at all. HAMAS and FATAH had just formed their unity government. They needed world support for what they were doing and would not have carried out an act that would turn world opinion against them.
Kidnapping and killing those three teens does not get HAMAS anything it needs.
Kidnapping and killing those three teens does get Netanyahu what he needs; an excuse to bomb Gaza.


Hamas: A vicious, medieval, racist, genocidal organisation: Michael Oren of the Zionist entity
David Halpin FRCS  on 30th July 2014
Jon Snow, the lead journalist on C4 News, returned from Gaza a few days ago.  It was clear from this blog  and in the one written as he flew back to Britain that he had been deeply affected by the deliberate injury and killing of children in Gaza.  This was evident too in his colleague Jonathan Miller, and in Lyse Doucet of the BBC.
Last night he tried to elicit truth from Michael Orenaka Michael Scott Bornstein, onC4 NewsOren was 'Israeli' ambassador to a surrogate US until last year.  He is described as an historian and in the Wikipedia profile as being one of the ten most powerful Jews in the US.  There is no hint as to how that is measured.
Mr Snow was unable to tease out any humanity from the Tel Aviv spokesperson about the carnage and 'infra-destruction' within the Gaza ghetto, even though the occupier is bound in international law to safeguard the welfare of its 1.8 million humans.  He was interviewing a robot.  He did say that 'Israel' tries not to kill and hurt civilians, as with the four boys on the beach by the little fishing port.  But pull the other one Oren.  Furthermore, he inferred they were warned by the 'tap on the roof' (a fine euphemism) or by air dropped leaflets to flee wherever from more of the massive quantities of 'ordnance' aimed at their homes.  These rockets, bombs, shells and bullets are supplied in the main by the surrogate eg thermobaric Hellfire missiles, but the apocalyptic bombardment is aided by many NATO countries.  Britain has supplied the head-up cockpit display kits for those US F16s, and now or previously the bomb release mechanisms (EDO – Brighton).
After he attempted to deliver a lecture to this eloquent, senior journalist, he got round to saying that Hamas was a 'vicious, medieval, racist, genocidal organisation'.  This was said with a grim determination and with the intention that it would enter the minds of the gullible like the shrapnel cut through the spinal cord of dear Maha in Jon Snow's blog above.  The automaton did not see the great irony or the brass neck in his description of Hamas.
He will not recognise that Hamas candidates were in a majority of those elected fairly in 2006 when the turn out in Gaza was74.6%–76.0%, nor that it sacked a deeply corrupt Fatah crew in a pre-emptive coup in 2007 after three large consignments of US weapons had been trucked in from Egypt for Fatah.  He would not know that Hamas got guns off the streets, the children educated in spite of having three shifts in some schools and that they had done their best with what passes for infrastructure although completely hamstrung by a most brutal siege since '07.  Frequent homicidal and utterly lawless convulsions from the people that robbed their land required its superhuman efforts
Is Oren deluded or is he simply parroting a script uploaded from hell to IOF command?
What in the black mind of the Jewish state allows it to lay wide waste to lives, homes, schools, and hospitals on the pretext of revealing 'terror' tunnels and the launch sites of cottage industry rockets?  Although the material destruction is enormous, the physical injury of thousands will crystalise in tears and the mental injury to thousands upon thousands will defy counselling and all the rest.  The very high rate of bedwetting in adolescents following previous bombardments and invasions will be heightened as one instance of severe mental trauma. 
What moral indications are there in contemporary Jewish teaching and leadership that might dissuade Oren, the high command,  and the 90% of the Israeli Jewish population who support the present 'military' operations from such evil?
At the focus of modern Jewish memory, Yad Vashem, we read what the chairman Avner Shalev has to say.
Every visitor leaves Yad Vashem with a personal impression of an event that has universal dimensions. The new museum complex reinforces the commitment of Jewish visitors to their people and their ethical brotherhood with other nations. Non-Jewish visitors will empathize with the fate of the Jewish people, and will be inspired to join the drive to a more humane future for humanity as a whole.
“  ...and will be inspired to join the drive to a more humane future for humanity as a whole.”
Holocaust Memorial Day is largely state funded in the UK.  I have written on this and concluded with the wise advice of Howard Zinn.  These words are from the ceremony held in British schools to remember the 'Holocaust' and other genocides.  The holocausts of holocausts, Hiroshima and Nagasaki do not figure.
