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Obama: America will defend Israel no matter what!

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In order to please his Zionist Jew masters, US president Barack Obama penned an exclusive post for Israel newspaper Ha’aretz (July 8, 2014).

I’ve seen what security means to those who live near the Blue Line (not even recognized by the UN) to children in Sderot who just want to grow up without fear , to families who have lost their homes and everything they have to Hizbullah’s and Hamas rockets,” wrote Obama.

Does Obama’s idiot Jew speechwriter know that Sderot was built over Palestinian town of Najd which was over-run by European Jew terrorist militias in 1948, killing or expelling all of its 10,000 Muslims and Christian inhabitants to Gaza Strip. In 1948 alone, the Jewish terrorist militias destroyed 400 Palestinian towns and villages including 600 mosques.

Obama also shed his Christian tears at the death of three combatant Jewish settlers who were abducted and killed by Israeli security agencies to provide an excuse to invade Gaza. Obama said he sympathize with the family of 16-year-old Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khudair, who was abducted by six Jew settlers and burned alive as part of Jewish vengeance.

On July 9, 2014, Timothy Alexander Guzman wrote a post on Obama’s selling his soul to the Devil.

Since the beginning of Israel’s occupation, Palestinians have endured numerous human rights violations. From constant bombing campaigns by the US tax-funded Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), humiliating security checkpoints, kidnappings, sniper attacks and the demonization by Western Media outlets, the Palestinian people have been victims of Israeli oppression. Israel has expanded Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands and has taken control of water resources. Massacres such as in the one that occurred in the Palestinian Arab village of Deir Yassin in 1948 where over 100 Palestinian men, women and children were murdered by Israeli paramilitary forces formally known as the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Jewish terrorist organization (Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s father Benjamin, was a member) and Lehi (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) or the Stern gang. It happened during the civil war that erupted between the Israelis and the Palestinians after the British rule of Palestine had ended. Millions of Palestinian families have been displaced and exiled. Many were forced to live in neighboring countries including Jordan, Syria and Chile where a Palestinian community currently exists. Palestinians remain incarcerated in Israeli prisons without due process which is why many chose to start a hunger strike this past April. Crimes committed against the Palestinian people are numerous. However, Obama defends his administration for supporting Israel’s so-called defensive onslaught against the Palestinians.”

Craig Murray, former UK’s ambassador to Uzbekistan (2002-04), said on July 9: “Israel is exercising its right of self-defense in precisely the same sense that Hitler was exercising the right of self-defense in Normandy in 1944 – ie not at all. Why the world puts up with this blatant ethnic cleansing and prolonged, agonizing genocide of the Palestinian people, I have no idea. It is not just about bombs and rockets and deaths now. It is about the shepherds being pushed out of their village in 2012 as part of the same process as the massacre of Ashkelon in 1948, all a process of genocide of the Palestinians in which Obama, Clinton, Cameron and Hague, as two whole generations of western politicians before them, are actively complicit.”


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