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The Truth About 9/11

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When an article is posted on a forum it generates discussions that sometimes are more educational than the article itself. This section will feature the dialogues and discussions generated primarily at the Liberty Forum for many of the articles posted on this website. Participants in the discussion are from all over the world with various points of view. For most of these files it is better to download and view them rather than previewing them from the download site.

Why I Am Absolutely Certain That Trump Is Not Playing 3-D Chess

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"How perfect is that, though? Could you ask for a more perfect narrative to feed the masses than the idea that every time their leader appears to be doing something shady, he’s actually making a brilliant move that we lowly plebeians cannot hope to understand? He can march the US government step-for-step in the same direction Obama was day after day, and his supporters will gaslight themselves into believing that he’s actually done something ingenious.


Do you know why I am absolutely certain that this popular narrative is pure bullshit? Because Obama supporters were all saying the exact same thing about him at the beginning of his administration."

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An Atheist-Muslim Dialog

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What follows is a short dialog of my responses to an atheist named Heretic on the Liberty Forum website:


Heretic States:


First of all morality is subjective, what is moral and immoral is determined by men who have the power to make that determination. It is subjective: the cheetah is immoral to the antelope that is losing it's life, but moral to the kits whose life will be saved by the antelope. It is thus in human society as well. One man's meat is another man's poison.


Nashid’s Reply:


That is your definition of morality my friend not mines. When that cheetah chases down the antelope and with his powerful teethe bite into him and kill him that is an extremely moral act! When he enjoys the meal and relish over his catch and when hungry seeks to find another antelope to devour again that cheetah is doing something holy indeed and sacred before ALLAH. Why? Because he is doing what ALLAH created him to do and that is highly moral! When a Muslim slaughter an animal and invokes the name of ALLAH saying by your permission oh ALLAH I slaughter this animal. You created hunger in me and have provided a way for that hunger to be fulfilled. That too is an act of reverence like the cheetah to ALLAH. When I make love to my wife and we take each other to uncharted levels of sexual joy and ecstasy and endeavor to gain the maximum pleasure from the act that too is an act of ALLAH, in fact it is holy and I dare say glorious indeed! (smile). Uh Uh No sin here my friend but an act of worshipping ALLAH in Islam! Why? Because ALLAH created my sex and provided a way for my sexual desires to be fulfilled. I had nothing to do with that creation. I am like a visitor who is using all these things provided to me by a most generous ALLAH. As such I am living according to the nature in which He has created me. I do not define morals by your standards. I define morality by ALLAH’s standard which is when ANYTHING in His creation lives according to the nature in which ALLAH has created it in.

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4000 Germans converted to Islam in 2006

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The following is a discussion regarding the event of 4,000 Germans converting to Islam in 2006. Reasons for their conversion are discussed both from an Islamic and Islamophobic point of view. Many topics are discussed regarding Islam and the topic of circumcision in Islam is given a lot of attention.

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