On this day we can honour the survivors of these regimes of hatred and challenge ourselves to use the lessons of their experience to help create a safer, better future.
Though anodyne in force these words speak against the terror and the harm being done to a captive, native people down the coast.  And what of the Ten Commandments as recorded twice in the Jewish Bible, the Torah.  The two most outrageous crimes committed against the 'ten' are theft of land, and murder.
It is likely, is it not, that Oren and the psychopaths who rev the Machaver war machine have the Talmud in their minds, just as Ayelet Shaked, Netanyahu and many others do.  The former saw the “entire Palestinian people as the enemy,” and the latter wound the racial hatred up as fast as he could.
This is the crux.  The Babylonian Talmud and its morbid decrees run entirely counter to the laws of war and common humanity.  Women and children are spared in the wars of men.  Professor Geoffrey Alderman, whom I have met on a TV panel, is quoted here from the Guardian.
The Halachah is crystal clear. It is entirely legitimate to kill a rodef – that is to say, one who endangers the life of another – and this is true, incidentally, even if the rodef has not yet actually taken another life. So the Judaism that I practise permits what is generally referred to as "pre-emptive" military action.

In this particular case, the ruling power, Hamas, has advertised (in its charter) that its mission is to kill Jewish people. Therefore every member and supporter of Hamas may be considered a rodef.
What precise kind of pre-emptive military action might one take? A great deal has been said about "proportionality". This may be a Christian idea, but thankfully it is certainly not a Jewish one.
For some the most violent prescriptions of a distant tribe from very long ago have meaning.  
In this month Oren argued against a ceasefire and for the continuation of the 'conflict', a euphemism  if ever there was one.  He called on the international community to leave Israel alone to defang and deprive Hamas of its heavy arms and make it pay a "prohibitive cost."

I say these words to Oren.  They are adapted from surgical practice.  'Do your best to heal and not to harm.'  And to agree with me that 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world.'
You must kneel with others Michael Oren before that G_d.  Your crimes cannot be calculated.
Mr. President,
Stop acting like a nigger and tell the America people we should all stop being niggers.: 
By: Cactus Moon
The US House of Representatives voted unanimously to support a non-binding resolution to reaffirm full U.S. support for Israel’s “defense of its citizens” and condemning Palestinian “unprovoked rocket fire”. The resolution made no mention of the nearly 2,000 tons of bombs that had been dropped by Israel on Gaza at the time it was passed
The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, which is the wealthiest Zionist lobby in the U.S., immediately issued a statement praising the U.S. House for “passing a forceful resolution affirming Israel’s right to self-defense and holding Hamas responsible for the attacks on America’s democratic ally.”
They support murdering Palestinians in your name and with your tax dollars. Call, and call again. Let them know how you feel about supporting Israeli murders! Also mention that ALL settlements are Illegal and the occupation is ILLEGAL.
Help Palestinian

U.S. Senate unanimously approves resolution giving full support of Israel on Gaza

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a non-binding resolution in support of Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
The resolution, which had 78 bipartisan sponsors, passed late Thursday by unanimous consent, a week after it was introduced by Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.).
Call your congressman and these people and ask them how it feels to be an accessory to murder. Tell them you know Israel has bought and paid for the United States congress but you didn't think that included murdering Palestinians. Do it now!
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From: We Hold These Truths <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Sent: Wednesday, 30 July 2014, 21:57
Subject: [New post] Israel’s Ongoing Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza
Charles E Carlson posted: "Israel Invades: Takes lives, Destroys Sustaining Infrastructure Recently Israel shelled a beach near two of Gaza City's hotels. Twelve years ago, I dined with Gaza friends in one of those hotels overlooking that same beach. Israel's shelling killed four "

New post on We Hold These Truths


Israel’s Ongoing Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza

by Charles E Carlson
Israel Invades: Takes lives, Destroys Sustaining Infrastructure
Recently Israel shelled a beach near two of Gaza City's hotels. Twelve years ago, I dined with Gaza friends in one of those hotels overlooking that same beach. Israel's shelling killed four Philistine boys instantly, four boys from the same family. Several others were wounded, and the incident was witnessed by two reporters who were staying in one of the hotels. The people killed and injured were guilty of nothing more than having an hour of fun on a hot day on that beach. Israel then publicly pronounced its act as "a tragedy." This is Israel's standard way to dismiss its most inhumane abuses of life, then it repeats the acts. The very next day, Israel invaded with tanks through Erez Gate into Gaza. This time there is every reason to believe that Israel's agenda is to cause death by deprivation of the estimate 1.5 million Gaza gulag inmates, except those who can and will leave. This story is too painful to write, and I pray it will be proved to be wrong. But I am finding others who fear Israel has already started genocide and ethnic cleansing of Gaza.
