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The Truth About 9/11

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NEWS DIGEST: "Intelligent American" Is An Oxymoron

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Truth Exists, Lies are invented

'The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed'
- Steve Biko
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"Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is a message, just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out & resonate in every word & every deed. Yes, become who you are. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse"  -   Leonard Peletier

The World Is A Prison Of Words
Escape to the reality of reason and truth.  
Just imagine for a second that you are alone in a small dark room while your head chained between your legs and you has been forced to listen same song again and again for number of hours and days with headphones which you can't take off. Music torture has been normal practice for the CIA after it started its "improved examination program" in the early 2000s.

The U.S. Psychological Operations team member Sgt. Mark Hadsell, said:
"If you play it for 24 hours, your brain and body functions start to slide, your train of thought slows down and your will is broken. That's when we come in and talk to them."
Any torment technique is of easy to refute merit — music torment was, partially, mainstream on the grounds that it appeared to be more tasteful to the general population. Anyhow to find out about the knowledge of individuals who've been subjected to these tunes is to see exactly how frightful it is to have a darling tune betrayed you.

Following are the list of songs which CIA used to torture their prisoners:……………..Music Videos’
Britain 'attempts to censor' US report on torture sites:  
US Senate report may confirm that Diego Garcia was used for extraordinary rendition after 9/11 
"Intelligent American" Is An Oxymoron.
Do you want to die for a lie? Another Washington lie?
By Paul Craig Roberts
I am convinced that Washington is behind the destruction of MH-17, because Washington's propaganda show was already ready and was instantly in performance.  
The American Gulag Of Thought-control
By Finian Cunningham
Look at the way American mass media is covering the conflict in Ukraine and the recent downing of the Malaysia civilian airliner.  
Something Sinister Going On?
The Unanswered Questions of MH17
By Mike Whitney
Why hasn't Washington been more forthcoming with the information they have?  
It was ten days ago when on the heels of Russia's 30-minute detailed presentation of what it believes happened to MH-17, the US government released a satellite trajectory map of what it says was the flight's path and the site from which the missile was shot as well as various other satellite images "proving" the missile that took down the Boeing 777 was fired by the pro-Russian separatists. Yesterday the Russian defense ministry finally responded to the US release stating that the "satellite images Kiev published as ‘proof’ it didn’t deploy anti-aircraft batteries around the MH17 crash site carry altered time-stamps and are from days after the MH17 tragedy." In other words, the evidence the US has present to form public opinion was in the form of "altered images carrying wrong time-stamps."
US will train and arm the Ukrainian National Guard next year:  "The Defense Department and State Department have notified Congress of our intent to use $19 million in global security contingency fund authority to train and equip four companies and one tactical headquarters of the Ukrainian National Guard" 
U.S. Spy Plane Reportedly Violated Swedish Air Space to Escape Russian Fighters:  A U.S. Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint spy plane reportedly violated Swedish air space in order to dodge Russian fighter jets, according to a Swedish media outlet. 
Most Federal/Supreme Court Judges are Jewish Zionists so what is new here!!
Data stored overseas should be accessible to US government, judge rules:  
A federal judge in New York City sided with the United States government on Thursday and said that Microsoft must comply with a search warrant compelling the corporation to surrender customer data it stores overseas. 
sounds like the Zionist Jews controlling the CIA don’t  even Trust the Senate Members and need to spy on them no doubt in order to amass possible blackmail material to keep them all in line!!
CIA Admits It Broke Into Senate Computers
Senators Call For Spy Chief's Ouster
 By Jonathan S. Landay and Ali Watkins
"The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers. This grave misconduct not only is illegal, but it violates the U.S. Constitution's requirement of separation of powers.  
State Dept: 'No American is proud' of CIA tactics:
The State Department has endorsed, a report that accuses the agency of brutally treating terror suspects and misleading Congress, according to a White House document. 

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