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Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime

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#1 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2011-12-18 10:50
Extract from "The Ugly Truth"

America is set out for the conquest of the world and in the broader picture we see three main actors in world politics:


Other players are South Africa's Oppenheimer, Apartheid Israel, India, Japan, the European Union, Canada, Australia, the Black African and Americans

But behind all this we have the Secret Societies and the Bank gangsters whose Head Quarters are the CITY OF LONDON!

England is ruling the world by proxy. When the Rothschilds decided to created the Monster Israel in the heart of the Arab and Muslim World it was a Royal British Conspiracy

The main victims

- Authentic Christians
- Muslims
- The people of the world who see their liberties gone for ever and their species being manipulated right at the DNA level and their habitat polluted

Pakistan is just a pawn on the Grand Chessboard and despite my wish and hopes, I have disqualified her as a genuine force to oppose the Americans despite their so-called nuclear capability who nobody knows in whose hands they actually are.

Knowing how the Americans have operated in the Arab countries including Occupied Arabia (Jewish controlled Saudia) where they are the ones who handle all the sophisticated armaments they have "sold" to the Arabs, I would not be surprised if they have not already locked on the Pakistan nuclear system and when the time comes they would either use it or destroy it.

Tell me I am crazy, but this is how intelligent people like the American leadership operate (not their stupid masses). It is always long term.

Zaid Hamid seems to me to be talking mostly about the superficial aspect on the ground and with clear indications that neither the Pakistan government nor the Pakistani Army has any control whatsoever over the overall situation. To obtain full control, they must strike the Americans which they are clearly not doing no matter what and this is to me a clear indication of a weak military however ruthlessly armed the "tribal" people are portrayed.

I wish I had a genuine expert on those matters to speak to because as I am not an expert in those matters myself I can only learn from them. All I can see is that history keeps repeating itself even in the very words of Brother Zaid Hamid. But, the expert must be really good and not just a propagandist.

Sunday 18 December 2011 [09:56AM]
#2 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2011-12-18 18:07
These David Duke videos prove that Russia is run by the JEWISH KOSHER NOSTRA (MAFIA), which I have always known to be the case.

This means that the Soviet Union never pulled out of Afghanistan, never collapsed, and it was all a Jewish chess game that allowed the US to come in for a Greater plan.


It is known that the Soviets allowed the US to come into the USSR with offers of money in order to be allowed to install military bases in Central Asian Republics (that used to be Muslim) in 2000.

The Soviets deliberated let its satellites go including East Germany and Poland. WHY? The Jews had taken over! I have seen so many Soviet Jewish leading figures that I cannot even say who is not Jewish among the top Soviet brass.

When I was studying medicine in the Caucasus, most of my teachers were Jewish. Even my best friend was Jewish, Michael Drinkin of Kislovodsk Litvak, my Physics teacher was Jewish. My anatomy teacher Sabina Lvovna was Jewish. The girl who fell in love with me was Jewish, Sopha ALeksandrovna.

People I knew to belong to the Armenian Mafia were Jewish and very wealthy. The Russians I knew were poor, but not the Armenians and Georgians.

I forgot to ask my Polish wife's uncle Kouyoumdjian if he was Jewish too!


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