The day after Israel lamented its deliberate killing of the four brothers, it shelled a Gaza City hospital harboring patients that could not be moved. Israel first warned the hospital staff to get out of the four-story building. The doctors and nurses refused, saying the patients could not be moved. After all, international law protects hospitals, does it not?  Not from Israel…there are no laws of human decency when Israel invades. Tanks started systematically destroying the hospital building with the patients in it, little by little, carefully placing tank shells so as to destroy unoccupied rooms, empty floors, and corners of the old building, with terrified patients and few nurse and doctors inside. The plan is clear, the patients will eventually have to be pushed out in the street by the doctors and nursed before the building falls on them. This is just one example of planned genocide by destroying infrastructure.  Who will care for the sick when the doctors and nurses finally give up and leave because there is no hospital? Could this one hospital be part of a large program to render Gaza unlivable?  I think so.
Israel's Plan and Intent Exposed
One published plan for genocide from a prominent and upcoming politician with close ties to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is authored by Knesset member Moshe Feiglin: "My Outline for a Solution for Gaza": by Moshe Feiglin.
Richard Forer, author of Breakthrough, Transferring Fear To Compassion, discovered the Feiglin plan on the Facebook pages of a prominent Israeli.  Forer has this to say about Feiglin and his plan: “Feiglin, who I believe has aspirations to become Israel’s prime minister, is a member of the Likud party and is representative of a significant portion of the Israeli populace. Yesterday, July 16, 2014, he was rewarded for his patriotism by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who appointed him to the prestigious Foreign Affairs and Security committee… Feiglin’s proposal for Gaza is to give Gazans ‘one warning’ that Israel is about to attack. If Gazans want to avoid death they must leave ‘immediately.’ ‘They can go to the Sinai Desert in Egypt: This will be the limit of Israel’s humanitarian efforts'...Beyond that limit, Feiglin’s plan washes its hands of any responsibility for feeding and sheltering the ethnically cleansed. If they happen to die, Feiglin and his government, as it so often has done, will likely blame the Arab world for disregarding the well-being of their own brethren, thereby providing Israel with another in a long list of propaganda coups.”
The full text of  Feiglin’s "My Outline for a Solution for Gaza": By Moshe Feiglin is linked here. During the Nakba genocide in 1948, Israel did not provide a safe exit for the half million Philistines who were driven out of their homes. Some mothers carried their belongings on their heads with babies in arm. They received no help in finding their way out; it was  leave or die. Many ended up in makeshift refugee camps in Gaza and neighboring Arab countries. They were never compensated, so Feiglin's suggestion of safe passage and compensation is the usual Israeli conscience bathe to get broader support from the Israeli public.
Even if we did not have  Feiglin's "Solution" to read, we should be able to recognize Israel's intent, evidenced by its acts from the air and on the ground in this invasion and others before it. If not the Feiglin "Solution," some other undisclosed plan very much like it is being followed.
Genocide and ethnic cleansing are now proper subjects to discuss among the majority of Israelis. The idea of genocide as a "solution" has always been on the table in Israel. Before becoming a politician, General Ariel Sharon was one of the Zionists who openly stated that if Israeli politicians would support him, he would eliminate the "Arab problem." At that time, some 25 years ago, he did not have support for this idea. Today he would have it. Several other Knesset members are speaking out for ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.
Until his death, Former Prime Minster, Ariel Sharon was quieted about genocide while under investigation by the World Court for his leadership role in a 1980s massacre of some 600 Philistines, called the Sabra and Shatila massacre, in southern Lebanon.
