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Imam WDM - Rise Up On The Air

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Imam WDM - Rise Up On The Air

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With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

He aspired to rise up on the air and become prince of the air; prince of the air means: he's gone to rule the air.

His scheme was to first, rule the waters and he used the science of the ancient nations to get that. That enabled them to get in the world of man's water and rule him.

So, here Professor Fard is telling us the story of Yakub coming and grafting the world of the ancient knowledge into a new thing, he's creating a new people with what he's using, grafting out of the original man...grafting a devil out of the original man.

Now, those pagans weren't devils, they were just masters of the human psychology or the soul of the people. And they were able to dominate with their rule and keep the people pleased with their rule.

Now, here comes a new visionary and he's gotten some help from some of G'd's revelation to his prophets. Now he's using the insight and revelation to His prophets or the nature of the original man, the science of how to rule the original man, how to master and kill the original man (That's Fard's teaching).

So, he gets this knowledge now aided and supported by the ancient nations, who were idols' - idol worshippers. Not really in reality, they were not idol worshippers.

Their idols represented their wisdom, their psychology for mastering the souls of people. And it was only their general population, or their citizenry that was conditioned to accept those idols as having power.

They're brought into focus by The Qur'an: "We know these things can't speak" but, they are means for communicating or reaching our objective, which is to rule and dominate the masses of the general population.

We rulers don't buy it, we know they can't speak. But, these are means for us to capture the ignorant or the uninformed in this particular science, or matter, and master them, so they don't become a problem for our rule... for our leadership.

That tells me, that we have under estimated the ancient world. They weren't a bunch of stupid people worshipping idols, no, they were scientific and those idols represented only facets of human nature; different facets of human nature. And where this position is formed in the formation of human sensitivities and sensibilities can take society. If you manage that, then you can ride upon the constitution of human nature. If you know how it's constituted, then you can ride on that, it can become your donkey, it can become your horse, it can become your animal, it can become your Mercedes Benzes, it can become your seven-forty-seven...If you study and know it, it can become your transport, to carry you as the leader of the world, to take you where you want to take the world. So, this is what they learned.

Mr. Fard or Professor Fard or Master Fard, (he was a master in his sciences). Called Yakub a grafted devil!

So, here comes a world that's formed by conspirators among the Zionist; here comes a world that will be a demonic, satanic world. Is that what we have here?

So, see if we know how to read what Mr. Fard was trying to give us, in hopes that one day we'll see in a different light and not take it literally, but learn to decode it.

I think the word is encrypted; to take a body of language and influence it until the real communication is difficult to reach. If you look at the word 'encrypt', it's from the word crypt which means, very hard to understand and almost impossible to understand. When you look at that word 'encrypt', you can pronounce it 'crib', you can pronounce the 'p' with a 'b'... that's what it's a play on, 'take you back into the crib' where you can't perceive reality, you're a baby that can't perceive reality. Then, put you on a road to understanding, that is language of a different nature; it's not a language of simple reality, it's a language that seems to be on the surface in direct conflict with reality. Put you on that road of Myth and Satire.

For Fard, it's more satire than myth. Put you on that road from baby innocence in the head.

So, when Mr. Fard said: this world of the white man is false, his knowledge is false and your knowledge is different. When you were in your original life and world, you wrote history, you didn't depend on the white man's history. And you wrote history to last for twenty-five thousand years and you renewed your history every twenty-five thousand years.

Now we buy that because we trust the teacher, so now he's encrypting us! By conditioning us to reject everything we have learned and as far as progress for the human intelligence... he has put us back in the crib.

So, really the language of the so-called learned say, 'crypt' it's a play on 'crib'; capturing your innocence in infancy and giving you their language that guides you to follow them in the dark.

You take an innocent mind; you can give it darkness and tell it "it's light". It ain't light. It's worse than darkness, it has become so intensely dark that its worse than nature darkness.

You see it's that nature sleeper; he's not as far from reality as the spiritual sleeper in their new language.

In the Church, I hate to put it like that...but in the church the sleeper in the church is in a deeper sleep than the man that never met the word of G'd. He's in a deeper sleep and further away from reality than the man who never met a 'Word from G'd'.

