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Where Is The Outrage? Trump-Tillerson Covert War On Chavismo Brings Venezuela To The Brink

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Venezuela is at its worst point since El Comandante Hugo Chavez was temporarily toppled by a US-Zionist coup on April 11th, 2002. The nation that has been governed by the Bolivarian Revolution for nearly two decades is indeed on the brink. And the “antiwar movement” as well as much of the alternative media are relatively mum. Led by Zionist Jew Henrique Capriles Radonski, long-time agent of the NED and ‘Israel’, the atrocious “Venezuelan” opposition has been carrying out violent protests for several weeks in an overt attempt to implement “regime change” in Caracas and overthrow the revolutionary Nicolas Maduro through what they call “ungovernability”. At least 29 people have been killed since this latest coup plot has started: 9 civilians killed by oppositionists, 5 armed agitators killed by Venezuelan security forces and 15 others killed by unknown sniper fire–exactly the same tactics we saw in the ’53 Mossad-CIA-MI6 coup that toppled Iran’s Mossadegh, the ’73 Kissinger-plotted CIA coup that ousted Chile’s Allende, the aforementioned ’02 NED-CIA coup against Chavez and the Empire-manufactured “Arab Spring” of the last 6 years. The worst incident was an opposition attack on a maternity hospital that put the lives of more than 50 Venezuelan newborn babies at risk.


To make matters worse, today, Venezuelan opposition hackers known as HDP (Sons of Bitches)–undoubtedly proxies for ‘Israeli’ and American intelligence–released the confidential information of thousands of Bolivarian Revolution officials, telling their fellow oppositionists to “seek them out”. More violence is on the way most certainly. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg either. Assassinations are now happening with regularity. Two days ago, five Chavista government works were killed and wounded by the US-‘Israeli’-backed opposition’s sniper fire. Last Saturday, a gruesome crime was carried out in Santa Lucia at the home of 48-year old Jacqueline Josefina “Le Negrina” Ortega, an Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist Chavista activist who had been a coordinator for the Indigenous in Miranda State and a loyalist of the Bolivarian Revolution from day one. She was savagely gunned down by four masked armed men on motorcyles–a signature of Mossad. Five days before that, her son, Walter Ali Ortega, was also murdered. On the same day Ortega was viciously killed, another prominent Chavista, trade union leader Esmin Ramirez of Bolivar State, was kidnapped and not even 24 hours later, he was slaughtered too with several gunshots to the head.

And while the Tangerine Terrorist Donald Trump is trying to play like he’s aloof, simply stating that the situation in Venezuela is “very bad, very bad” and “we’ll see what happens”, the guiding hands of the American regime in the carnage are as blatant as Trump’s horrific tan is sprayed on. Rex Tillerson, an old enemy of the Bolivarian Revolution and current architect of the chaos, is, according to Zionist mouthpiece Foreign Policy (owned and run by Jewish-Zionist devil David Rothkopf), said to be “diplomatically”–which, in Zio-Doublespeak, translates to “covertly”–trying to oust Chavismo with persistence. He revealed this much himself, disclosing the US ZOG’s fingerprints at a quiet press conference far away from the Zionist media’s cameras on April 19th, “We are concerned that the government of Maduro is violating its own constitution and is not allowing the opposition to organize in a way that expresses the views of the ‘Venezuelan people’. We are concerned about that situation. We’re watching it closely and working with others to communicate those concerns.” In other words, Oil-and-Gas kingpin Tillerson doesn’t like that Maduro, El Aissami and the Venezuelan people are resisting and thus, he is mobilizing US vassals in the region to speed-up the “regime change” process.

Among those he is consulting with: Mexico, Colombia (the ‘Israel’ of Latin America as Chavez once called it), the coup regime in Brazil, the soft coup regime in Argentina and OAS head Luis Almagro. This followed a tremendously ominous statement by US Southern Command head honcho Admiral Kurt Tidd, who declared that should Venezuela fail to quell the “growing humanitarian crisis”, then that would “eventually compel a regional response”. Moreover, snake-like head of the Venezuelan National Assembly and NED-funded opposition leader Julio Borges has written letters to a dozen international banks to boycott the Caracas government. The EU, that ever-reliable animal of Zio-Imperialism, for its part, passed a resolution yesterday condemning the Venezuelan government’s defense of its nation’s sovereignty and demanded that all “political prisoners”–i.e. agents of the conspiracy, specifically Leopoldo Lopez, whose associates Trump, Tillerson and Kelly have been colluding with since the new US presidency began–be “freed”–i.e. allowed to continue to wreak havoc until the Bolivarian Revolution is liquidated.

Lest we forget the US sanctions, including those leveled against VP Tareck El Aissami by the administration of Supercilious Orange, and Saudi Arabia’s Zionist-ordered overproduction of oil that has plummeted petrol prices around the world and dealt heavy blows to the Venezuelan economy. As for the institution that designed the current plan of destabilization that Tillerson and his goons are pursuing to the letter? That comes from none other than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), run by Zionist Jew and opponent of Mouqawamah everywhere Richard N. Haas. The CFR, created by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and bankrolled by Zio-“Elites” with unlimited cash to this day, sent a PORTFOLIO to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee with all the measures necessary to dislodge the Venezuelan government. Hass tasked his Shabbos Goy Shannon K. O’Neil, the CFR’s Latin American Affairs director, to spearhead this Imperialist initiative. Typically, Soros-funded “Human Rights” Watch and Amnesty International have joined the fray as well, condemning Maduro and El Aissami and throwing their full weight behind the US State Department’s goons. Financial, political, intelligence, international, media, military and the NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex, like Bush and Obama, the Trump regime is pulling out all the stops to bring the land that Chavez liberated from neo-colonialism to its knees.

Russia has said what is driving the unrest in Venezuela is a “destructive role of external forces” –a perfectly accurate assessment. Cuba, China, Nicaragua, Bolivia and the Islamic Republic of Iran also firmly stand with the Bolivarian Republic. With the support of its allies, and most importantly, its people, Venezuela is responding to this lunacy, make no mistake. Caracas has formally started the process to withdraw from the OAS–which Bolivian President and Anti-Zionist hero Evo Morales has called “the best instrument of US Imperialism”–and has also poured $10.5 million into the small businesses attacked by the shaytanic opposition. Chavista counter-marches are gaining steam but the opposition, egged on by the treacherous Radonski in the streets, the vile Borges in the National Assembly, the devious Lopez from prison, and its controllers from Washington and “Tel Aviv”, isn’t showing any signs of stopping. The Bolivarian Revolution is standing on a precipice right now. You either stand with the sons and daughters of El Comandante Chavez or you stand with the Trump-Tillerson attack on another frontline resistance state that World Zionism has desperately wanted destroyed since Hugo first ascended to the presidency. Prayers and solidarity are good but not good enough. This conspiracy must be exposed and vigorously so. Anything less should rightly be seen as aiding and abetting the machinations of Empire Judaica. #MayGodProtectVenezuela #LongLiveChavismo


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