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NEWS DIGEST: COLD WAR THEATER - Putin, Trump, Netanyahu

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Brendon O'Connell


Putin & The Jews


Russia Ruled by Crypto-Jews

Intel report: Kremlin sees US urging regime change in Russia

Kremlin leaders are convinced America is intent on regime change in Russia, a fear that is feeding rising tension and military competition between the former Cold War foes, the Pentagon’s intelligence arm has assessed.

The unclassified report by the Defense Intelligence Agency, which will be publicly released later Wednesday, portrays Russia as increasingly wary of the United States. It cites Moscow’s “deep and abiding distrust of U.S. efforts to promote democracy around the world and what it perceives as a U.S. campaign to impose a single set of global values.”

Webmaster's Commentary: Don't you just love that phrase, "promote democracy around the world!"

The fact is that in all the US interventions, democracy has never happened. It's always a puppet ruler acting as a dictator, such as Pinochet, the Shah, Poroshenko, etc. There may be sham elections to have a facade of democracy, but it is never real


Roger Stone: Hungarian President Asks Trump To Criminally Investigate George Soros

Despite his many decades of practice subverting and destroying countries, George Soros is struggling to destroy countries in Eastern Europe


The British Government’s War on Human Rights

Theresa May cannot be trusted with our national security. Her ineptitude was evident in her speech following the London Bridge attack, which came across as a campaign speech.


May Survives First Test

Theresa May today survived her first parliamentary test since the election when a Labour bid to sabotage the Queen’s Speech was voted down in the Commons.


UK Prepared To Retaliate Against Cyberattackers With Troops, Airstrikes – Fallon

Britain is prepared to launch military retaliation including sending in troops and airstrikes against foreign state hackers targeting the UK, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has warned.


Corbyn To Demand Queen’s Speech Amendments On Pay Cap, Emergency Service Cuts

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has tabled amendments to the Conservative government’s Queen’s Speech, demanding an end to the public sector pay cap and budget cuts to emergency services.

“You can’t have safety and security on the cheap,” Corbyn said ahead of the final vote on the Queen’s Speech, the government’s program for the two-year parliamentary session.


Thank Jeremy Corbyn, not Theresa May, for the Conservatives’ latest U-turn

When Philip Hammond urged Theresa May to call a snap election, he is said by ministers to have argued that the hit to the economy and living standards from Brexit would make it very hard for the Conservatives to win the next election due in 2020.


'Ridiculous hubris' Brussels wants to retain INDEFINITE right to fine Britain AFTER Brexit

BRUSSELS wants to retain the indefinite right to bring legal cases against Britain and fine it for breaches of European Union law even after it has left the bloc, it emerged tonight.

Eurocrats dropped a Brexit bombshell on Theresa May as they published a list of extensive demands which would see the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the EU Commission retain their stranglehold on the UK long after our departure.

The dynamite revelations were buried deep in a series of positioning papers published by Michel Barnier’s team this evening and are likely to be ferociously opposed by British negotiators.


Of course no mention of the many VISITS UK/US Politicians make to Israel- It is always about the so called ‘influence’ of the Gulf States and Saudis who ironically were created and installed BY the British and propped up by US/UK Military Bases!!

UK minister accepted more than £45,000 for Middle East trips


Contaminated Vaccines  to  cull populations

"The UK Gives £14 Billion In Foreign Aid Each year, Not To Feed The Poor, But To Vaccinate Them!"

'EU is fading away' Bosnian Serb leader uses Brexit to pour scorn on Brussels bigwigs

THE European Union is "fading away" with countries such as Russia and China replacing the bloc as key players on the international stage, according to firebrand Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik.


'It's RIPPED the EU apart!' Moment Merkel is attacked by her own ministers on Greece debt

The Social Democrat Thomas Oppermann, 63, has launched an attack on the German Chancellor saying that her policy regarding the bailout money for Greece has divided Europe.

Speaking in the Bundestag, he said: "The Chancellor rightly honoured [former Chancellor] Helmut Kohl. But not a cent for Greece - Mrs Merkel, that would never have been Helmut Kohl's motto, he would never have allowed the Greek crisis to push the European Union apart."


Pope’s finance minister charged with child sex abuse offences, police confirm

Cardinal George Pell, 76 has been under investigation in his homeland since last year following allegations of sexual abuse.

