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Gaza doctor: “We are now facing a real genocide”

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Message from Dr Mona Qasim Alfarra, who directs a hospital in the Gaza Strip and works day and night with her colleagues to provide healthcare and psychological support, especially for children. It was posted on her Facebook page this morning, Gaza local time: The insane Israeli bombardment has not stopped.


It has been continuing all night and all day, every day and everywhere, coming from the sea, from the air and from land-based artillery. The naval bombardment is pouring its lava, targeting the coast of Gaza City and further north. The numbers of killed and injured continue to rise.

More homes are being destroyed.

A whole population is being subjected to collective punishment. This is not only a matter of war crime. We are now facing a real genocide in Gaza.

As the day begins in Gaza, hundreds of ordinary people in need of regular healthcare are unable to reach health centres. Meanwhile, hundreds of wounded people, mostly women and children, if they can be taken to hospitals at all, would find doctors and other medical staff working in dire and dangerous environments, under constant pressure, and with severe shortages of drugs and other necessary medical supplies.

So, I can only say to the people of Gaza: as the morning approaches, make sure to embrace and hug your children and loved ones and tell them how much you love them. The dawn is bound to come.

Mona Alfarra Project Director, Middle East Children’s Alliance (Meca)

Red Crescent Society



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