You have to take him out of the language environment that he's been shaped in or form him out of his original nature. And you have to create a new language environment for him that will bring him back to have faith like a baby; trusting you, 'this world is wrong for me". Now feed me, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, give us a look at this world that you want us in.

So, even after The Hon. Elijah Muhammad's teachings, we need another transformation. How are we going to get that transformation, if we're not taken off one language dependency, and put on another language dependency? That's what we had to do and it worked.

Once we're put in a new language environment, and we have faith in it, that 'new language environment' if it has directions and it's directions is the arrival at The Qur'an, and Muhammed's Leadership, then once you get there you're truly free, truly free.

And you have dropped all the wrappings of the old reality, so that you can come bare and alone, like a baby stripped from his mother, into a new world of The Qur'an and Muhammed's Leadership.

The world that we have to come out of, is nothing but a world of wrappings. They say, 'he has risen' the one who was captured and put away and thought to be dead.

'He has risen and the proof that he has risen, is here are the wrappings.' He's not wearing them anymore, that's proof that he has risen.

Now, behind Mr. Fard, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm; an articulate spokesperson for what The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was bringing to the black man and the world; how do you destroy that influence on the new black man? You have to wrap him up again.

'So, let us create a generation of wrappers (rappers). So, they can wrap the black man up again. We like what we see in them, what they're hungering for, so let's free it so we can become popular leaders and reach the public like Malcolm was doing for The Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

And as far as their intellectual potential, it won't be able to express itself except through a 'rapper' for their womb of their life, so that there Me anew will never be touched. Because, what we're putting on their brain is just like putting a wrapper on their joint. So, when they screw their public, they won't produce any babies. This new mindset is a wrapper.'

Isn't that what we've been seeing?

They can't carry the intelligence of the black people forward. All they can do is give you a time-x that can't reach the womb. They're wearing wrappers.

But, see how the satan gets into our culture?

We have preachers that call themselves rappers to replace the old leadership of the church and temple under The Hon. Elijah Muhammad. So, who got the young, who's got the new generation? Not the Church... the W-Rappers!

Satan has learned how to put w-rapping on their minds, that effect the power or freedom of their minds to impregnate the intelligence of the masses; just like a rubber, that's called a wrapper, also keeps the life germ from reaching the female mate to reproduce you and her. So, the mind is no more reproductive.

Like my father use to say, "brother are you shooting blank bullets. What's the matter? You and the sister been married all this time, are you shooting blank bullets?"

So, this w-rapper is a conspiracy, this w-rapper is a big conspiracy against black leadership. They want to make sure they don't get another one to captivate the young like Malcolm did. Make sure that doesn't happen again, just put w-rappers on... so, when they express themselves, they go beyond the w-rapper, all they can produce is another w-rapper. This knowledge comes from the secret Jew, the Zionist Jew.

Conspirators in the world of opportunity for mankind.

They say in The Qur'an:

"We're not impressed, ( I'm putting it in my own words) You can't reach us, you can't influence us, you can't penetrate us, our hearts are the wrappers."

"You trying to reach us, it's deep within our minds, you can't change our minds, it's the nature of our own hearts, our hearts have become the wrapping that seal everything out, no influence can reach us."

So, the rising on the air, (I can't give it to you any better than I gave it to you many years ago).

The Bible says: "Rejoice not old Palestine, from the serpents roots shall come a flying cockatrice. And the cockatrice is a three formed creature, he's formed as a land animal, water animal and now he's an air animal. And that old conspirator, Satan, he's aspires to rise up on the breath of the earth. It doesn't say air, (the breath of the earth); so, here the air of the earth is called: the breath of the earth."

And what it means: The Consciousness. We're going to rise up on the consciousness of the people.

He's going to find a way to travel upon their consciousness, upon the very breath of their intelligence.

We don't become conscious as a thinker or a brain, until the baby breaths the breath of air.

This air ignites the mind, starts thinking and it becomes conscious, it doesn't become conscious until then, so this air is more important than we think.

