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NEWS DIGEST: Putin Defies Obama and the West!

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become great and mighty from wars. The misfortune of states and peoples has been its fortune.” -Friedrich Edlen von Scherb


yep, it is about Putin getting in the way of the Rothschild dictatorship 


Putin, Not Ukraine, Is Vexing America 


By Finian Cunningham


 It is about Putin being an independent world leader who is not bowing down to American imperial dictate.


Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?


There is no way to overstate the significance of what has transpired in Ukraine in the last three weeks. What began as a murderous onslaught on the mainly Russian-speaking population of east Ukraine, has turned into a major triumph against a belligerent and expansionistic empire that has been repulsed by a scrappy, battle-hardened militia engaged in a conventional, land-based war.




Putin's restraint


President Putin's matter-of-fact statement over last weekend that, "If I wanted to I could take Kiev in two weeks", following his mid-week reminder of Russia's sometimes forgotten nuclear capacity, was most certainly startling to European Union leaders gathered in Bruxelles to shuffle around EU functions in such way that the bureaucrats-who have made non-elected careers in Bruxelles running as much as possible the lives of Europeans-can keep their jobs.


[Vladimir Putin on western propaganda and media lies


Vladimir Putin on on western propaganda and media lies during the Georgia war in 2008.]





Dear President Putin and Russian People,


Please accept our apologies for the behavior of our Governments and Media. Western Nations, led by the United States, seem determined to start a war with Russia. A sane person would recognize the terrible consequences of such a war and would do everything in their power to avoid it. In fact it appears that this is exactly what you are doing. In the face of an endless stream of lies and provocations you have managed to keep Russia from being drawn into a nuclear war.






NATO Attacks!                                                


By Pepe Escobar


 First thing we do, let's kill all the myths. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is nothing but the Security Council of the Empire of Chaos.






Far From Keeping The Peace, Nato Is A Threat To It


By Seumas Milne


Nato has been the cause of escalating tension and war. ==================


What Has Vladimir Putin to Say About NATO Putting its Missiles on Russia's Borders? 


By Renee Parsons           


We have the right to ask, says Putin, against whom is the NATO expansion intended? And what happened to the assurances made after the dissolution of the Soviet Union?






Presstitute Alert:


NATO chief asks Russia to pull back troops:


Rasmussen tells Kremlin to stop backing rebels in eastern Ukraine as NATO leaders meet in UK amid calls for ceasefire.






OSCE Confirms that No Russian Troops, No Tanks, have Crossed the Russia-Ukraine Border:


The following report is a slap in the face to president Obama and his NATO partners meeting today in Newport Wales.




Russia to reopen Northern Fleet base in Arctic


Russia has dispatched a group of ships from its Northern Fleet to the Arctic, with the aim of restoring a permanent base in the region, Russia media say.


A detachment including two amphibious vessels and an anti-submarine ship set off from the fleet's base in Severomorsk, near the Norwegian border.


It will take equipment and personnel to the eastern New Siberian Islands.


Russia is boosting its naval presence in the Arctic as regional powers seek to claim its rich natural resources.


Ukraine’s killing fields in 10 stories: RT reporter goes to Lugansk and Donetsk



ISIS to the Rescue: America's terrorist mercenaries threaten war with Russia.: Analysis:


Tony Cartalucci - LD) - As the crisis in Ukraine continues to fare poorly for Kiev and its NATO-backers, an "unlikely" ally has emerged - ISIS. Threatening to "liberate" Chechnya and the Caucasus, ISIS would essentially be handing over regions of Russia to its Western and Persian Gulf sponsors. While one would imagine the West would attempt to at least appear to stand in solidarity with Russia in the face of this recent threat, it has instead used the threat to stir fear among Russians, and as leverage against Moscow.


The Fortune 500-funded Carnegie Europe think tank recently published an op-ed titled, "Forget NATO, Russia’s Got Bigger Problems." In it contains astounding admissions - that NATO's agenda is expanding itself all along Russia's borders, that "the EU is now in direct competition with Russia over the future of the lands straddling the EU and Russia," and that its plans in Ukraine are in utter disarray


The op-ed would also leave readers with an unmistakable threat:


What could deter him [Russian President Vladimir Putin] is his own combustible southern flank and Islamic State, which Russia would be very unwise to ignore. It is these threats that are far, far more dangerous to Russia than NATO's limited intentions in Poland and the Baltic states.


These threats are also more dangerous than the EU, whose openness has hugely profited Russian companies and ordinary Russian citizens.


If Putin thinks NATO and the EU are his big threats, competitors and enemies, he hasn't seen anything yet.


