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The Secret Dangers of Television

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Most people look upon television as a good and positive invention that makes their lives more enjoyable and interesting. That their lives are actually slipping away from them, that their lives are reduced in quality and joy; that their lives are corrupted and debased by watching television, does not occur to them. All that
they understand is that while watching television they feel happy and content. After all, they are being "entertained" so why should they NOT feel happy and content?

I have a candid photograph of a room containing several people, a dog and a television set. The people are sitting blank-eyed like zombies in front of the TV with vague smiles on their otherwise emotionless faces. Their eyes have a far away and blurry look. But the dog is watching the people watch TV. His eyes are alert to the breathing humans around him. The dog is aware of his surroundings. He is alive. But the people are oblivious to their
surroundings as they mentally interact with the TV program. They are mentally dead.

This hypnotizing interaction that we experience while watching
TV, is what the famed media theoretician, Marshall McCluen,
called "the medium is the message." That is, the media, itself,
entwines us even if there is no information or programming being
transmitted. Thus, a roomful of people become transformed into
mindless fools by watching TV while a lowly dog by NOT watching
TV achieves a greater awareness than those people.

You can see for yourself the power of TV over Life merely by
turning on a TV during a party. No matter how much fun everyone
is having, no matter how noisy everyone is, after a while the TV
proves to be stronger. The lull in conversation is filled in by
TV dialog, sounds and music. The constant flicker of the TV
screen attracts everyone's eyes and draws everyone's attention
until soon there no longer is a lively party. Everyone becomes
absorbed like zombies by the TV set while both the life and the
party dies.

Thus, McCluen was quite wrong when he stated that television is
"an extension of the nervous system." The Jewish TV moguls
immediately hailed such a theory with glowing enthusiasm because
this erroneous theory sheds a positive light upon a dark and
devious secret of theirs.

But McCluen was very, very wrong about this. The TV is not an
"extension" of the nervous system. Television is a "replacement"
of the nervous system. Unlike a tool that "extends" Man's powers,
television actually "diminishes" Man's power. McCluen theorized
that since TV can show images from around the world then it is
like "extending" the eyes and ears of Man. Although this may be
true for a TV that functions solely as a security or observation
camera, it is not true when TV functions as a means of
entertainment or news reporting. It becomes a brainwashing tool,

Television destroys true Life simply because those who watch it
lose their awareness of Life. And those who lose their awareness
of Life become rootless and lost, themselves. You can see this in
any America town or city. Vast tracts of houses and apartments
are virtually abandoned at all hours of the day or night. There
is very little interaction or communication between households
because everybody is indoors watching the boob-tube. They do not
know their own neighbors and their children grow fat and feeble
as they vegetate in front of the "entertaining" propaganda of the
TV set. This is bad enough by itself. But when you realize that
those who write and produce the TV shows are perverts and greedy
merchants of filth, you can begin to understand why TV is so

Children, today, spend more time watching TV than they spend in
school or with their parents. And the merchants of filth who own
the TV stations, fill these young minds full of violence, mayhem,
rebellion and obscenity. Is it any wonder that today's youths are
so violent and stupid? Do we blame the youths for being fools or
should we look to see WHO it is that fills our children full of
perversion? Who owns the media? Who writes the programs and
promotes the shows? Why, the Jews do. So, everything that appears
on TV has Jewish approval.

For 150 years, the Jews in the Media blamed the British for the
Chinese Opium Trade rather than the monopoly owners of that trade
who were all Jewish members of the Sassoon Family. The Jews lied 
about and slandered the British People while murdering millions 
of Chinese with their poison. They manipulated the facts and 
profited from the confusion.

For 80 years the Jews in the Media prevented the People from
learning that Communism is Jewish. The Jews manipulated and
denied the facts while profiting from the confusion. The West
spent billions in treasure fighting the boogyman of the 
Soviet Union while the American and British Jews betrayed
and deceived you behind your back.

For 70 years, the Jews in the Media have hidden the fact that
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Jew. The entire history of World
War Two takes on a new light of understanding when this fact is
factored into the historical events. The Jews lied about this
fact and profited from the confusion.

And now, the Jews in the Media are beating the war drum against
Iraq. Can the Jews who own the Media be trusted in their opinions
and presentations? Not at all! The main danger in TV today is the
Jewish ownership and production of what they want us to believe.
And what is it that the Jews want us to believe? Just watch a
little bit of TV and you will see that they want us to believe
that Goodness is Evil. The Jews want us to believe that
criminality is good; that pornography is artistic expression;
that murder is okay as long as we are treated to the "humanity"
and "goodness" of the murderer; that burglary and theft are fun
if the criminals are smart enough; that insulting and disobedient
behavior in children is cute; that Communism is heroic; that
adultery is sport; that greed and avarice are exciting. These and
many other sins and corruptions are daily paraded before our
trusting people's eyes and ears by the Jews in the Media. We are
being seduced into evil thoughts and actions and betrayed by the
Jews who own the Media.

The brainwashing that the Jews propagate is leading the People
toward destruction. With control of the thinking processes of the
masses of people, the Jews can manipulate the democratic process,
itself. Certainly, democracy is a great concept. But it relies
upon a well-informed and well-educated populace for it to be

When the People are taught to accept lies and deceptions as
Truth, then how can they make the correct decisions and vote for
candidates and laws that are both Good and Beneficial? When the
People are deceived, then their democratic vote will be
corrupted. And as democracy becomes corrupt, it fails. When
democracy fails, then the evils of Communism, Socialism and even
Police Statism are trotted out posing as the savior of society.
Thus, Good is replaced by Evil simply by deceiving and lying to
the People so that they make the wrong choices. And after the
choices are shown to be bad ones, those hypocritical Deceivers
point their lying fingers at the People to place the blame.

Once again, Communism is Jewish. It was invented by Jews,
financed by Jews, controlled by Jews, led by Jews, enforced by
Jews, profited by Jews and (in the Western democracies) it was
protected and defended by Jews. With such crass legions of Jewish
liars and deceivers controlling BOTH Communism, AND the Media,
how can Western Democracies endure?

Unless the Jews are removed from Media ownership, the fight for
Truth is a losing battle. And now, the Jews want the West to
believe that war with Iraq is good for you. You are asked to
believe that an enemy of Israel is your enemy, too. You are asked
to fight and die and to spend your treasure for the sake of the
Jews who have betrayed every country they have ever been allowed
to settle in.

And so, the secret danger of television is a danger to democracy,
itself. When the People vote with lies and deceit as their
motivating force, disaster is not far away. But it is a disaster
that will profit only the Jews. It is a disaster that they foster
while hypocritically feigning innocence and anti-Semitic
suffering. They will profit through the Jewish banks and
businesses and import-export companies and through the Media. So,
they have a good reason for lying to you. And they want you to
believe that lies that come from Jews are good lies, holy lies,
and lies that they can bank on.

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