So, that's why they don't just call it air; it's the air of the earth really, but this particular reference that I gave you all, said, "he shall ride upon the breath of the air; breath of the earth".

And he shall become Prince of the air; that means Ruler.

'Prince', the word goes back in Arabic and in Semitic languages or for the Jews too, it goes back to Ruler, and prince is a ruler. And the prince is the one who gives orders and rules the world.

The word for "Prince" in Arabic is "Amir" which means: To give a command or order! So, if a king is ruling, he doesn't communicate directly, how does he communicate, through the prince, right? So, really the real king with us is G'd, and whoever He chose's to communicate His Will, through is a Prince.

The Bible says of Jesus 'Come sit down on my right hand'. G'd is the boss, He is The King. But, now He's got a prince that'll be serving as His right hand. That means: doing the work of controlling things and sending orders out and everything. It's the right hand that does that, not the left hand that does that; carrying out authority, work or rule, it's the right hand that carry that out.

So, he shall become prince of the air that was his inspiration, his dream, his destiny...that he becomes prince of the air. So, he becomes first as a deceiver on the land; that's the serpent in the garden. But, now he runs into trouble, he can't get to where he wants to go fast enough, he puts the gear in reverse and say's, let me go back to the water.

So, he goes back to the water, and becomes ruler in the water, and he sweetens the water, so that the nature of people will want extremes and pleasures.

We don't just want to have sex with our wife; we want a continuous orgasm that will last us for an hour. So, he provides us with all kind of enticements, gadgets and movies to keep us excited for an hour. So, he leads you to the extremes.

This is how he catches us; through our sensitivities, he catches us and now he reforms your sensibilities.

Now he got your sensibilities, he reforms your sensibilities, where now your sensibilities are not calling for just the normal, and natural understanding that you need for you life. Now you have abnormal sensibilities, you're looking for fantasies and artificial realities, when your nature wasn't fantasies, but to seek realities and truth. That's what you wanted by nature, but, now you want fantasy.

You're happy to have fantasies or grotesque forms of reality. Where you're not excitable anymore, this natural life is not exciting anymore; it's got to be freaked up.

So, he gets your sensitivities to be in the extreme for the appetite for pleasure... for pleasure fulfillment.

Then he brings you back to land. Now, with that dominating you; with Diabetes dominating you, he gets you into his secular world to eat.

He has prepared a secular world for you to eat in; not of the world G'd prepared for us... but with your new appetite for sweetness, for extremes and pleasures, come into his secular world; it's rigged to satisfy you. An unreal world has been open to you, you don't have to think about G'd.

Satan: 'Forget about G'd and all that moral interest, come enjoy my secular world. You won't find me down there with you, I've gotten up on the breath of the earth; I'm the prince of the air. I'm ruling in your life consciousness; I'm ruling '. He aspired to get up in the Throne of G'd and present himself in G'd's Place.

The figure of the Jew as G'd, that's his achievement. He got up to the Throne of G'd and put himself there as G'd; that's Jesus Christ as the son of G'd and G'd. That's how they put it; the son of G'd and G'd. So, He achieved it.

That's what is meant by; 'rejoice not O' Palestine, for from the serpents rule shall come a flying cockatrice. That's the Trinitarian idea. The devil has managed to get into the spiritual life of the people with the Trinitarian idea.

Among white people, are those that no matter how beholding to Jesus Christ they are and love him, their faith is easy to break, he lives in glass houses.

How come that converted Roman or member of the once idolatrous society that he came from and believed come no matter how much Jesus Christ is in him, he can be a devil when it comes to the black man?

This is real! He loves Jesus Christ, he'll die for Jesus Christ, he'll kill for Jesus Christ but, when it comes to a black man those that have that extreme devotion to Jesus Christ, and among them you'll find the white man that'll be a devil to his own black brother. He won't even recognize you as his own black brother, he'll see you as the enemy... as an inferior creation, fears that you're demonic.

So, what I'm saying is, that is the primitive in all people, but, in that pagan world converted to Christianity by force... (Constantine forced Christianity on his public, didn't he? Yes!)