Police sources confirmed the charges relate to “historical” allegations made by more than one person.

Victoria police’s deputy commissioner Shane Patton said: “Cardinal Pell is facing multiple charges and there are multiple complainants.”


Aspartame & MSG Banned From Italian Restaurants

Italy is considered the healthiest country in the world. Aspartame has been banned from Italian restaurants, illegal even to own it. A friend, Brenda Cassini, once told me it was a saying in Italy," if you want to get embalmed go to America."


In "Unprecedented Step" US Sanctions Chinese Entities With Ties To North Korea

After allegedly pressuring the Chinese government to act first and adopt sanctions against nearly 10 local entities who the US claims provided North Korea with materials used in its nuclear program, the US has decided to act. In an unprecedented step, the Treasury Department slapped financial sanctions on two Chinese nationals and a Chinese shipping company over their ties to North Korea stemming from its nuclear program, according to Reuters.


Well looks like they have got to the new S. Korean leader- wonder what threats, coercion they have laid on him to get him to do this dramatic turnabout!!?

South Korea Leader Reverses Stance, Now Backs Trump Against North Korea


“It Can Easily Be Surmised That Military Action Is About To Occur” – Is Trump Preparing For A First Strike On North Korea?

This past week there were many sources reporting on different events that come to play in the overall significance of a possibility of escalation into a war between the U.S. and Russia. Apparently, the Russians shot down an EQ-4 Drone, estimated to cost more than $200 million. The cost is not the most alarming thing: the function of this particular type of drone is to tie in communications between different units and branches in different areas of an operational region. The Russians allegedly shot down the drone with an S-300 interceptor missile over neutral waters of the Mediterranean from Tartus in Syria.

Hal Turner reported extensively on this event. At roughly the same time, numerous sources and sites released a tweet from President Trump dated 20 June 2017 that was worded both vaguely and with the potential for an ominous undertone. The tweet is as follows:


Webmaster's Commentary: Added to this, yesterday, is the sudden, almost philosophically wild, turnabout in the attitude of relatively new South Korean President Moon, suddenly supporting President Trump's attitude on North Korea:

South Korea Leader Reverses Stance, Now Backs Trump Against North Korea

President Trump is receiving President Moon at the White House today, Thursday, 29 June. Would I love to be a butterfly on the wall for THAT meeting!        


YOU CAN BET THAT ISRAEL and its Operation Talpiot is in some way behind these Cyber attacks as Tel Aviv is usually implicated. They would do well to investigate the Israeli connection here. This is ISRAEL holding countries to ransom!!

Global Cyberattack Spreads from Europe to America, Affecting Energy and Shipping

A new and highly virulent outbreak of data-scrambling software caused disruption across the world Tuesday. Following a similar attack in May , the fresh assault paralyzed some hospitals, government offices and major multinational corporations in a dramatic demonstration of how easily malicious programs can bring daily life to a halt.


Cyber attack hits property arm of French bank BNP Paribas

A global cyber attack has hit the property arm of France's biggest bank BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA), one of the largest financial institutions known to be affected by an extortion campaign that started in Russia and Ukraine before spreading.

The worldwide attack has disrupted computers at Russia's biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms with a virus similar to the ransomware that infected more than 300,000 computers last month.

The attack hit BNP's Real Estate subsidiary, a BNP Paribas spokeswoman told Reuters, after a person familiar with the matter had said that some staff computers were blocked on Tuesday due to the incident.

"The necessary measures have been taken to rapidly contain the attack," she said.



Nato warns cyber attacks 'could trigger Article 5' as world reels from Ukraine hack

A cyber attack against any member state would trigger c - Nato's mutual defence clause - the alliance has warned after a massive computer hack paralysed government ministries and dozens of businesses in Ukraine before spreading around the world.

The latest global cyber attack is believed to have been designed to cause chaos rather than extort money. Ukrainian officials have pointed at Russia, which is fighting an undeclared war with Ukraine in the east of the country and has been blamed for previous cyber attacks on Kiev.

Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary general, said alliance members agreed last year that a cyber attack could trigger Article 5 of the north Atlantic treaty in the same way as a conventional military assault and promised more help to Ukraine to bolster its own cyber defences


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