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Israeli crimes against Palestinians have gone unpunished due to Western cover

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A peace activist says if Western cover was removed from giving impunity to crimes committed by Israel against defenseless people they would not have gone unpunished.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with selected foreign ambassadors to garner support for war on Hamas and thus war on the people of Palestine.

US Ambassador to Israel Daniel B Shapiro has already given the green light to Israel for a full-scale war into Gaza similar to the murderous rampage by the Israeli military at the end of 2008 in Operation Cast Lead that killed some 1,400 Gazans, mostly women and children.

Press TV has interviewed Ken O’Keefe, peace activist and former US marine from London, about this developing situation of war talk. Joining O’Keefe in this news analysis is Adie Mormech, human rights activist in Gaza, and Daniel Pipes, historian and political commentator from Florida. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Our guest in Florida was saying that the situation now lies with Hamas making a decision; that there was relative calm before this, but Hamas was the side that wanted this war and now it is the side that is going to decide whether there is going to be war. What do you think?

O’Keefe: I can’t even remember all the lies that were just said by Mr. Pipes in Florida.

First off there is no massacre in Israel, what massacre are you talking about? If we talk about the fourth largest military in the world, which has the latest high tech weapons going against a relatively defenseless population, which has nothing more than glorified fireworks in the form of these unguided rockets, which have killed less than ten people of the last many years.

How is it possible that this man can get away with saying there is a massacre on the Israeli side?

There is no massacre on the Israeli side there is nothing but continuing crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the Israelis against a defenseless population, which includes over 800,000 children in Gaza.

It is absolutely absurd that these arguments can continue and that a man like this can even speak these words. Absolutely disgraceful.

The fact is that this all originates because of the original crime of the Palestinian’s land being stolen by the Israelis, by the UN declaration, which provided land to less than 15 percent of the population and then ultimately gifted Israel with the land that did not exist.

In their right, they have no right to this land whatsoever. That is the original crime and it is because of that crime that we see retaliation to this very day.

Press TV: You have the right to give a response to our other guest’s comments, but after you do that, do you think that the issue that Egypt now does have a new government and Hamas has said that that provides for it a “safety net” because (Egyptian President) Mohammad Morsi is not going to tolerate a Gaza war similar to the Gaza war we saw back in 2008, 2009. Is that going to change things this time round?

O’Keefe: Well, I would hope that Egypt does not dishonor itself as it did under Mubarak for thirty-plus years, that’s for sure.

Their Muslim, their Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine, and their Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine deserve the respect and the love and the loyalty that every single sane human being should be giving to the Palestinian people who have now been enduring for over six decades: a criminal psychopathic racist entity, which has devoured and consumed every bit of land that it could and killed with impunity because of its protection from the United States and the EU.

And I’d like to bring it back to the Western nations that provide cover to Israel because without the cover that our nations - Britain in particular and the US - without the cover that the EU and Western nations in general provide to Israel they could not continue these crimes and they would be punished in any sane world. But again, our Western nations give them this cover.

Ultimately what this man is saying in Florida is more nonsense, which conveniently forgets the fact that it is the original crime that is being responded to here.  

And plus we have over five years now of an illegal criminal collective punishment policy, which again affects over 800,000 children in Gaza. If it was your child that was being subjected to this type of collective punishment I wonder if you would have the same type of views that you express towards the Palestinians.

I believe that you (Guest, Mr. Pipes) suffer from the same disease that apparently pervades Western society, which imparts great value to Israel life and imparts virtually no value to Palestinian, Arab or Muslim life. It is a disgusting reality, it is a perverse reality of Western so-called civilization and it shames all of us.

And, if you want me to say how I feel about those lives that are lost in Israel, I regret every single life lost. In this world especially when it comes down to the lies that allow propaganda for us to be involved in wars - incessant boogie-man instigated wars that are all nothing more than manipulations to keep the system of tyranny going. I regret all loss of life, but I especially regret the loss of life of innocent people who are only resisting the unacceptable.

Press TV: Our guest there in Florida saying that Hamas is a terrorist entity in Gaza and we are seeing Israel confronting a terrorist state. What is your response?

O’Keefe: More ridiculous statements from this man in Florida. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist in his day so declared by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan; the IRA, which resisted against British tyranny were the terrorists of their day, many of which are now in government; and the founding fathers of the United States I’m sure this man would have prostituted himself for the British Empire at the time if he was on their side and said that those that resisted the British tyranny were terrorists as well.

This abuse of the word terrorism is thankfully in its dying days because the ultimate terrorist on this planet is the United States of America for its one to two million deaths in Iraq; millions of orphans; millions of refugees; an ongoing war in Afghanistan and Pakistan where we destroy the lives of civilians and children daily.

How dare we in the West even think to point the finger at anyone else and call them a terrorist. Absolutely ridiculous and thank God that more and more people especially young people are seeing through these bogus arguments and seeing the truth for what it is.

It is this man in Florida and the dupes who follow his logic that cannot see the world for what it is and thankfully that day is dying. We will have justice in this world. Palestine will be free, make no mistake about it.


spk truth
#1 ISRAEL SHOULD PAY ULTIMATE PRICEspk truth 2012-11-15 15:39
Mustafa Salahuddin
#2 War and crimes against Palestine by Israel .Mustafa Salahuddin 2012-11-18 03:33
The Israelies had no regard for Prophet Abraham, they had no regard for the Prophet Jesus, and they had no regard for the Prophet Moses may Gods peace and blessings be upon them all, and they have no regard for the Palestinean people. How quickly they forgot about their own history and how they were by Gods mercy and blessings brought out of the oppressive bondage, and deadly mistreatment of Pharoah's rule and given their freedom to live in peace without fear. How after knowing such pain and suffering could you repeat it on a people that are as defenseless as you were? And how can those who are in power who say that they believe in democracy and the basic rights to live as human beings in this world stand by and say or do nothing? May God have mercy on your souls, and on the souls of all of us who stood by and did nothing.

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