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Sheikh Imran Hosein - Dajjal's Corruption Of Money In Akhirulzaman

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#1 akhirul zamanomar 2014-01-11 17:55
I have been looking at the topic of akhirul zaman for a time now and I would like to thank you on my behalf for all the work you have done on the subject. Strangely not enough scholars are speaking about the subject considering the times. My personal conclusions on the subject are quite blurred as you need to now a vast amount amount on world affairs to understand the situation. I have been alarmed at the level of deception of the orchastraters, ocult, zion. Know I realise why dajjal is the biggest tribulation frm Adam p.b.u.h to the last day. I have realised what I always understood which was that you cannot take knowledge at base level however patiently unravel it because more so with this subject its not always what it seems. Its like hazrat khidr and how he showed wisdom and meaning to moses p.b.u.h through the 3 ordeals.

I had one question and that was regarding dajjal. Who is this individual. Did he have parents. Who is al jassasa. And lastly you said that dajjals island could be britain. I believe that dajjal announces himself from isfahan in iran so I am confused because if the island was britain why would he be doing there. Also I believe that the prophecy also stated that he was in the east although I have to look this up. The pyramid on the dollar bill also looks as though it is on an island whith the sea in background.
#2 Response to OmarNashid 2014-01-18 17:13
ASA Omar,

Thanks for your comments. This talk about Islamic Eschatology is very helpful:

Islamic Eschatology:

The Sheikh answered all of your questions in different speeches he gave. If you go to the link below and choose the speeches where the Sheikh talks about the last day, Dajjal, Akhiruzaman, etc you will find more answers along with the link above:

Links to Sheikh Imran Hosein Speeches:

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