Ariel Sharon's son, Gilad Sharon, has continued to reflect his father's beliefs about a final solution. He is quoted in the Jerusalem Post two years ago: "There is no middle path here – either the Gazans and their infrastructure are made to pay the price, or we reoccupy the entire Gaza Strip." and   “We need to flatten all of Gaza. There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing.” [See Footnote (1) for other prominent Israeli's statements on Gaza]
Israel's Foreign Minster, Avigdor Lieberman, who has recently made a very quiet visit to Washington as an Israeli diplomat, has repeatedly made such suggestions while in the Knesset, and, even after moving to national office.  Lieberman is obsessed with the idea of ending the Palestinian problem by forced migration and has openly said so many times.  Politicians are willing and able to talk about genocide, sure proof that the Israeli electorate no longer backs away from the subject. (2)
What if major factions in the US Congress wanted to round up and kill every Hispanic who would not make a run for the border?  What would our church leaders do?
A Knesset Leader Calls for Exterminating Gaza Mother
An even more staggering indictment of the Knesset leadership, and the Israeli public who  support them, is found in the words of 38 year old Ayelet Shaked. She is said to be popular and a rising star in the Knesset. She is one of the most physically beautiful women in politics, but the words from her mouth are foul beyond belief. Occupied Palestine quotes Ayelet Shaked, "a member of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party: 'Mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed during the ongoing Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip.' She calls for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to 'little snakes,'  and goes on, 'They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists... They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.'”
Sadly, there is nothing unusual about Ayelet Shaked's terrible words in Israel. Palestinians are commonly referred to as "animals," as I learned by talking to cab drivers and bus riders during a visit to Israel. Mrs. Shaked may well have been educated to hate Philistines in the Israeli Defense Forces, where all men, and most women of her age were compelled to serve. Her mind is fouled with hatred for Philistines and she spews it without apology. This vitriol appears to be acceptable in Israel.
The Feiglin's "Solution" (or any more "final solution" Mr. Netanyahu is following) must target "enemies" for death.  Feiglin calls all Gazans "enemies," but logic tells us the Hamas party and its pubic servants are the target for extermination.   Any Hamas identified person, man, woman, mother or child, will eventually have to make a choice, to stay alive and protect their families, or to die fighting tanks. Each must stave off hunger and thirst while praying the next Israeli tank shell is not directed into their home. This was the prayer a 26-year-old English major, Shireen, from Gaza, told me about in the spring of 2002. I do not know if she is still alive or where she is now.  She will be in pain, as I am, for she told me, "we are not afraid of their big guns, but we are afraid they will destroy our dreams."
Shireen, a young Palestinian from Gaza was interviewed by Chuck Carlson in 2002 during a trip to the Gaza Strip.
Shireen, a young Palestinian from Gaza was interviewed by Chuck Carlson in 2002 during his trip to Israel and the Gaza strip. She said of the Israelis: "We are not afraid of their big guns, but we are afraid they will destroy our dreams."
Business and Media Covers for Israel's War Crimes
Israel's bloody experiment with Gaza has the tacit backing of the world banker-businessmen who benefit from war. Israel already receives all the weapons needed to fulfill its mission of Gaza Genocide, compliments of the US military-industrial complex, and paid for by US Taxes. Israel's military is the 4th or 5th most powerful in the world.
More important than tanks and missiles, Israel has the support of US mainline media. When covering events, the media always leaves the impression that Gazans strike Israel first with deadly force. It is implied that because of a flaw in their nature, Gazans persist in attacking first. Israel is always shown as the responder, even though there are at least 100 Gazans killed for every Israeli killed. The mass media always implies that Gazans are getting their just recompense for their own acts, no matter how many little children get their limbs and heads blown off. It's always Hamas' fault. The US news media reports it thus day after day, effectively keeping most of the US public half blind and dumbed down to the absolute fact that Gaza is, and has been for about a dozen years, an ongoing holocaust, in the sense of that word that Israel invented for itself 65 years ago.
Destroying Philistines' Dreams, Random Killing and Deprivation
Israel is not bent on teaching Gazans a lesson in good manners, as our media would tell us, but in exterminating the people of Gaza, the Philistines, as they are called in the Bible. As we write this, Israel is rounding up and executing, Stalin style, Gaza's political activists and leaders. It then plans to leave Gaza desolate and dry. Starvation, disease, and worst of all, thirst, will eventually eliminate all of the Gaza Philistines, This is a slow but sure method of genocide. This is not a new project, Israel is already starving and dehydrating a major part of the population.
