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Jachubites & World Rule

There has been a movement from time immemorial for dominance and world rule by an evil few over the many. Scripture has captured this movement by describing it as a war of good against evil fought by the Prophets against Satan. Satan, not a spook or a spirit but an evil diabolical mind inhabiting the flesh of certain human beings, has been steadily working towards control over the whole world. Who are the Jahcubites? They are an elite sect amongst the Jews who have had a quest for world rule and domination going back thousands of years. Not all Jews, but a ruling elite who feel they are more qualified to rule the world than the average human being. This section exposes this evil plot through admissions by Jews themselves, interviews, debates, passages in scripture and insightful presentations.

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In These Very Moments, The Protocols Are Being Rewritten Written by Gilad Atzmon 967
NEWS DIGEST: Destabilising Ukraine along with bombing 7 Muslim countries;Jewish/Israeli Inspiration for US-CIA Torture Written by Maisoon 1676
Islam and Russia's Tryst with Destiny - Imran Hosein Written by Sheikh Imran Hosein 1566
The Hidden Tyranny Written by Harold Rosenthal 9475
Unislamic State (US): Satanic ‘caliphate’! Written by Kevin Barrett 4141
Israel’s Hidden Agenda In Syria Written by uprootedpalestinians 2813
PORNOGRAPHY AS A SECRET WEAPON Written by Lasha Darkmoon 4981
THE TERM "Jahcubite" - Imam WDM Written by Imam WDM 1757
UNDER JEWISH RULE Written by Lasha Darkmoon 8358
Live in peace or go back to Khazaria Written by Hamid Golpira 3225