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Real Faces of Oppression

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If one were to take any course at any mainstream university in the West, what would be the thinking of your average student. Well, the answer is relatively simple. First of all, they would accept everything they are taught, even if it is wrong. They would agree that our minds should be altered and controlled, because they too went throught the same process. Also, they would agree with all the establishment views about the world, genocide, pillage, hatred, war, etc..

Far from being places of learning, academic institutions in the West are incubators for mind control of the worst dimensions possible in the history of mankind. Sometimes one would think why should we even go to school any more. I mean what is it worth us to become more and more a slave to the "powers at be?" Education since the day and age of Thomas Dewey to our present era is designed to make us belive a lie. Like most people in the West, we have been told wars happen abruptly, and that includes World War II.

But just for our introspection, take a step back and think more about this. War is an outcome of the planned design of a few men. Likewise, the alleged culprits are just simply stooges to the evil maneuverings of the men who actually have the power. Sadamm Hussein was "bad," but so was General Suharto in Indonesia, an even more viscious mass murderer then Sadamm. But because he was in the paid service to Washington, he was good for a time being, even though he committed gross murder and genocide on East Timor.

The same holds true for past purveyors of genocide and torture. Again going back to the example of our "illustrious" academic institutions in the West, that brainwash us and our children. Think about it! Was Hitler that bad? Generally, most of those who spend years at all the universities and secondary schools in America would say so automatically and emphatically. Most of the history textbooks and other literature concludes the same erroneous view about Hitler and World War II.

Hitler was certainly no where as evil as so many other dictators that have existed on the face of planet Earth. The Communist butchers of world history have far exceeded the number of lives they have taken, then did Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, or any other "fascist" leader. But see if your average student in the West would agree to that formulation. Obviously, Stalin was worse then Hitler, but since most of our  professors in the universities sing the Jewish swansong, the Bolshevik Jewish Murderers were no where as bad as Hitler. And neither was Mao Tse-Tung, who was brought to power by the Jewish bankers.

Again this is reflective of the fact that the media and our academic institutions, that claim to represent honesty and integrity, our actually just organs of plain misinformation and mental hypnotism. In a book entitled, "The Black Book of Communism," the author elucidates the diabolical features of Communist regimes all over the world--Vietnam, the former Soviet Union, China, etc.. The countless lives that were lost as a result of these monstrous regimes. However, again, most people or rather "sheeple" consider Hitler to be the worst epitomy of evil and murder, no doubt thanks to the influence of Jewish academie at most Western universities.

If one were to apply this scenerio to our present times. We should clearly see the games that these people play. Oh yes, the leader of Iran is a thug, who must me ousted from power; otherwise, he will kill so many innocent people. Oh, wait, the Taliban in Afghanistan oppresses women. Wait here is a good one, Islamic countries are "hell holes to live in." I mean, the litany of lies goes on and on.

Communist China oppresses both its men and women all the time, do we hear anything of that oppression non-stop in the mainstream media--no, of course not!! In Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines, for instance, women are forced into prostitution and the sex industry. Do we hear anything about that? Well, the answer is very little in comparison to the deluge of garbage emanating on mainstream Zionist media, when it comes to the supposed evils against women being committed in the Islamic world.

It all boils down to the fact, that the real culprits and orchestrators of violence and depravity rarely get mention in the schools and the media. Along these same lines, certain leaders, governments, countries, and religions get the most abusive treatment because they conflict with the "powers at be." Iran is a threat, so Iran's treatment of women must be bad, according to our university professors and media public relations people and personalities. While China is good and must have most favored nation trading status. Iran cannot have nuclear weapons, but China and Israel can. See it all works the same. The real faces of oppression should be discussed, but they will never will be. And the average "fool" in our universities will keep believing the same lies about the world.

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