We know about this "plan" not because of Feiglin or anyone in the Knesset but because it was viable in at least April, 2002 when I was there. The program, bomb, then invading and destroying individual projects like a water well, or a sewer plant...destroy so it can not be easily fixed. Benjamin Netanyahu says he wants to "to quiet things down."  Yes, his objective is to make Gaza very quiet.  He would leave starving people totally without water, food, electricity, fuel, or health services,  including sewage disposal.
 "Chosen People" Commit Genocide
The invasion was nearly a week old when it began to be blacked out from our eyes and ears. NBC has suddenly pulled out of Gaza; it was reporting what was truly happening. Israel does not want reporters and it controls all the gates. We are getting a lot less detailed news.  As the Gaza Philistines' cell phone cameras run out of power, and there is no electricity left to recharge, they face stark and unheard of brutality in the dark, and we are left to our normal lives, looking the other way, perhaps to a staged tragedy in the Ukraine or elsewhere.
Moral supremacy of Israeli life over all other life is drummed into every soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, which includes every male and many female Israeli citizen when they reach the age of 18, who have to serve. After 66 years of continual war and occupation, almost everyone is indoctrinated to believe they go into battle as "God's Chosen People," and what they do is God's will, whether the individual or their leaders believe in God or not.
Observation on Gaza Government and Culture
The most vital part of Gaza infrastructure is functional government, as is the case in every society. Think of your own city without governmental services such as utilities, water and sewage treatment, garbage elimination, roads, police, civic communication, and cultural activities. Gaza has the area of the City and County of Denver, Colorado, with three times the population and Gazans also must raise their own food in this area. Government is the glue that holds Gaza together, and no matter what you may have heard about Hamas, it is the only government present that its people can and will follow. No on else is there or wants to be there!
In 2002 Chuck Carlson visited the Gaza Baptist Church on Omar Mochtar blvd. next to a mosque
In 2002 Chuck Carlson visited the Gaza Baptist Church on Omar Mochtar Blvd. next to a mosque.
I was amazed at the clean and functional Gaza City I saw in the spring of 2002, the last time I visited Gaza; Hamas was elected four years later. The government buildings were whitewashed and tidy, the streets were clean enough; there was food and business of all kinds. Trees along Omar Moctar Blvd were neatly trimmed. It was not what I expected inside a giant jail. Later I also saw a Christian school, reduced to rubble by Israeli bombing from an US F-16, I saw burned out ambulances that doctors said Israel had bombed and destroyed, and I saw Gaza's prison with two gaping bomb holes in its concrete roof, destroyed by Israel so the Gaza government had no place to detain malefactors. Israel had already started systematic destruction of infrastructure necessary for life. But there was electricity, food available, water to drink, and the sewers and electricity still worked. Not so today.
In 2022 Chuck Carlson visited this school in Gaza that had been bombed by Israel.
Chuck Carlson visited this Gaza school, bombed by Israel, during his trip to Israel and Gaza in 2002.
I was most surprised to find there was a gentle culture in Gaza. It had five zoos.  The Gaza City Zoo had some 200 animals, including 2 lions.  But during the Christmas 2008 invasion, Israel's Defense Forces are said to have shot most of the animals, though they deny it. Other animals starved and ate each other because zoo attendants were not allowed by the IDF to go to work. After the invaders left, I was pleased and surprised to learn the new Hamas government had rebuilt much of the Zoo, nursed the lions back to health. It was a place where Gazans could take their children and show them a glimmer of a normal peaceful life. The Zoo represents infrastructure. Israel represents a culture of death. What has happened to the lions now that Israel has again invaded Gaza city?
Starvation and Dehydration: Time Proven Method of Genocide
One pattern for Israel's genocide seems to be Stalin's starvation of the Ukraine in the 1930s. The Bolsheviks wanted the land for collective farms; the farmers wanted to keep their lands. Joseph Stalin simply destroyed the food and animals in Ukraine. The winter did the rest.
Israel's method seems all too clear: total elimination of clean water and sewage treatments and restriction of electricity, food, medical services, and communication with the outside world. Gazans will be left to disease outbreaks (some of which might be induced) starvation, and despair. How do I know this is Israel's plan? Because political leaders want it, they are doing it, and have been following it in perfect context since at least 2002, when I was there.