The threat is clear. The Islamic State (ISIS), a creation of US, European, Saudi, Qatari, and Israeli designs, is a global mercenary expeditionary force, precisely as Al Qaeda was since its inception in the 1980's in Afghanistan. While it is currently being used by the West to divide and destroy the Middle East and smash the Iranian arc of influence stretching from Tehran, across Iraq and Damascus, and all the way to Lebanon, it can easily be redirected into the hotbeds of sectarian extremism in Russia's southern Caucasus region. Tony Cartalucci - LD) - As the crisis in Ukraine continues to fare poorly for Kiev and its NATO-backers, an "unlikely" ally has emerged - ISIS. Threatening to "liberate" Chechnya and the Caucasus, ISIS would essentially be handing over regions of Russia to its Western and Persian Gulf sponsors. While one would imagine the West would attempt to at least appear to stand in solidarity with Russia in the face of this recent threat, it has instead used the threat to stir fear among Russians, and as leverage against Moscow.


Irresponsibly Blaming Russia for US-Led Western Crimes


Washington is public enemy No. 1. It's the real evil empire. It's a longstanding serial aggressor. Rogue Western partners share blame.


Southeastern Ukraine's conflict is Obama's war. Behind the scenes US manipulation controls things.


Kiev is infested with CIA and FBI operatives. Blackwater USA (now Academi) type mercenaries operate in Southeastern Ukraine. Perhaps alongside covert US special forces.


Ceasefire: President Poroshenko trick to regroup troops – Spanish volunteer to RT

 “The problem lies in the conditions of truce, because people of Novorossia do not want to be part of Ukraine – and they will stick to this line,” Gomez said.


He recalled first coming to the Ukrainian city of Lugansk, already suffering under the shells from the Ukrainian army.


“The situation was really dreadful when I arrived in Lugansk. I entered the city via a completely destroyed road. Everything there, restaurants, schools, hospitals and living quarters, was bombed out,” Gomez remembered.


The Spanish volunteer confirmed that for over a month the citizens of Lugansk lived without water, electricity and electric light, with no communications and scarce food supplies – “and all this under unceasing bombardment from the Ukrainian army, which for good measure was saying this was an anti-terrorist operation, while a full-fledged war was underway.”



Destabilisation in Ukraine on US orders threatens Russia:


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko: "It's Uncle Sam overseas who is pushing us into this slaughter. And let's be frank: many politicians in Ukraine are fulfilling his orders," the president said 




UK to send 1,000 troops for NATO Spearhead Force:


The UK will contribute 1,000 personnel to a new multi-national rapid reaction force, Prime Minister David Cameron has said. He suggested the NATO "multinational spearhead force" could be deployed anywhere in two to five days.




Pentagon To Use Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova For War With Russia:


The United States is preparing measures to assist Ukraine in the development of a new defense strategy and the strengthening of the National Guard, reads a statement posted on the Web site of the White House on Friday.




Talk Of Nuclear War Over Ukraine Beginning To Surface In Mainstream Media


Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post


Until now, the talk of nuclear warfare between the United States and Russia has been confined to prescient and observant researchers largely operating within the alternative media. Western media outlets, while attempting to Portray Putin as the new Hitler and Russia as a provocateur, still attempt to paint a picture of a winnable confrontation between the two superpowers. Indeed, Western media outlets along with opportunistic politicians are attempting to nurture anti-Russian sentiment amongst the American people who, unfortunately, have no real sense of the consequences of military action...






well to be honest, we don’t need Wikileaks to tell us this as anyone with n ounce of logic would be aware that this guy was an USSRAELI Asset as are all those Jewish Oligarchs controlling Ukraine and Georgia


Wikileak Cables: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Washington's Pocket Since 2006:


It turns out that Ukraine's new president, Petro Poroshenko, has been working for the U.S. government since at least 2006 and they knew he was corrupt.


The Fall of the US Empire-And Then What?


Is the title of a book published by TRANSCEND University Press in 2009, now in second printing, and several translations including Chinese. There were two subtitles indicating answers: Successors, Regionalization or Globalization? – US Blossoming or US Fascism?


What is the situation today, five years later?


Successors? UK is militarily with USA to keep Anglo-America as a dominant world force even if a shadow of 50 years ago; France tries to keep its hold on former colonies in Africa; they use NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization for military and EU-European Union for political support. In empires the local elites line up to do the killing; yet the Western powers have mainly to do that themselves.


Thousands stand up to NATO in Wales, several arrested StopNATO NATOSummitWales noNATO


took action against arms trade funder Barclays Bank in Newport today





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