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Editor's Note: Is this any surprise from Zionist led Egypt??

The Jew/Mossad Agent Al Sissi works for Israel, belongs to their Tribe, on his mother’s side and so he is happy to see Palestinians DIE. Like Abbas, he is a TRAITOR to the Arab World as he colludes with Israel.

Egypt denies entry of European medical delegation into the Gaza Strip

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Egyptian Authorities have denied on Saturday the entry of a European medical delegation, heading to Gaza for urgent medical treatment, into al-Arish city in northern Sinai.

Abdin Fayez, coordinator for the medical envoy, told SAFA news agency that the Egyptian authorities suddenly stopped them at the Talouza military checkpoint, 150 Kilometers away from al-Arish, despite the pre-arranged security coordination.

The delegation, consisting of four anesthesiology and surgery experts, was forced back to Cairo following the arbitrary access ban.

Fayez slammed the ban decision, wondering: “Why has the Rafah crossing been blocked before the humanitarian and urgent cases? What is the reason behind denying a medical crew, aiming at providing Gazans with the needed medical help, entry into the Strip?”

He added that the Palestine Medical Association in Europe, which organized the visit, has been appealing to Egyptian mediators to lift the entry-bar.

Fayez called on the Arab governments and the international health organizations, including the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, to immediately step in so as to work out the ban and provide the Strip with the medical supplies and crews quite naturally needed at this very critical stage. 



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