On July 29, Israel shelled the fuel tanks at Gaza’s only electricity plant forcing it to shut down in sweltering heat. The Washington post reported "The attack left the Palestinian territory’s 1.8 million residents with no electricity or running water and opened the possibility of an even graver humanitarian crisis." It further quoted said Jamal Dardasawi, a spokesman for Gaza’s electricity distribution department: “The missile which targeted the power plant actually targeted 1.8 million Palestinians...They have caused a catastrophic humanitarian situation.”
Gary Anderson, a veteran hydrologist who worked as a contractor on various United Nations water projects for Gaza and elsewhere in the middle east territories, explained the Gaza water situation. He said Israel is deliberately draining Gaza of water, using slant wells drilled along Gaza's eastern border to slowly dehydrate the land. When water is extracted faster than it can be replenished naturally, sea water enters the aquifer from the Mediterranean. Gaza water is already desperately short for its large population, and much of what is available is unfit to drink, says Anderson, referring to UN sources.
Gaza Rocket Myth Remains Hidden by US Media
Israel's excuse for the Gaza Genocide is the big rocket lie promulgated over the five years since Israel last entered Gaza at Christmas 2008, with Operation Cast Lead. Israel's current excuse for mass extermination is the alleged 1000 to 2000 rockets from Gaza in the last 60 days since Israel began conditioning the world with its desire to destroy Hamas. Israel needed an excuse. Hamas' rockets are Israel's excuse. The fact that the rockets rarely hit anything or anybody and do not normally explode, is irrelevant to Israel so long as Israel can convince the West otherwise.
The hidden truth is that the Philistines have no rocket program that has or could ever seriously damage Israel.  The Gaza rocket stories (sometimes magnified into "missiles") are an enormous lie started in Tel Aviv, spread in U.S. media every day, and used to justify the land invasion Israel has now started. Hamas's alleged rocket power is but one example of press duplicity in covering Israel's so-called conflict with Gaza.  The technique is professional confusion. The US media sometimes reports the facts, at least the most obvious ones, but does it in such a confused way that the readers never figure out that Israel, not Hamas, is the aggressor.  The media tells us both side are bombing the other, Hamas with rockets (which the media sometimes calls "missiles") and that Israel is fighting back with bombs (that are in fact weapons of mass destruction, guided missiles).  We also hear the killing ratio but only if we keep track and add the daily numbers. The ratio was, on day 24, 1359 Palestinians killed, compared to 2 Israeli civilians killed, one Asian laborer, and some 50 or more armed IDS invaders.  But we are never given a hint as to why the ratio is always about the same, year after year, invasion after invasion.
A case in point is Bloomberg News, owned by Michael Bloomberg, the former Governor of New York. Bloomberg News owns Business Week Magazine, so it knows how to write, edit, and print facts that can be understood, but it published two stories about the same events on July 11th and 14th that arrived at totally different conclusions, without any explanation of what we are supposed to believe.  The July 11th story contains some simple facts that might cause the reader to sympathize with the Philistines, but the facts are presented in a very confusing way and are not understandable at first glance. I will paraphrase and simplify, and you are free to check me out:
Rockets were fired from Lebanon and landed in Israel but no one was hurt; Israel killed over 100 Palestinians including 21 children with bombs and missiles and wounded 660 more; this happened a week before the first Israeli casualty was reported from a Gaza rocket, where one man seriously injured in an Ashdod gas station on July 12th; no other damage or casualty has been reported from the remainder of the 550 rockets Israel claims were fired at it from Gaza.  
Now for the confusing part: on July 14, Bloomberg published another story that presented entirely different set of facts: Israel Extends Gaza Air Strikes, Downs Palestinian Droneby Calev Ben-David and Amy Teibel Jul 14, 2014,  which states: "While Israeli homes and vehicles have been struck by  more than 1,000 rockets fired since July 8, a missile defense system has intercepted about 200 headed for built-up areas, the military said.  A tourist died of a heart attack during an air raid, rescue services said."