So, they came in by force. Those once Romans, Greeks or whatever they were... or members of an idolatrous world, (genetically speaking) have never been corrected, they're still a salvage in their subconscious, or in their primary nature.

They still have those wild tenancies. Look how they're concurring? They go all over the world concurring (though they had the science and everything just like the east) and when they come back from concurring, they want to drink wine and have sexual orgies. That's how they celebrate their victory over other nations.

The conspirator of the Jews, they studied the nature of these ancient nations before us and their natural tenancies, so they designed a management for their culture, soul and life. They designed it so that it would offer them again plenty of wealth and comforts, leading them to extremes of pleasures and reduce them again to infants and babies... A Jewish author wrote the book "Infantalization of Man". (I mentioned it to you all.) About man has increased the pleasures of his world so much that now his world influences his nature to want extremes of pleasure and comforts. Without him knowing it now, he's no more socially mature as a real man. But, if he's rich, he can do anything he he buys expensive sport cars and things.

In a real world he's still productive, but his pleasure fulfillment is like a child's, he wants a world of toys.

The Qur'an says: "And the devil deceives Adam and his wife". Which means: the original form and disposition in the intelligence; that's Adam. And the perception of the environment that must feed that intelligence, and so that intelligence it grows and becomes more efficient and more efficient in a real natural world; that's Eve.

Feeding it is Eve; you have to feed it with what you have from the external world.

The satan caught on to that and deceived Adam and Eve out their nature.

The Bible gives you the picture that the satan gave it to the woman and the woman gave it to the man. But, The Qur'an corrects that and says, no...he gave it to both of them. It didn't reach the man from the woman; he reached both the man and the woman.

So, he deceived both; the intelligence nature and the ability to perceive the world.

She the concept, in her we're formed right? Really the mother, our physical mother; our biological mother in scripture is our first environment. It is to point us to another birth in the external environment.

Just like we're put into our mother as a germ to develop and form into a complete human being and then she delivers us; we're delivered from her body, which means from that world. Actually, she is a picture of how we are born naturally. We shouldn't think of her as a flesh body only.

The mother is extended when we come out of her, out of the physical person, into the natural environment. Before man put his imprints onto the natural environment, we were born out a natural body; into a natural environment. And just as that natural body held us or contained us until we became a complete concept as a person, the external world that we come into, it takes us and it does the same thing.

It contains us mentally until we can grow into a complete concept as a human being. Just because we came out as flesh doesn't mean we're going to be a human being.

We can be put in an environment where we act a like savage, run around like a dog or wild animals and not a human being; like a savage man. But, if we stay in a pure crystalline world that G'd made, eventually it will produce a complete person. The external world would produce a complete person.

We are the child of the original nature that G'd made.

And man can't make the woman for him to engage and have sex with and reproduce himself with; G'd still make that woman. G'd is the only One that can make the woman that we can go into and reproduce ourselves: that's the woman.

No matter what man does with this external world, he can't change the machinery or factory that produced the first human being.

So, we can still come out innocent, just like G'd made us, and we can be inspired by G'd to want the world, before man corrupted it, before he made it un-natural for us.

So, the processes of coming from mother flesh, into Mother Nature; into a natural environment to be shaped into a complete person mentally. Because, she produces us physically, and spiritually G'd produces us in her.

We come here spiritual, we come physical, we come here even emotional, but rational, that depends on G'd's Word.

And if we're attracted to want to know G'd's Word, we don't just have to have The Qur'an and Bible.

G'd's Word is written throughout the heavens and the earth as well as in ourselves!

If we ever get that strong spirit to be connected to G'd's Communication...satan can't block us out.

                                                                         Egypt Parable

The Qur'an alludes to the correct way to understand Egypt: "If that's what you want, (pot herbs) go to any Egypt"

So, Egypt must be universal then. He's leading them out of the world of darkness, confusion and oppression.

He's leading them out of die world so, he's a liberator like Moses. He's leading people out of one environmental language into a new environmental language that gives them freedom...

Freedom from the old oppressive environmental language. And that language isn't confined to any nation by name kite Egypt, no, it's all's everywhere, oppressive language is everywhere.

Cairo just had a strong concentration of it but, it's everywhere!


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