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This section will feature articles that are news worthy and not normally reported by the main stream media. Articles of a positive nature as well as articles addressing negative issues that our media hides from public view will be included in this section. It is our hope that readers of this section will become well informed by the news worthy articles presented here.
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NEWS DIGEST: Trump’s Son-In-Law Financed Israeli Extremists and Settlements Written by Maisoon 849
Propaganda War Against Syria Heats Up Written by Ian Greenhalgh 384
White Supremacy Elected Trump? Written by Paul Craig Roberts 222
Nashid's Speeches Written by Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq 615
The transgender programming of children is child abuse, warns the American College of Pediatricians... Written by Mike Adams 347
SODOM - LGBT EXPOSED Written by Administrator 448
The LGBT Agenda - Longer Version Written by Administrator 353
Shocking - The LGBT Agenda Written by Administrator 476
The Abnormality of Homosexuality - Imam WDM Written by Imam WDM 584
Oh what a fracas, oh what a din Written by Maisoon 431