Not only did the number of missiles from Gaza almost double in three days, which is unlikely, but the story clearly states that "Israeli Homes and vehicles have been struck by more than 1000 rockets."  Remember that the July 11th story told us of the first casualty at the Ashdod gas station, one Israeli wounded, and no other damage was reported from the 550 rockets from Gaza. Why doesn't Bloomberg tell us which of their stories is a lie, both can not be true!  Better yet, why not publish only the truth? In fact, there have been no published evidence nor even a reports we can find of any Israeli houses being struck. The Hamas racket are almost worthless, non-guided, hand pointed projectiles. Everyone knows this except those who depend upon the US media. The American public has no chance of figuring out who the aggressor is. The media gives the impression we are listening to an fairly matched, bare knuckles boxing match between ugly Hamas and pretty Israel.  Militarily, it is more like a 200 pound 6-2 adult in the rig with a 90 pound, 5 foot, 11 year old, who has shackles on his legs so he can't run. The people of Gaza have no modern weapons and no place to hide.  But we are not allowed to know any of this from Bloomberg or any network media. The mainstream media is culpable in the genocide we now witness.
Sderot, where most of the Gaza rockets are alleged to have fallen, is an Israeli town literally on the northeast border of Gaza, no more than a half mile away from its East fence. Sderot residents drink water pumped from under Gaza.  Sderot is the only city that can be constantly reached by most of the primitive home-made protest-rockets Gazans make in their alleys and basements. Most Gaza rockets have been pointed at Sderot, but few come close as witnessed by this Global Watch photo series showing  Israelis frequently bring chairs to Sderot and sit on a hill overlooking Gaza to "cheer each explosion". They watch Israel destroy the big refugee camp called Jibalyia, and once beautiful old Gaza City from lounge chairs, a ghoulish fire works display featuring real dead victims. And Israelis picnic at the place where the rockets are supposed to be most "deadly". So much for Israeli's fear of rockets.
Ashdod is an ancient, biblical Philistine town a little north of Sderot on the road to Tel Aviv.  Occasionally rockets are said to reach Ashdod. The rockets are unguided, often launched by hand with no mechanism to aim them at all. So if Gaza's first casualty was a man at a gas station in Ashdod about a week after Israel started killing Philistines, why has the international press coverage branded Gaza a serial killer guilty of war crimes?
Simply stated, Israel's war policy runs on a high-octane lies, some told by Benjamin Netanyahu and repeated by our press. But lies about the Philistines imaginary war machine would not be believed were it not for the complicity of the US media, which allows and spreads every lie, as Bloomberg did.
The US Government is still covering for Israel, pretending Gaza is a military threat, and that Hamas, the only vestige of Government left there, is a world terrorist organization that needs to be deposed. The media and the US government know full well that the chances of any Israeli being injured or killed by a Gaza rocket is about as being injured by a foul ball at a baseball game. This is a fact known for at least a dozen years. Palestinian peace organizations report that in over 12 years there have been only 11 Israeli deaths from rocket fire from Gaza, while several thousands of Philistines have been killed in raids on Gaza during the same years. Media reports would have us believe the opposite is true.
Israel May Fake Rocket Attacks
Some of Israel's death from rockets reports are suspect.  I recall a story in Haaretz several years ago to the effect that 4 Arab construction workers, Bedouin Israeli citizens living in Israel, were killed by one exploding Gaza rocket that happened to hit their work site. But Gaza rockets rarely explode, they normally have to hit something that will spark and burn, like a gas pump.  I wonder, would Israel be above killing a few of its Arab, Israeli residents and blaming it on Gazans?  They have no conscience about killing Gaza Arabs, why not kill 4 Israeli Arabs with one of Israel's ultra modern, American made, always hit what aimed at and always explode, guided bombs?  Who would know, I cannot go there to find out, and Arab Bedouins would not be believed if they dared to complain. Yet this one incident represents 35% of all reported "Israeli" deaths from Hamas over 12 years! How convenient.
The Philistines in Gaza are basically unarmed prisoners inside a "big jail."  Shireen from Gaza told me this in our 2002 interview, shown in Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning. Rockets are inmates' protests, by half-starved prisoners who are doing the equivalent of throwing their food and furniture at their jailer. Kids in the streets of the West Bank towns throw rocks. But Gaza kids can not throw rocks out of the Gaza Jail, so when they grow up, some of them manufacture primitive rockets made from old sewer pipe and the like, and direct them toward Sderot and Ashdod at night, and the Israelis twist these nearly harmless rocket attacks into an excuse for committing war crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing.
The Jailers respond periodically by killing a few hundred of the prisoners. not to stop rockets, but to keep the jail house revolt going. This has been going on for the last 12 years since  I visited Gaza in the spring of 2002, and photographed part of an air raid that killed 4 Gazans and wounded about 40, film found in minute 25 of Christian Zionism, the Tragedy and the Turning.
Summing Up
The present raid on Gaza is much more than "collective punishment" against the rock throwers and rocket makers. It is a program to destroy the last vestige of infrastructure needed to sustain life in Philistine Gaza, so hunger, dehydration and disease will take their toll, and all who can leave will leave or face slow death.
Even official Israeli military sources must come clean once in a while and admit that Gazans are unarmed and have no 21st century means of defending themselves from attack, and they have even less offensive capability.  It is time our national media tells the truth at least as much as Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post. And, if American Christians do not oppose the extermination of the Philistines, why would we expect Israelis to rein in Netanyahu?
The Gaza Genocide will not be stopped by the US Congress nor the mainline media, both of which support the Israeli lobby.  The Military-Industrial-Banking Complex that profits from war, will hardly use its lobby to stop genocide, and the President will slip out of office without preventing it.
However, America's 350,000 religious congregations have both the reason to care about the Philistines, and the ability to know the truth about Gaza through countless mission operations in the Middle East and the Holy Land.  Christ Followers have reason to know, or they can find out. The movement to save the Philistines is growing. Christ Follower say they are committed to opposing evil acts, and are commanded to love their brothers and to be peacemakers.  There are no exceptions in Jesus words.  Followers have no moral excuse not to act.  May they take their responsibility before God.
(1) Michael Ben-Ari, Knesset, Knesset member: “There are no innocents in Gaza … mow them (all) down”. And other prominent Israelis: "Five Israeli Quotes on the Gaza Conflict You'll Wish Were False," Davide Mastracci, The World Post (A Partnership of the Huffington Post, 11/20/2012:
(2) Avigdor Lieberman: Perhaps the most telling indicator of how radically racist Israel has become is the rise of Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs since reappointed by Benjamin Netanyahu.  Lieberman has had had numerous offices, a member of the Knesset and as Deputy Prime Minister of Israel.
Lieberman: On May 4 he called also for the execution of elected Israeli Arab members of the Knesset for talking to elected members of the Hamas-led Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). Four days later American The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) expressed grave concern over his insightful statements.
When he served as minister of transport in a previous government, Lieberman called for all Palestinian prisoners, now more than ten thousand, held by the Israeli occupation authorities to be drowned in the Dead Sea and offered to provide the buses, Haaretz reported on July 11, 2002.
In 2002, Lieberman declared, "I would not hesitate to send the Israeli army into all of Area A [the area of the West Bank ostensibly under Palestinian Authority control] for 48 hours. Destroy the foundation of all the authority's military infrastructure ... not leave one stone on another. Destroy everything." He also suggested to the Israeli cabinet that the air force systematically bomb all the commercial centers, gas stations and banks in the occupied territories. He is on record also to call for the ethnic cleansing of 1.2 million Israeli Arabs by stripping them of their citizenship and transferring them to a canonized Palestinian Authority (PA) without consulting their or consent.(The Independent, March 7, 2002)
"Erdogan [Turkish Prime Minister] accuses Israel of attempting a 'systematic genocide'[of Palestinians in Gaza]," Jerusalem Post, July 18, 2014:
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said “Israel is not only invading Palestine but also he [Lieberman] is saying that Palestinian people need to be evacuated or exiled. If this, or Israel’s air-strikes, which have killed children in Gaza, are not sabotage, then what is?”
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"A Decisive conclusion is necessary," Gilad Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, Nov. 18, 2012:
To contact the reporter on this story: Calev Ben-David in Jerusalem at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To contact the editors responsible for this story: Alaa Shahine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Amy Teibel, Ben Holland
Tragedy and Turning
Why this author uses Arabic term "Philistine":
"Israel's incremental Genocide in the Gaza ghetto," Ilan Pappe, The Electronic Intifada, July 13, 2014:
"Israel firing experimental weapons at Gaza’s civilians, say doctors," Rania Khalek, Electronic Intifada, July 15, 2014:
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